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  1. It is safe enough for repeated use because of the patented design clamps covered with non-conducting rubber. Plus, this fits top and side post batteries.
  2. Has sufficient copper coated aluminum. Unlike the others with UL, our UL-Listed jumper cables have higher copper content. Every of our parameters are same as UL report: AU5253.
  3. You can easily reach the battery on the opposite side of the vehicle as 20 FT length provides access from various locations.
  4. Works perfectly in extreme environment due to low temperature immunity (-25C/-13F). For full-size cars and cargo vans, mid-size pickup truck and freight hauling vehicles, it is ideal.
  5. In addition, there is a 3 year warranty. Giving you the best shopping experience is the aim of Cartman.

This affordable set offers a generous warranty of 5 years, and this makes it the best we have seen so far. In the specs department, it doesn’t stand out but it should work fine for most people.


For small and mid-size vehicles, the cable is thick enough. When jumping, there is flexibility due to the 16-foot length. In addition, it has a carrying case.


Thicker (lower-gauge) cables would transmit more current than its 6-guage wire. This set is alleged to remain flexible down to -13 degrees F. while others go lower.

Customer Question And Answers

What is the Eva case mentioned for the few extra dollars?

When I purchased mine, I’m not sure the option was available. Just click a link at the top which includes the Eva case. Then, a picture of it will be displayed ( click on the pictures at the left). Although, you can get the upgraded zippered case for the cables instead of the nylon drawstring bag.

Are the wires copper coated?

Indeed, it is copper coated aluminum. For your information though, aluminum is a good conductor of electricity so it isn’t entirely bad. For instance, wiring years ago during the wars were made out of nothing but aluminum.

What is the location of manufacturing?

Although, it’s produced in China but it’s however, endorsed at the UL office.

Though these aren’t copper wires, won’t they work for the occasional use?

Don’t be so concerned with copper vs copper clad in cases of jumper cables. Some posters are obsessed with it for no reason even when the cost difference is just 50% or more. Since you are arc wielding and don’t need pure copper, copper clad is okay for occasional use items such as jumper cables.

Products Reviews

I hope they would perform no matter what they are made of, since I have not used them yet but bought them to be able to jump start a vehicle. They are a nice set in appearance, and I haven’t noticed anything negative about them for now.

These are evidently better than typical auto parts store cable, purchased these to keep in my Ram 1500. Heavier gauge cables is vital to boost batteries in these types of vehicles as smaller gauge cables won’t do that. The complaints about the cable being copper clad aluminum vs solid copper cables is merely an example of little but not enough knowledge. In fact, the entrance service cable from the utility pole to your house is strictly aluminum and not copper or copper clad. Unlike the smaller 6 or 8 gauges found in retail stores, these are “heavy duty” as they have larger gauge. Note that the smaller the number, the larger the gauge and thicker the wire.

Indeed, they are well-built with versatile clamps, well insulated, and for most scenarios, they are more than heavy enough. With a larger vehicle like mine, the additional length is very beneficial. A pair of gloves and small wire brush for cleaning terminals comes with it, which isn’t vital but a nice touch. For a typical few-times-per use, the carrying bag is sufficient. In addition, the cables would also last for years if not tangled and thrown in the trunk by most lazy people but stored responsibly.

Others include;

You will need a better carrying case if you are performing regular recovery service. Remember it should not be pulled-apart as the jacket isn’t perforated and will possibly tear and expose the conductor. Just because you see a line between the two doesn’t give room to pulling them apart. To the negative reviews and complaints or those of copper clad vs pure copper conductors, I won’t pay much attention.

Boosting a battery needs adequate voltage and current for a reasonably short time which would definitely cost more if it were pure copper. In my opinion and experience, for what they are designed for, they are a good purchase overall.

Customers Reviews

Verified Purchase

I learnt it the hard way in college that every vehicle should have a jumper cable in the trunk. After learning this, I bought some jumper cables and stored in my trunk. When they came with a flimsy set of paper instructions, they appeared quite decent. Then a month later, I used them and the performance was excellent. Indeed, I’m so glad that I bought it and hopefully won’t have to replace for years to come. To be exact… Great Purchase.

Verified Purchase

Purchased this years ago, and jump start is easy with these due to the gauge and length. Even while on the wrong side, you can still access your battery. After using mine for a while on my truck, we decided to get for my wife’s car. They come in a bag that also has a pair of gloves. The newer set has 1 or 2 jumps under its belt while the first set had 8 to 10. For average drivers, these cables have ample use showing they have quality. As for commercial use, I can’t say but they are the best for a regular consumer.

Verified Purchase

These cables are heavy duty and they latch on just fine. For extra grip, the clamps have strong jagged teeth. As I really needed these, I bought them and the 25ft cables are great if you are in a packed parking lot. With them, you don’t necessarily need someone close by to help jump your car. In addition, it comes with gloves, carry bag drawstring and rust brush. 10/10

Verified Purchase

These were purchased and stored in my car for less than a year. When I needed them, I realized the cables were shorted together half way down and melted when connected to a battery.

Verified Purchase

I will say these cables are garbage. Was unable to jump the vehicle when I used them for the first time so I had to purchase a cheap set from the store. It feels bad to something I didn’t realize was defective until nearly a year later.

Verified Purchase

My son’s car battery died and he needed me to help jump start it. The cables he had were not long enough as his battery was in the center and mine was on the driver’s side. We got his girlfriend’s cable but they were the same cheap, short set as his. To make it work, I had to drive through my yard around a tree to pull up with a front end almost touching the side of his car. I rushed down to Amazon as soon as we got the car running and I chose this set because it came with a bag. To my surprise, I found a pair of gloves and a brush to clean terminals together with the nice and sturdy cables. Knowing fully well that we’ll be prepared for another jump start situation, I’m happy with the purchase.

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