Bobby Bonilla Day

Bobby Bonilla Day is a day specifically mapped out in celebration of the famous basket ball player who once played for the Major League basket ball team.

We will be giving you valid information regarding the former basket ball player.

Profile of Bobby Bonilla

It is definitely Bobby Bonilla day, whenever its July 1, and that is one thing that comes to the mind of the fans, especially the fans of Major League Football.

He earns the sum of $1.9million from a contract which he signed 20years ago, it indeed was a life changing contract.

Most basket ball players didn’t earn that much, especially when it came to agreement or contracts.

The best any of them will get came from endorsement deals as a respect of fame or their admired personality.

Bobby Bonilla is also known as Roberto Martin Antonio Bonilla, born on February 23, 1963.

He played for the Major Leagues Basket Ball from 1986-2001.

Bonilla is one of the finest players for the Major League Basketball, he played with a lot of finesse and quality.

He was rated among the best overall best players in the Basket ball in 1980s with an undisputed talents and strength.

Bobby Bonnilla had a good run in his first year as a basket ball players ranging from his win in Home Runs, RBIs, Doubles, Extras, Basehit etc.

He is one of, if not the most decorated players of his team in the 1980s awarded with Three Silver Slugger Awards.

Bobby was a top candidate for the National League Most Valuable Player award during his time with the Pirates.

Marital Life of Bobby Bonilla

Bobby Bonilla is married to his wife named Migdalia Miller Bonilla, they met at the high school, Bobby was very charming then.

They both attended the Lehman High School in Bronx, their marriage together is blessed with two adorable children.

Bobby and Migdalia Miller were divorced in 2009, reports didn’t state the reason of their divorce, they went their separate ways.

Early Career of Bobby’s Bonilla

Bobby Bonilla interest in basketball arose because of his passion and love for it, he had icons and mentors from the Athlete world.

Bobby Bonilla first played in his high school Lehman High School.

Rumours have it that, since that’s where he met his wife, seems she was impressed by his talents.

He graduated from the school in 1981 and went ahead to pursued his career as an Athlete, he wasn’t selected in the Draft for the first time in 1981.

Since that didn’t work he attended the New York Institute of Technology in 1981, learning computer science.

His Basket ball dream came through when Syd Thrift, a basketball scout found him and immediately signed him into the Pittsburgh Pirate.

He had a wonderful head start and a successful career but this came to an end when he met with an injury in his leg.

The injury is a result of his collision with his ex teammate Bip Roberts. After this incident, the Chicago White Sox.

He had an amazing career debut with the Chicago White Sox he’s club weren’t happy losing the great talent, they had to bring him back to the club.

This was possible with an exchange deal of Jose De Leon.

The reason behind Bobby Bonilla enormous pay

People and fans have wondered why Bobby Bonilla still collects the amount of $1.9million, even though he doesn’t play basketball again.

Well the Star has not only been an icon to the team but he has brought several glories and accolades to his former team.

Some Say that he is not the only one that earns that amount of bulky salary, some players still get paid even after leaving the club.

I will say it all depends on your contributions and impact on your team and most importantly the type of contract and agreements reached.

If any type of agreement is reached between the Team and the players, they are to be honoured.

In the year 2000, the METS club activated a buy out clause in Bobby’s contract which was worth around the $5.9 million.

As a result of the situation then, they couldn’t make the payment at once rather they insisted on paying annually to Bobby.

This annual payment is calculated to be around $1.2 million for about 25years, staring from July 1, 2011.

This is one of the biggest salaries of NBA All time stars and money for top big athletes.

This payment is negotiated with an 8% interest onto the actual amount to be paid.

This was seen as an iconic moment and never to be forgotten in the Mets history.

Who declared the Bobby Bonilla Day?

Bobby Bonilla Day means a lot to the fans and team as well, because of his contributions and effort to the team.

Under ownership of the manager of METS, Steve Cohen, he initiated the idea to make July 1, Bobby Bonilla day.

He included the celebration is to be made at the Cities Field.

The METS club and fans agreed to this and so the celebration continues.

Is Bobby Bonilla type of agreement still possible in the present Day?

Salary in any sports competition is a right for the word done but a certain amount of salary is earned.

Bobby Bonilla is an icon for his wins in the club, his career and he’s an all time born talent.

Although Bobby Bonilla last played for the METs in 1999 and made his last cardinal appearance in 2001.

This didn’t stop his fame or career, it is said talent will forever be appreciated.

Bobby still earns his pay until 2035 which is when he will be 72years old.

This type of life contract is rare even in the sports of football.

A long-term contract is rare and must be obeyed. Bobby Bonilla contract is the first for his team and he earned that.

A list of younglings that earn half of Bobby Bonnila Annual Salary

Bobby Bonilla contract is the first of it’s kind in basketball and the club as well.

Below is a list of those who earn higher in the basket ball annually:

1: Tommy Edman (4.3 WAR): 735k
2: Yordan Alvarez (3.7 WAR): $764K
3: Kyle Tucker (3.7 WAR): $764K
4: Alejandro Kirk (3.3 WAR): $714K
5: Tony Gonsolin (3.2 WAR): $720K
6: Alek Manoah (3.1 WAR): $730K
7: Ty France (3.0 WAR): $734K
8: Andres Gimenez (3.0 WAR): $706K
9: Jeremy Pena (2.9 WAR): $700K

Bobby Bonilla Net Worth

Bobby is one of the highest paid basket ball player for his team and in the sports as a whole.

He’s worth $25million, with other investments and endorsements.

List of teams Bobby Bonilla has played for
Since the inception of his career.

Bobby Bonilla has featured and played for several team and he had a successful career.

1: Pittsburgh Pirate (1986-1991)
2: New York Mets (1991-1995)
3: Baltimore Orioles (1995-1996)
4: Florida Malins (1996-1997)
5: Los Angeles Dodgers (1998)

In November 1998, the New York Mets reacquired their player in a swap deal for Mei Rojas.

6: Atlanta Braves (2000)
7: St Louis Cardinal (2001)

It was at St Louis Cardinal that Bobby Bonilla reportedly retired from basket ball after his wonderful performance that season.

St Louis Cardinal became a home for him, though he had lots of injuries in his season at Cardinal.

His career ended with an amazing record of One championship, Six All Time appearances, 2,010 hits, 287 runs home runs.

He also had a career of 1,173 battle in and a .279 battling average career.

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