Chelsea F.C. Kai Havertz opened up his own tournament 

Kai Havertz opened up his own tournament with a wining goal for Chelsea and was a moment for the German, it is a crucial one.

The Blues just equalized the goal of West Ham when the second half was about to end, Havertz was on the end to receive the superb cross from Chilwell. It became a wining opportunity as the effort of the opposition was ruled out by VAR as it was seen as challenge on Edouard Mendy which the referee agreed to too thereby ruling it out. 

That particular scene and period became a moment for London rivals popular known as [London Derby ] and gave Chelsea an amazing comeback after their defeat at Southampton in the last game. 

‘We are aware West Ham has an Offensive Defence,’ Havertz said as he was feeling good on his win, reminiscing that before he was substituted as at 72nd-minute, he thought the game to be a difficult one.


Listening to Kai after our win against West Ham…  

‘We are aware that we are not in advantage. We tried our best to create opportunity, but it was difficult. I think our defense tried their best and we took our three points from this win.

‘When you are not wining, you find it difficult and frustrating,’ he said this on his score‘ but I kept on pressing because we needed this win. It is good for us as a team to win and this and keep the morale high and positivity and it doesn’t matter if the win is late.’ Havertz gave a thanks message to Chilwell who was also a super substitute alongside him when he put the team in advantage, before assisting Havertz. ‘He gave a great pass and these teams are quite difficult to defeat and a lot of firmness and Chilly performed well. ‘The injury was detrimental to the team;you wouldn’t want him to lose fitnessas his important to us. We are excited he is here with us now. He always has high morale and scored today which is important.

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