Best Universities in the United Kingdom to Study Politics

Today we will be discussing the best universities in the United Kingdom to study politics. Many find the United Kingdom a great place to study due to its political ideologies and its outstanding status in external influence. For those who wish to study politics in the UK, this article offers a list of the best universities in the United Kingdom to study politics.

Various governments around the world have used the political system in the UK as a model for decades. Therefore, studying politics in the UK is highly recommended as it offers you practical experience and a broader perspective. Access to other professions such as law, business management, and so on would be achieved. In addition, vital reality experience can be gotten in the final year as you are allowed an internship. As a result, the UK is an abode of various prestigious universities, where study might prove tasking. It is a known fact indeed that some of the alumni of United Kingdom universities are some of the world’s most powerful leaders. However, we will aid you with this article in deciding which is best for you from our top picks.

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Steps for Application to Best Universities in the United Kingdom to Study Politics

In order to boost your chances of getting into the top universities, there are certain procedures to be followed. Utilize rankings, league tables, and search engines to discover the best universities that teach politics in the UK. Therefore, understand each one’s specialty by assessing their courses and research areas. For politics courses, every university has a distinctive way of setting its entry requirements. Try your best to learn more about the requirements of your desired university and meet them. Make sure you emphasize relevant work experience and qualifications in your personal statement.

Indeed, this shows your interest and aptitude as it proves why you should be accepted for the course. Another factor that will boost your chances is references from other professionals or teachers. So, in order to offer to vouch for your ability and qualification for the course, provide references. The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service serves as an organization through which applications for undergraduate politics courses are made. All required personal information should hence be provided. Though, your presence for a physical interview may serve as part of the application process for some universities.

In the event of this, rehearse your ideal responses to any prospective interview questions. In short, the deadlines of all your applications or interviews should be kept track of.

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List of Best Universities in the United Kingdom to Study Politics

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

When this institution was founded in 1985, only working adults who wished to learn English, math, and history attended it as an evening school. However, it’s currently one of the best universities for studying politics in the United Kingdom. Students from all over the globe of about 15,000 now study in its four campuses across London. With a rank in the top 60 worldwide, it stands as one of the UK’s top ten universities. A wide range of political degrees is offered in this great institution, even Ph.D. courses. International students in the undergraduate category are required to pay 23,330 per year for the tuition fee. While tuition fees will be around 25,000 and 39,000 per year.

King’s College London

This college serves as a place of great attraction for students as it has one of the finest departments for politics. More than any British university, this university which was established by King Henry VIII has won four Nobel prizes. It’s indeed a reputable and well-known university that is ranked in the top 40 worldwide and one of the UK’s top ten. Globally, the university is highly recognized when it comes to Politics and International Relations as it is outstanding academic performance. Their belief is hinged on practicality to help understand the theory better so they apply this in teaching politics. As a result of this, students are offered the opportunity to research and go through internships.

SOAS University of London

Another great institution in the UK is this University as it is well-known for political degrees and courses. Indeed, this has been constantly proved over the years as it has been always ranked in the top 20 universities in the UK. It serves as the ideal place to study politics for those with a liking for political courses.

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UCL / London Global University

UCL is the perfect place if you want a school that focuses on research and innovation even while being very recognized. Seven professors quit Oxford University to establish theirs and this is how this institution was founded in 1826. Worldwide, it’s highly recognized and has been ranked among the 30 best for the politics department. In addition, it is ranked as one of the top 5 in the UK and one of the top 10 globally. From over 120 countries, the number of students currently studying in the university is over 11, 000. Whatever option you desire is available at UCL and various themes are covered in their degrees.

University of Manchester

This serves as one of the top universities for politics in the UK and was founded in 1824. With over 100, 000 students and 30, 000 staff, this university focuses vigorously on research. An optional year abroad at the University of Oxford or Harvard is provided by them. Among the world’s best higher education providers, they are ranked as one of the top 30. Research seminars are conducted by the university during term time while internships are had on vacations. A strong link is shared with the politics department and other departments in the university.

University of Essex

Due to its worldwide perspective, this university is highly reputable in politics. According to The Research Excellence Framework (2021), Essex was ranked sixth for research power in politics in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the university can also be found in the top 10 in the UK. Indeed, it is well-known that the reputation of Essex can get you good jobs in administration, finance, and so on.

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Durham University

If you wish to study politics in one of the top locations in the UK, this university is perfect for you. This can be proved by its specialization in distinct study fields and long, rich academic history. In fact, they are known for having the largest student research group as research is of great importance to the university. Not only is it ranked among the top 10 in the UK, it’s also ranked in the top 100 worldwide.

Queen Mary, University of London

Indeed, this university stands as one of the top universities to study politics in the UK. A high level of student satisfaction and research participation is offered at this university. In addition, it stands as one of the top 10 universities also in Europe. Lots of international students see the university as a desired choice due to its well-known excellent academic performance. Access to easily move around and indulge in various activities is offered due to its proximity to London.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Best Universities in the United Kingdom to Study Politics

Why Should I Study Politics in the United Kingdom?

Due to its numerous complexities, British politics remains a template for other governments across the world. Therefore, it is a perfect place to study politics as it has one of the longest and richest political histories.

What are the Requirements One Needs to Meet to Study Politics in the United Kingdom?

Discovering the kind of degree you want is the first vital thing that you need to do. Once you have done this, you need to strive to fulfill the necessary requirements. Common requirements at the undergraduate level are AS/ A2 Level or equivalent qualifications in essential subjects. In addition, another common prerequisite is the English language requirement.

What Type of Jobs Can I Get with an Undergraduate Degree in Politics?

An undergraduate degree in politics can propel your career and offer you good jobs in recognized organizations. You could either work in governmental or non-governmental institutions or even international institutions. The proper foundation for further studies in other areas or professions is offered by it.

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We have learned a lot about the best universities in the United Kingdom to study politics and the requirements to apply. However, you can carry out your personal research if you need extensive knowledge of the best universities in the United Kingdom to study politics.

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