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Ferguson performance helped him achieved his first PL2 win of the season

At the start of the match, Evan Ferguson hat-trick put Albion on their advantage victory of the season, as they comfortably saw off Leicester City.

The Irishman’s treble put Albion on their way after Tawanda Maswanhise had put them in line with a 2-1. 

Jack Spong then pressed the Foxes late on as his extra-ordinaryput the result at rest. 

Leicester began with advantage through Maswanhise and Wanya Marcal-Madivadua, but the opening was championed Ferguson who put in a goal. Andrew Moran

saw the striker going for a score with a balanced pace and the striker diligently gave a past through Chituru Odunze. Ferguson met an injury on his ankle as soon as he scored, but Albion was happy to see him continue.

This Andrew Crofts’s team’s their first win in Premier League 2 this season. 

The 17-year-old scored again at 21 minutes played as he teamed up with Moran, this time the striker gave an amazing shot and the effort was wasted after meeting the far post. 

Maswanhise created a chance again as soon as he performed well with the ball with James Beadle on the side of the box and scored a goal, but Albion equalized just before the break.

Samy Chouchane gave a through ball to Ferguson, who shot the ball into the top left corner and pinched an amazing performance for the third time. It was the greatest on the stadium with loud praises earning him his first hat-trick as an Albion man.

As soon as the two goals were scored, this put them in anadvantage and the opposition lost their way to contain this or equalize and Albion saw this as a winning opportunity despite Spong’s late free-kick. 

Jack Spong’s free-kick gave them an advantage onto a 4-1 to Albion.

Ed Turns headed the ball over the Spong’s corner when he would gone for goal at the begining, before Ferguson’s effort was futile 25-yards from the corner by Odunze. 

Spong’s free-kick was advantageous for the Leicester keeper tokeep in control and Jack Hinshelwood effort was rendered fruitless by the crossbar from close destination after he came in contact with Spong’s corner.

Albion’s leader put his score immediately, as he met the corner with a free-kick which was denied by the box.

Line-up: Beadle, Turns, Tsoungui, Furlong, Peupion, Hinshelwood, Chouchane (Nilsson 68), Spong, Miller (Barrington 46), Moran (Ifill 74), Ferguson. 

Unused subs: Cahill, Packham, Barrington, Nilsson, Ifill.

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