Bluesnap account login and Customer Care/Service

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what is Bluesnap payment? BlueSnap is an e-commerce company that operates on online payment transactions with the aim of connecting businesses globally. BlueSnap was Founded in the year 2001. The Bluesnap was founded in the year 2002 in Israel. Then in the year 2013, Bluesnap was acquired and rebranded by New CEO and management team. BlueSnap based on Boston, London, Herzliya.

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Bluesnap Reviews.

BlueSnap delivers world-class fraud prevention with PCI level 1 compliance. I’m happy that Bluesnap payment offers a nice payment feature set and customer service and is also able to accept different payments online without any obstacles. BlueSnap is really safe software that we recommend to process payments online and thus significantly increase sales without neglecting security. Then Bluesnap is easy and processing rates are reasonable and the customer service is very responsive.

What does cost to get Bluesnap account?

Bluesnap offers straightforward and transparent processing rates of 2.9% + $0.30 on all transactions which is mainly for US-based merchants. and there are no setup or account maintenance fees charged but cross-border may apply.

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How does Bluesnap payment work?

BlueSnap works as a Payment gateway and payouts for your clients. BlueSnap payment is designed to give merchants the best payment conversion rates. The BlueSnap payment platform is designed to increase sales and reduce costs for all businesses accepting payments.

What is a Bluesnap charge on a credit card?

BlueSnap is a payment platform that helps merchants who contain a charge labeled as Bluesnap and the transaction was processed by us.

Is Bluesnap a payment processor?

BlueSnap all in one payment platform is truly a global payment gateway, built from the ground up to provide a frictionless checkout experience for domestic and cross-border transactions alike.

What is the Bluesnap payment method?

BlueSnap payment method provides access to many alternative payments such as; PayPal, SEPA, and 110 others built-in with the platform. BlueSnap provides e-wallets such as Visa Checkout, Masterpass, Google pay, Apple pay, and more.

How do I sign up for Bluesnap?

How do I sign up for Bluesnap? To get it done, visit the BlueSnap website;

  1. From the main Bluesnap site which is and click on Create account button
  2. Once you have completed the account registration
  3. Then click the login button at the top of the page you are redirected to the merchant login page.
  4. Enter your username and registered password.
  5. Then after logging in, the first thing you need to do is Create a product.

Accessing multiple Bluesnap accounts.

BlueSnap enables you to Link different Bluesnap accounts and comfortably access the accounts from one Merchants portal without having different sets of credentials. Follow the following steps to get it done;

  1. First, link your Bluesnap accounts.
  2. Authorize controlled access between your Bluesnap accounts; you may like to control your connected Bluesnap accounts for specific users, which you access Account B through this method;
  3. login to Account A and add user permission to control their level of access in account A.
  4. Log in to Account B and add a user and also enter the same email associated with the user you created in Account A but try to enter a unique username optionally, modify the user’s permission to control their level of access in Account B

BlueSnap Features.

BlueSnap offers some features some tools that give customer satisfaction which include, online and mobile checkout, subscription management, invoicing, payment processing, POS management, unified commerce, and more the features allow the processing of payments online and tracking past transactions.

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BlueSnap Advantages.

These are the advantages of Bluesnap payment;

  • it is a complete payment solution,
  • Bluesnap is an ideal payment gateway regardless of the type of clients your business is doing transactions with.
  • BlueSnap also makes multiple ways to take payments,
  • It’s payment is an analytics and secure to use for transactions.

Is Bluesnap a payment Facilitator?

Bluesnap is a single connection and can give you users all the powerful features of our All-in-One payment platform without any additional financial risk or compliance burden.

Bluesnap Customer Service.

For Bluesnap customer service inquiries or complaints you can contact us by email at


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