List of Jobs You Can Do to Make Money as a student in United Kingdom

If you are studying in the UK and you need a list of jobs you can do to make money as a student in the United Kingdom then keep reading. You will also find answers to frequent questions like Where do I look for employment? Are students in the UK paid? What occupations are permitted with a student visa for the UK?

List of jobs for students in the UK

Would you like to work while you are a student in the UK? To augment their income and cover living expenses, many overseas students take on part-time jobs. Along with improving your money management, working in the UK gives you useful job experience: You’ll network with new people, learn about working in the UK, and pick up new transferrable skills. Below is a list of jobs you can do to make money as a student in the United Kingdom:

1. Server

Are you naturally social? If so, starting a job as a server might be the best choice for you. Whether you work in a bar or an on-campus restaurant, serving jobs are almost always accessible throughout the UK. This is a fantastic chance for you to practice speaking and listening in a busy environment if English is your second language.

In addition to your income, you might get tips. However, you shouldn’t plan on leaving a huge tip because it’s not as customary in the UK as it is in other countries, such as North America.

2. Assistant in Education

Becoming a teaching assistant is an excellent part-time job for students in the UK. You can offer feedback to students, assist with lectures, and, most crucially, gain professional UK experience in your area of study or employment. Sometimes undergraduate students might apply to assist with lower-level courses, but often only graduate or postgraduate students are eligible for teaching assistant roles.

3. Tutor

If you’re looking for a profession that will have an impact on others, tutoring can be a great choice. Depending on where you work, you might instruct children, teenagers, other university students, or those who need special education (SEN). If you’re an undergraduate, be aware that some positions may need you to hold a degree in the subject you’re teaching.

But what is the best thing? Tutoring is a very lucrative part-time profession that will still pay well even if you only work a few hours per week.

4. A dog walker

Looking for a method to unwind following a difficult day at school? Take the dog for a walk. In actuality, being around dogs can actually lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Walking a dog can help you obtain regular exercise and reduce your feelings of loneliness. What kind of employment is more satisfying than that?

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5. Retail Staff

Particularly in the months of November and December, when customers swarm to the stores during the frantic Christmas season, there are frequently a lot of open retail jobs in the UK. Working in a bookstore, pet store, clothing store, technology store, or any other type of store that appeals to you will allow you to hone your customer service skills on the sales floor. You can earn a commission on the products you sell in addition to the employee discount!

6. Translator

Speaking a second language might make you more competitive and perhaps open up new opportunities in the UK job market. Translation is just one of the many wonderful part-time jobs available to overseas students in the UK. Whether you’re translating research papers, corporate websites, marketing text, or articles, this is a vocation that will keep your language skills in peak condition.

Translation can be a great side business in the future, even if you are not a linguist by trade. This is because it is a skill you can use throughout the rest of your career.

7. Research Assistance

There may be a chance for graduate or doctoral students to work as research assistants at their institutions. There are some part-time employment available, while the majority of research assistant roles are full-time, one-year positions. You won’t likely be paid by the hour as a research assistant; instead, you’ll likely be paid a salary. Generally speaking, becoming a research assistant is an excellent chance to perform cutting-edge research, get mentorship from thought leaders in your industry, and have your work published.

8. Hotel receptionist

Wish to communicate with folks from various nations? If so, why not look for work in the hotel industry? Working as a hotel receptionist will allow you to improve your interpersonal and customer service skills. Large hotel companies also frequently provide fantastic business benefits like discounted hotel stays in many other locations. It’s the ideal profession for college students who like to travel on a budget.

9. Bartender

If you adore coffee and early mornings, becoming a barista can be a great career choice. Also, you’ll learn how to brew a wide range of delicious beverages. A true appreciation for coffee will also come to you. Yum!

10. Create food

You’ll prepare meals, according to the head chef’s instructions, and uphold food safety regulations in the kitchen as a prep cook. You can learn how to prepare a wide range of meals and cuisines, and you can practice your new recipes at home to wow your loved ones, friends, and roommates. The skills you learn as a prep cook, such as how to cut, sauté, bake, fry, broil, and perform all other tasks, will stay with you. Why not attempt it then?

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11. Market analysis

Marketing jobs are not widespread, but they do pay well. Students may be able to obtain part-time marketing assistant work if they possess relevant experience or are pursuing a related field of study.

12. Accounting

Accounting careers may be available for students with a major in math, business, or finance. Even if they are based mostly on experience, learning about a related topic could be helpful. They are a terrific find because they pay well.

13. Construction

The fact that construction is the highest-paying profession for college students may surprise you. Yet, there are a lot of positions available, and “construction” includes tasks like painting and decorating as well as roofing. Because to its accommodating shift schedules and excellent pay, it tops the list.

14. Customer Service

Front-of-house and telephone-based customer support are typical student positions. Customer service positions are typically temporary, and all that is required to start is a smile.

15. Social Care

Social care may be a good fit for those who are compassionate and caring. Other than the desire to aid others, not many additional conditions must be met. Furthermore frequently provided is thorough training.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long am I allowed to work as a student?

During the semester and during university breaks, full-time students are permitted to work up to 20 hours a week. Only 10 hours per week can be worked by full-time students who are enrolled in lower-level degrees. After your visa is issued, it will explicitly indicate all of this information.

It’s crucial to remember that, even for a few hours per week, you cannot work for yourself as an international student. You must have a written agreement with your employer. Be sure to look into those restrictions before applying for a job. Some universities also have restrictions on working.

Where do I look for employment as a student?

Although it takes effort and commitment to find a job in the UK, there are many tools available to assist you. We advise you to go to your university’s career center for advice on your CV and job interview techniques. Also, a job board should be accessible for them to browse. There are also a ton of job portals available online, like StudentJob, Indeed, and Save the Student, all of which have hundreds of positions available for graduate, doctoral, and undergraduate students.

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How can a student in the UK make money?

If you live in a university town, the employers will be accustomed to students, so you can arrange part-time hours at a shop or restaurant to work around your studies. Possibilities might be discovered by looking up specific local companies or by browsing internet job boards like StudentJob.

What occupations are permitted with a student visa for the UK?

Students who have student visas only have permission for part-time work; they have no permission to work on a long-term basis. They are not allowed to work for themselves, start a business, play professional sports, or work in the entertainment industry.

Are students in the UK paid?

In the UK, you are not paid to attend college. Nonetheless, you will receive a lot of financial assistance during your studies in the form of bursaries, the bulk of which do not require repayment.

How much do students in the UK make working a part-time job?

Your part-time job’s pay in the UK is determined by the type and location of the work you do. Some occupations, like those as research assistant, tutors, or student administration assistants, are well paid. Depending on the position, you might anticipate making an hourly wage of anywhere between £8 and £30.

Suppose I work more than 20 hours while in the UK on a student visa, would that be a problem?

You may not work more than 20 hours per week while enrolled full-time in a degree program. You will violate your visa if you work for more than 20 hours. This could prevent you from getting a new visa in the future or from finishing your studies.


There will be more opportunities to get a list of jobs you can do to make money as a student in the United Kingdom once you graduate. International students can now apply for the Graduate route, which allows them to work for two to three years in the UK after graduating, starting this summer (or look for work).

If you are studying in the UK and you need a list of jobs you can do to make money as a student in the United Kingdom then keep reading. You will also find answers to frequent questions like Where do I look for employment? Are students in the UK paid? What occupations are permitted with a student visa for the UK?

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