Castrol SRF Brake Fluid Reviews/Assessment

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This brake fluid has exceptionally high wet and dry temperature ratings and is made with a European formula. When you race or participate in a rally, it offers improved braking performance and surpasses DOT 3 and 4 criteria. Additionally, the product offers top-notch anti-vapor lock capabilities. When it comes to premium brake fluid for racing, Castrol SRF is unbeatable. Its wet boiling point is greater than the dry boiling point of the majority of high-performance brake fluids. After applying this fluid, you can apply the brakes firmly without losing braking power or having your pedal hit the floor. When you’re racing, it consistently withstands the brake heat.

Regarding this item

  • A unique European recipe with a very high boiling point and excellent anti-vapor lock properties
  • Superior stopping power in demanding situations like racing and rallies
  • Wet boiling point is typically 270deg. C.
  • 310deg. C is the typical dry boiling point.
  • Surpasses DOT3 and DOT4 requirements

Castrol React SRF Racing Brake Fluid is extremely adaptable and may be used in the majority of motorsports brake systems. The world of racing commonly use Castrol React SRF. It is utilized, as an illustration, in Formula One and Grand Prix racing. Due to its extremely high dry boiling point, it makes for the perfect braking fluid. Additionally, it is intended for usage in high-octane situations where forceful braking is crucial.

Products Details

Castrol SRF is an extremely effective silicone-based braking fluid that has boiling points higher than DOT5. With the highest boiling points of any brake fluid we currently sell, SRF is a very outstanding brake fluid. It has been heavily utilized in both our Touring and GT race cars. It is a silicone-based fluid with hydrophobic properties that repels water. Other braking fluids’ moisture lowers their wet boiling points, whereas SRF maintains its stability even at extremely high temperatures. SRF can be utilized in practically all autos because it is compatible with the metals and rubber seals included in conventional glycol-based braking systems. It’s particularly typical in vehicles that have spent a lot of time in storage.

Compared to regular fluids, silicone fluids will require more frequent bleeding. Water will remain in the system and convert to vapor because it does not absorb moisture. To prevent too spongy brakes and prolonged pedal travel, the vapor and any remaining water must be drained away. Bleeding frequently is generally advised, especially on cars that sit for extended periods of time because pooled water can also cause rust. The traditional two-person approach does not perform as well as a sealed bleeding tool.


Specialized brake fluid

Castrol React SRF Racing’s compressibility is quite comparable to that of modern DOT 3 and DOT 4 fluids. Therefore, it can be used in any motorsport brake system, with the exception of those for which a mineral oil is required. It gives the feeling of being on a hard pedal.


In high performance vehicle and competition applications, conventional or polyglycol brake fluids are advised for all braking systems. Highly appropriate for automobiles used during “Club and Track days”

Features & Advantages

Extensively used in racing, including Formula One, sports vehicles, V8 Supercars, Grand Prix motorcycles, and motorcyclists on Superbikes. Castrol React SRF Racing is the perfect brake fluid for rallying and racing because of its extraordinarily high dry boiling point (greater than 300°C).

Its boiling point is higher than what is required for DOT 5 braking fluids. Very high vapour lock point with the added benefit of maintaining high vapour lock point properties over the course of its service life. All conventional fluids that adhere to US Federal Standards can be mixed with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your item makes no indication of the product’s fluid volume. Would you mind telling us that we are not being taken advantage of?

The fluid failure caused by heat is quite unlikely with this substance. Only if you intend to compete on a road course where your brakes will get really hot is it necessary. Possibly required when towing a trailer across mountains.

Can I use this in my 2002 Ford Taurus SE OhV?

Though it truly isn’t the perfect application, you could. Excellent fluid, but actually intended for racing brake systems where fluid needs to be changed frequently. Consider using DOT 4 brake fluid, which is more affordable while providing equivalent performance for daily driving purposes.

Can you deliver to Taichung, Taiwan? I want to purchase 12 bottles.

Yes, we can, but not using any of Amazon’s shipping choices. Should you have any queries or require any other information, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Can this be used in a DOT3-compatible brake system?

Yes, I have used it for years as both brake and clutch fluid.

Top Reviews

Labelle W.

My pedal collapsed last time I was on the track after a few circuits. Fluid was flushed, and the same track was run without incident! highly suggestable The only thing I would want to see is a 500mL bottle available in addition to the 1L bottle.

Darren Le

Since silicone base fluid is more compressible, I immediately felt the pedal to be spongy, and it firms up when it gets hot. However, I have a gut feeling that, unlike ordinary fluid, it won’t vanish.


I considered doing this with my motocross bike since the brake fluid kept boiling. Castrol Srf is designed to have a boiling point that is higher than regular dot 4 fluid. I was still able to boil my brake fluid, but I didn’t see a significant improvement. Really pricey goods.

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