What Is Immutability?

In this article, we shall discuss the topic “What is Immutability?”. Also, we will relate it to immutability, blockchain immutable, how is immutability achieved, benefits of immutability, etc. ImmutabilIty is a state of data not being altered or changed. Meaning Of Immutability When talking about immutability in cryptocurrency, we are referencing blockchain. To be immutable … Read more

What Is Hardware Wallet?

In this article, we will study the topic “what is a hardware wallet?”. Also, we will focus on the terms Bitcoin wallets, blockchain uses of a hardware wallet, cryptocurrency, etc. A hardware wallet is a cryptocurrency storage device. Similarly, it looks like a USB stick. Meaning Of Hardware Wallet The outstanding feature of a hardware … Read more

What Is Hacking?

In this article, we shall study the topic “What is Hacking?”. Also, we will look at, how to learn to hack, types of hacking, How to prevent hacking, etc. In a simple explanation, hacking is literally, the unauthorized way, one can use a PC to manipulate one or more digital gadgets. Meaning Of Hacking The … Read more

What Is Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)?

In this post “What Is Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)?”, we’ll look at the operation of the intercontinental exchange, international exchange acquisitions, and also some exchange data services. ICE is an American corporation created in 2000 to buy and also run worldwide exchanges and clearinghouses. What Is The ICE? Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), established in 2000 by Jeffrey … Read more

What Is Hash?

In this article, we shall study the topic “What Is Hash?”. Also, we will see how it relates to what is hashing in cryptocurrency, how hashing work, the rate of hashing in cryptocurrency, the cryptographic hash function, etc. The output of a hashing algorithm that creates a special and defined length string to code and … Read more

Meaning of Front Running in Trading and investment

In this post ”Meaning of Front Running in Trading and investment”, you’d learn the implication of Front Running works in trading and investment. When you put an operation in a lineup knowing of a forthcoming transaction, this is known as front running. Implication of Front Running in trading and investment The technique of putting a process in … Read more

What Are Hardware Security Modules?

In this post, you’ll learn all about Hardware Security Modules. This includes the features of HSM, benefits of Hardware Security Modules, how HSM works and many more. A hardware security module is a kind of computer that encrypts data and safeguards digital keys. What is the HSM (Hardware Security Module)? A hardware security module (HSM) … Read more

What is Google Authenticator?

In this post, you’d learn all about Google Authenticator. This includes the Google Authenticator app, how to use Google Authenticator, how to recover Google Authenticator account and many more. Google Authenticator is a software-based authentication mechanism that produces one-time passwords on your cell device that are time-sensitive. How to use a Google Authenticator? Google Authenticator … Read more

What Is Geth?

In this article, we will be studying the topic “What Is Geth?. Also, we will look at the topic’s relationship with Geth, Ethereum, smart contracts, installing geth, etc. The word Geth is coined out from the word “Go Ethereum”. Its main purpose is to enable developers run a command on Ethereum nodes. Also, it will … Read more

What Is Halving?

In this post, you’d learn about bitcoin halving, halving implications and effects and lots more on Bitcoin halving. A halvening (or halving) is a depreciating occurrence in the blockchain world in which block subsidies or incentives for verifying transactions are halved. It is crucial in that it slows the pace at which supply enters circulation … Read more

What is Fraud Proof?

In this post “What is Fraud Proof?”, you’d learn about fraud proof in blockchain platform using Optimistic Rollups (ORs). This post will also cover state transition, fraud proof advantage, and many more. What Is Fraud Proof? Fraud is classified as wrongdoing conducted with the intent of getting an upper hand by stripping the subject of … Read more

Who Is Gavin Wood?

gavin wood

This article contains a lot of information about what Is Gavin Wood?, Who Is He? Gavin Wood’s net worth. Gavin Wood’s Pokaldot. Why did Gavin create Polkadot? Gavin Wood, Who Is He? Gavin wood is the president and creator of the Web3 Foundation, an activist organization for internet decentralization. He is also a founding member of … Read more

What is Genesis Block?

In this post ”What is Genesis Block?, you’d learn all about the Bitcoin Genesis Block. You’d learn the mysteries and origin of Genesis Block from Bitcoin, the fundamentals of Bitcoin, the hidden message in Bitcoin, and many more. The initial block of data collected and confirmed to build a new blockchain What Is The Meaning … Read more

What Are Gems?

In this post “What are Gems?”, you’d learn how to buy gems, how to find the next 100x crypto gem before everyone else, where to find hidden gems and many more about crypto gens Gems are low-cap currencies that are largely unfamiliar but have a lot of promise or are severely discounted. What are Crypto … Read more

What Are Futures?

In this post “What are Futures?”, you’d learn all about future contracts. You’d learn futures-based options, benefits of trading futures, margin and leverage concerns in futures, buying stock futures, short-term investing, and many more about futures. A futures contract is a legally binding contract to purchase or sell a certain commodity or asset at a … Read more

What Is Fundamental Analysis (FA)?

In this article, we will be studying the topic “What Is Fundamental Analysis (FA)?”. Also, we will look at the topic’s relationship with indicators, a company, investments, stocks, markets, etc. This is a procedure of making research on the value of a given item with the help of indicators. Technologies, teams and the level of … Read more

What Is Fully Homomorphic Encryption?

In this article, we will be studying the topic “What Is Fully Homomorphic Encryption?”. Also, we will look at the topic’s relationship with encryption, data, computations, data privacy, etc. Meaning Of Fully Homomorphic Encryption One can say, fully homomorphic encryption is an aspect of encryption scheme where one can randomly reckon a data. Meanwhile, this … Read more

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