Best Types of Helicopters Review

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A helicopter is a type of rotorcraft in which lift and thrust are supplied by horizontally spinning rotors. Therefore, they can be used in congested or isolated areas where fixed-wing or other forms of aircraft can’t function without a runway. The first helicopter to reach full-scale production was the Sikorsky R-4, it was produced in 1942. The most common helicopter configuration is that of a single main rotor supported by a vertical anti-torque tail rotor.

However, due to their greater payload capacity, twin-main rotor helicopters in either tandem or transverse rotor configuration are also used. Today the coaxial-rotor, tiltrotor, and compound helicopters are also utilized. As early as 1907 in France, Quadrotor helicopters were initiated. Then they have been developed along with other multi-copters for specialized applications such as drones.

Best Types of Helicopters Review

Helicopters are significantly modern designs of flying machines. Technology has advanced a lot since the first helicopter took to the skies in the 1920s. All kinds of choppers have been gracing the air afterward. Below is a list of the most interesting helicopters ranging from magnificent flying machines to dangerous death dealers.

The Black Hawk

  1. Production/use: 1974 till date
  2. Estimated value: $21.3 million
  3. Main army of service: US
  4. Also known as: Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk
  5. Crew: 4 total consisting of 2 pilots and 2 gunners
  6. Max speed: 183mph
  7. Main armament: 2 × 7.62 mm M240 machine guns, M134 miniguns or GAU-19 Gatling guns.

The Black Hawk tends to be the most iconic and well-known military helicopter. This is as a result of it being a four-blade, twin-engined, medium-lift utility helicopter, functioning since 1979. It is popularly known as being used by the United States but has also been used by other military forces. You might have watched it in action in 2001’s Black Hawk Down or the takedown of Osama Bin Laden. However, this famous chopper is named after a Native American warrior.

He was Black Hawk, a warrior of the Sauk American Indian tribe. During the War of 1812, he once fought with the British against the American settlers. As a more technologically developed tactical transport craft, the Black Hawk replaced the Huey- another iconic American chopper. Above all, the Black Hawk has served many purposes from mine laying to medical evacuation and general troop transport.

Best Types of Helicopters Review

The Apache

  1. Time of Production/use: Since 1975 till date
  2. Estimated Price: $20-35 million
  3. Main army of service: US
  4. Other names: Boeing AH-64 Apache
  5. Number of crew: 2- Consists of the pilot and gunner
  6. Max speed: 182mph
  7. Main armament: 1 × 30 mm M230 Chain Gun, Hydra 70 70 mm, CRV7 70 m, and APKWS 70 mm air-to-ground rockets. Then, Hellfire, Stinger, and Spike Missiles

One of the most deadliest helicopters ever to lift off is the AH-64 Apache. This helicopter has served in many theatres and various nations, ever since its first flight in 1975. It is also seen as a real powerhouse of an attack helicopter. It climbs at a rate of 1,775 feet per minute and flies at a maximum speed of 182mph. This is because it has two General Electric 1700 turboshaft engine that is capable of as much as 1,994 shp.

It’s designs and revolutionary features make this very helicopter interesting. There are two crew members on this helicopter and either of the crew can fly or handle the weapons at any time. If one of the crew is killed, the other can survive to carry on flying. This is a result of the design of shielding between the cockpits.

It also has an intelligent helmet-mounted display system that traces the chopper’s mm M230 Chain Gun, slaving it to the gunner’s helmet. For this reason, wherever the gunner is looking, the gun goes. It is intuitive to use, enhances crew performance, and has serious weaponry. The capacity to operate unmanned aerial vehicles or make use of ‘ direct energy weapons’ are in recent variants. Enemy UAVs or communications equipment can be destroyed by the latest Apache pack laser guns.

The Chinook

  1. In production/use: 1962 to today
  2. Estimated price: $38 million
  3. The main army of service: US
  4. Other names: Boeing CH-47 Chinook
  5. Number of crew: 3- pilot, co-pilot, and engineer
  6. Maximum speed: 196mph
  7. Main armament: 3 × 7. 62 mm M240/FN MAG machine guns

The unusual tandem rotor design makes the Chinook one of the easiest to recognize on our list of helicopters. Having taken its first flight in 1961, it’s also probably one of the longest-serving helicopters. Just like others, it has served around the world and another to be named after a Native American people. This helicopter can carry great loads while still maintaining high speed because it is a heavy-lift aircraft.

It was introduced into service because it could outpace other helicopters and by present standards, it is still incredibly cool. It has the capability to carry 55 military personnel, and underslung cargo, and has a maximum takeoff weight of 50,000 lbs. Commercial models of the chinook have been utilized in the civilian world for activities like logging and fighting forest fires. In Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, the Falklands, and Afghanistan, this helicopter has seen action in the military. Indeed, it is a real workhorse.

Best Types of Helicopters Review

The Havoc

  1. In production/use: 1982 till present day
  2. Estimated value: $16 million
  3. Main army of service: Russia
  4. Also known as: Mil Mi-28
  5. Crew: 2- pilot and navigator/weapons operator
  6. Max speed: 201mph
  7. Main armament: 1 × chin-mounted 30 mm Shipunov 2A42 cannon, Ataka-v anti-tank missiles, 23 mm UPK-23-250 gun pods, and more.

This Mi-28 Havoc serves as Russia’s answer to the American Apache. It has serious firepower and is an all-weather anti-armor attack helicopter. To the tried and trusted Mi-24 Hind, it serves as an attacking partner. It’s faster than the Apache and comes with interesting features despite its bulky frame. For example, the crew can survive a vertical fall in a crash of 12 m/s. This is a result of the energy-absorbing gear and seats.

The cabin is capable of withstanding 7. 62 mm and 12. 7 mm armor-piercing bullets and even 20 mm cannon shells. It can temporarily house three people as it has a small passenger compartment – ideal for rescue missions. The pilot is allowed to specify targets for the gunner to fire at with the aid of a helmet-mounted display.

Best Types of Helicopters Review

The Little Bird

  1. In production/use: 1963 till date
  2. Estimated cost: $2 million
  3. Main army of service: US
  4. Other names: MH-6 Little Bird and “The Killer Egg”
  5. Crew members: 2
  6. Max speed: 175mph
  7. Main armament: 2 ×.50 BMG or 2 × 7.62×51mm NATO M134 Minigun, 2× LAU-68D/ A 7-tubes rocket pods, 2× AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, and Stinger anti-air missiles.

Huey helicopters are many but the UH-1N Twin Huey is likely the most iconic and easily recognizable. Both in the US and Canadian Forces as well as several other nations, it is very famous. The Huey is also designed and well-built. For instance, if an engine fails, the other can still sustain the aircraft in the air. This is due to two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 turboshaft engines that are built into it.

This helicopter has been in service for years and has proved so useful. Although, it is being replaced by the upgraded and enhanced Venom (aka Super Huey).

The Hind

  1. Production/use: 1969 to present
  2. Estimated value: $36 million
  3. Main army of service: Russia
  4. Also known as: Mil Mi-24 and “The Flying Tank”
  5. Crew: 3- pilot, gunner, and technician
  6. Max speed: 208mph
  7. Main armament: 12.7 mm Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B Gatling gun, twin-barrel GSh-30k autocannon, bombs/mine dispensers, UB-32 S-5 rocket launchers and more

This helicopter can be seen as a vital flying fort. It’s not only fast but also packs various weapon system including window-mounted machine guns that can be used by passengers. It has enough space capable of housing up to eight passengers. Soviet pilots who flew it back in the days dubbed it “The Flying Tank”. This is because it has a heavy-duty fuselage that is well and resists impact from 12.7 mm rounds.

It has a top speed of 208 miles per hour despite its size and weight which makes it interesting. Over the years, the Americans have helped in the design upgrades and military tactics improvements on the Hind. They kept supplying Afghan rebels with weapons that forced Russia to counter. Upgrades like countermeasure flares and missile warning systems were made on the Hind. Ever since it has been used in conflicts by various nations of the world.

Best Types of Helicopters Review

Uses of the helicopter

Tasks that are not achievable with other aircraft or time & work intensive on the ground are done by helicopters. Transportation of people and cargo, military uses, firefighting, rescue missions, news, and media, among others, are the uses of helicopters. An aerial crane is a helicopter used to carry loads connected to long cables or slings. They are also used in the logging industry to lift trees.

Then for delivery of outsized slung loads, the helicopter is very useful in military service. In cases where an ambulance won’t get to the scene on time, helicopters are used as air ambulances. If air transportation is the practical method to transport a patient between medical facilities, the helicopter is used. It is called “MEDEVAC” and patients are referred to as “airlifted”.

To conduct an aerial attack on ground targets, the military force uses attack helicopters. Where transport via fixed-wing is impossible, troops and supplies are transported with transport helicopters. Unmanned aerial system helicopters serve reconnaissance and surveillance purposes. Helicopters with dipping sonar are used by the naval forces for anti-submarine warfare since they can operate from small ships.

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