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Osasuna Promises travels to the RCDE Stadium to face UE Cornellà

Osasuna Promises will play their second game of the season. in the First RFEF tomorrow at 19:30 against UE Cornellà at the RCDE Stadium. The coach Santi Castillejo said in the match preview: “It has been a terrific training week, I’ll expect much from my team. We are going to participate with a high level of confidence. that comes from seeing after the first encounter that we can compete against these opponents.

As we prepare for the game against a brand-new opponent with outstanding players away from home. At a crucial juncture for the kids. and with the assurance that things are going well. we anticipate positive results.

“We are talking about a more important category, in which the players and goalkeepers are better, so you have to be finer than ever. ” the rojillo coach said about the keys to getting a good result from the game. “This means that on the two or three occasions that we have because it is very difficult to have more. we have to be right,” he added. Otherwise, you suffer a loss if they succeed in hitting. Ultimately, when you advance in the category, the minor particulars that were formerly significant become even more insignificant. and you must be accurate.

Osasuna Promesas will play their debut match away from home at a prestigious soccer stadium like the RCDE Stadium. “It is something wonderful for them and that it has to stimulate them,” Castillejo noted. “Even so, I am familiar with them and I know they won’t regret it at all. I do not doubt that they will perform tomorrow with the same enthusiasm and personality as they have so far. The outcome will then rely on a variety of circumstances.

When playing Real Unión in their first game of the year, Unió Esportiva Cornellà lost 2-0. The Irundarras squad passed the Catalan team. They took the lead in the last meters of the first half from a distance of eleven meters. and later claimed victory in the second half. However, Gonzalo Riutort has a very skilled group of players on his team who have a lot of experience playing in Segunda B and Segunda.

In contrast, Santi Castillejo’s club recently drew 0-0 with Atlético Baleares in their First RFEF debut. A game in which the red team showed they could hold their own against a formidable foe. And where they had the greatest scoring possibilities, albeit René spoilt the chances with his saves.


Goalkeepers: P. Valencia and Darío.

Defenses: Diego M., Hernando, U. Dufur, M. Llinares, X. Irurita, C. Mutilva, Adama and Dufur.

Midfielders: IB Sánchez, Iker Muñoz, Pau M., Xabi H., Kako, Eneko, Ander Yoldi, M. Tomé, and Osambela.

Forwards: Jony, Barbero, Moreno, R. Azcona, and Dani Sancho.

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