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This Budge RSC-3 Indoor Stretch Car Cover includes Luxurious Indoor Protection, Breathable Inner Lining Red. Size 3 are Suitable for cars up to 16’8″ in height. Color Red, Tamao Size 3 Fits cars up to 16’8″. Car Cover is suitable for Cars up to 200″.

All year-long car protection:

The Size 3 Red Stretch Car Cover’s non-abrasive fleece inside which is soft and elastic. It conforms to the contour of your car for a tailored fit and won’t scratch the paint. 

Thick where it counts

Although our material is exquisitely smooth, doesn’t mean our products are not thick enough. It shields your car from dust and other interior environmental threats.

Secure your cover

With the help of our elastic hem, you are sure that your car cover is kept in perfect condition.

Designed to fit

This car cover is most suitable for cars that are 200″ long, 60″ wide, and 51″ high. Furthermore, I will like to let you know about some of the cars. Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe, Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Thunderbird, and Honda Civic.

A description from the Manufacturer 

According to what Amazon.com said the latest edition of the satin stretch cover from Budge is ideal for opulent indoor dust and protection. It also fights against airborne pollutants. This cover feels silky to the touch and has a soft fleece interior. it stretches to suit your vehicle’s curves like a glove. Moreover, the thickness of the cover helps you to avoid dust and other environmental menaces that develop in your car. 

The stain stretch cover comes with a free draw-string enclosure storage pouch. Also, it comes in a variety of colors like red, silver, and black. It also includes a semi-budge that makes sure it fits in properly. The storage bag exists just to take care of your vehicle even though it has no weight. it is simple to store, it can be kept in a small room and also, easy to park. It’s crucial if you just have a little amount of storage space Like in a trunk or garage storage container. Or if you want to use the cover for something other than just keeping the car for a season.

It is easy to use and store Budge car covers. Because it’s ideal for applications when you expect to cover and uncover your car continually. Budge car cover’s ability to resist water makes them dry fast. And as a result of this, they can mold and mildew. This means that after installing Budge car covers on your vehicles, you can leave them alone. Then have in mind that they are safe from all of the outside factors. That could detract from their showroom-quality appearance. Touchable and gentle on your car Satin Stretch coverings include a stretchable nylon and polyester material that fits your car.


However, note that your car is shielded from scratches and the dangers of a dirty garage. Thanks to the incredibly soft fleece interior. Please take aware that Satin Stretch covers are exclusively meant for interior use. In contrast to the majority of Budge covers, which may be at work outside. Finally, Compare Budge Full Line Products to Find the Right budge Cover for You Fitment UV Security Dirt and sand Heat Reduction from Snow and Ice Air Pollutants.

What the product looks like

The Budge special edition interior stretch vehicle cover is ideal for opulent indoor protection from dust and airborne pollutants. Even though it is light and thin in terms of structure. This vehicle cover, which feels silky to the touch and has a cozy fleece inner, stretches to suit your car’s contours like a glove. Also, the car cover’s thickness aids in blocking the entry of dust and other interior environmental threats that might damage the car.

Note that, the stretch fabric for indoor use a nonabrasive and won’t mar the surface of your car. So you don’t have to bother about scratches. Available colors for this cover are black, silver gray, or red including a storage bag. The storage bag comes as a gift. However, this car cover only fits cars of 200 L x 60 W x 51 H. For instance, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe, Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Thunderbird, and Honda Civic.

The people in charge of testing our products have seen it good. They select the Budge RSC-3 as the nicest across-the-board car cover presently on the market. Due to the high level of breathability of our car cover, mold and mildew won’t have time to grow. The premium car cover is made for indoor use. it also provides UV protection and helps guard against airborne pollution.

Furthermore, This indoor car cover has a full elastic hem, a soft stretch outer layer, and a soft inner lining. It’s crucial to note the car cover isn’t waterproof because it wasn’t made for outdoor use. But it will conceal any dings and dents from view. The cover of this product is lightweight and portable even if you have small storage space. Because it is made of nylon and polyester material.

Our Experience

The Budge RSC-3 has all the features you might want from an indoor car cover. Earned the title of Best Overall Car Cover in the Industry from our experts. Also, the covers fit nicely. It is made of high-quality, long-lasting cloth, and is simple to put on and take off.

About the material 

Let’s bring this to your notice that this vehicle cover’s material was quite easy to work with. Unlike some of the other car coverings, we examine they appear to have a higher tendency to cut or tear. Our concern about tearing holes in the cover was out. Thanks to the stretchy material, the cover appears to be well-made.

How it fits in

The front and rear hems of several car covers that we studied were elastic but the sides were not. Because this cover features an elastic hem all the way around. It was able to suit our test vehicle perfectly.  However, Our testing crew compared the process of installing this cover on the car to that of covering a mattress with a fitted sheet. Because it was so simple to do.

Easy to install

Occasionally, less is more. Unlike many car covers, this one did not come with straps or fasteners to secure it to the car. After some research, we found that the elastic hem meant for this car cover fit is up to standard. Because it save us the stress of using our hands and knees to connect buckles below the car. Although it did come with a cord to tie below the car. we didn’t find that it made much of a difference. Because the cover was already firmly fastened.

What our users are saying in regards to this product

The Budge RSC-3 is the best-rated car cover that we evaluated and put to the test. With over 300 Amazon customers saying how good the product is. 

However, Ninety percent of the few hundred reviews give this semi-custom car cover gives the good feedback. And in terms of star ratings, most of them gave it 4/5. The car cover’s dust-proof fabric. It has been acknowledged in reviews. And others have applauded the flexible fabric’s ability to suit the car snugly.

Numerous reviews laud the soft fleece interior of the car liner. And the fact that they can use it without worrying about scratching or their car’s paint.

Customers review on Amazon 

Mr. Christopher 

I retain my Mustang in my garage and only drive it outdoors when the weather is great. This cover has a plush flannel interior and a shiny exterior. I keep the cover on it to guard against dust accumulation. Also to prevent something from tempering with my car paint. So, a few days back this cover kept the automobile from becoming scratched when a package was recently slid by and along the side of the vehicle. So I will speak for myself that this is a great product.

In conclusion, I appreciate how the cover is made of beautiful, tight-knit satin material. I also like to blow the dust off the cover before removing it. Also, the slippery surface makes the dust easily come off.

The tanning man

This is the 5th time I’m buying this product. I brought back the first 4. I bought them because they made it clear to me that they had a soft inner lining. My Honda car is black and I want something soft on my paint. When I got this package I was happy because this is what have been waiting for (A soft inner liner). Although it isn’t waterproof, I’m only using it in my garage to prevent dust and child’s handprints from being left behind as they pass by. Brilliant idea!


We all know that Kurt was downcast. Since he didn’t know whether the interior of his car’s cover was as plush as it might be. All of his anxiety and fear would have vanished. Just like the inspiration from a Foo Fighters album. He wouldn’t have been depressed only if he had the following: Budge Indoor Stretch Car Cover, Luxury Indoor Protection, Soft Inner Lining, Breathable, and Dustproof, Car Cover. (Red, Black, Silver). It’s incredibly soft and plush. and the opulent lining is made from Bob Ross’ fluffy white clouds. children’s laughter, and the fur of purebred Persian kittens which are responsibly harvested.

This Red (Black or Silver) Budge Indoor Stretch Car Cover, Luxury Indoor Protection, Soft Inner Lining, Breathable, Dustproof, Car Cover is so soft on the inside. Just to experience its Bob Ross-like foggy, laughy, kitteny softness against your skin. you’ll chuck away your entire collection of Patagonia Fleece pullovers. Maybe even your entire wardrobe.

Dave’s Experience

When your employer fires you after Covid. and the Sheriff arrives to evict you. just drape this baby across the door. And pound in a few nails. This will help you chuckle at his stupid futility. I like the product so I bought it for the second time. 

Though don’t expect the Budge Indoor Stretch Car Cover, Luxury Indoor Protection, Soft Inner Lining, Breathable, Dustproof, Car Cover, or Red to shield your treasured ’76 Chevette from Hurricane Cardi (Black or Silver). Although I was surprised to see that a Car Cover can truly shield your car from light rain. it is somewhat depressing.

Since it is completely permeable, water will not be trapped against your car all time. Instead, it will be moved out by wicking action where it can evaporate more quickly. Another good reason to enjoy the Budge Indoor Stretch Car Cover in Red (Black or Silver). Because it offers luxury indoor protection and soft inner lining for breathability and dust proofing.

The conclusion from Mr dave

In conclusion, I encourage everyone close to me or not to simply purchase these products. The Budge Indoor Stretch Car Cover, Luxury Indoor Protection, Soft Inner Lining, Breathable, Dustproof, Car Cover, Red ( Black or Silver) Car Cover. It will be appreciated by The Budge Car Cover Company.

Note: Producing my review of the Budge Indoor Stretch Car Cover. I received no payment of any kind from the Budge Car Cover Company.

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