Canada Protection Plan: Life Insurance and Benefits

The topic of discussion in this article is “Canada Protection Plan”. We shall study all about the company and the services they render. We shall also study these subtopics: Overview Of The Canada Protection Plan, Background Of Canada Protection Plan, The Mission Of Canada Protection Plan, The Values Of Canada Protection Plan, etc.

Overview Of The Canada Protection Plan

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Background Of Canada Protection Plan

In 1992, the Canada Protection Plan came into existence. It was based in Toronto. During that period, the company only offered a ‘No Medical’ permanent insurance product for sale. They did this via the independent insurance advisors.

Since the company’s conception till now, it has developed immensely. Some of the notable growth of the company are:

  • The development of a suite of permanent No Medical products
  • Establishment of various No Medical term life insurance options in 2006.
  • Introduction of the company’s call centre and direct to consumer sales.
  • Improvement of the call centre sales to enable sale completion through phone in 2008.

With the way the company has developed in recent times, customers can now make choices that is convenient to acquire No Medical & Simplified Issue Life and Critical Illness Insurance.

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The Mission Of Canada Protection Plan

Here, the company is geared towards making provisions for Canadians to get life insurance coverage and protection. You may be unable to obtain this life insurance coverage due to ill health. But, regardless, the Canada Protection Plan got you covered.

The Values Of Canada Protection Plan


It is obvious that the company holds its workers and associates very dear and close. The comfort and happiness of everyone associated to the company is the company’s priority. Therefore, it is their duty to ensure that all is in order to ensure that the offer the best services and protect the interest of their community.


The Canada Life Insurance Company underwrites the policies of Canada Protection Plan. Then, Assuris, protects it. This Assuris is in-charge of protecting Canadian policyholders if their life insurance company should fail.

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Community And Charity Focused

In all that the company achieves, it always strives to develop its community. This is achieved through carry out works of charity.


This Canadian company has one of the most competitive product options, features, rates, salary, etc.


Irrespective of the fact that our rates are very competitive, they aren’t expensive. They are quite affordable as against other rates.

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Simplified & No Medical Life Insurance

Under this sector, the Canada Protection Plan assists you to obtain life insurance coverage that suits you within a day. Here, you have the leverage to pick from a range of No Medical Life Insurance plans. Also, there are various coverage options available, regardless of your health status.

It is key to note that, this company is Canada’s leading provider of Simplified Issue and No Medical Life Insurance plans. Therefore, the company will do anything to ensure the provision of accessible, all round coverage to everyone, irrespective of health, age or income.

Below are some of the coverages the company provides:

  • In the case of death, they take care of all funeral expenses.
  • Stand in for families members who are left behind to pay for outstanding debts.
  • Frequently, send gifts to family members and loved ones.

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Critical Illness Insurance

This insurance covers you and your family financially in a case whereby you are critically ill. Illnesses that are considered critical here are: cancer or cardiac disease. Anyone who has these illnesses, will require a huge sum of money for treatment. Therefore, if you are under this Critical Illness Insurance, you are sure to get financial assistance from the company.

On the other hand, it gives you an edge in your financial plan. This is achieved when the company pays you some cash when you fall ill. With your family knowing that your illness bills are covered, will not stress much and will have peace of mind.

Health & Dental Insurance

You can encure a lot of medical expenses from all round medical care. Meanwhile, it is advisable that you and your family apply for the dental plan and health insurance under the Canada Protection Plan. This will offer you a level of coverage and Hospital Cash Benefit insurance.

However, note that, the Hospital Cash Benefit give you available cash to spend when you are hospitalized and cover little expenses.

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Travel Insurance

When you are in your home, and you get injured or fall sick, it wouldn’t cost much compared to when you travel out. Medical expenses outside of your province will cost a whole lot of money. Therefore, it will only be wise to choose a plan from the Travel Medical Insurance of Canada Protection Plan.

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Who Is The President Of Canada Protection Plan?

Henry Auyeung is President.

How Can I Cancel My Canada Protection Plan?

Reply STOP to cancel. If you also need help, reply with HELP.

Is The Canada Protection Plan A Legitimate Company?

Yes, it is a legitimate life insurance company.

When Was Canada Protection Plan Founded?

It was founded in the year 1992.


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