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Overview Of The Houston Chronicle

If you come to Houston, Texas, in United States, you will not find any daily newspaper that is bigger that ’The Houston Chronicle’. Also, in terms of circulation number, it is part of the top rated newspapers in United States. Houston Post used to be its greatest opponent, but after a buy-out ‘The Houston Chronicle’ assumed dominance.

The Hearst Corporation is a private multinational organization that owns The Houston Chronicle. In terms of the workforce of the newspaper, there are approximately 2,000 workers which includes a high number of journalists, editors, and photographers. Due to their news authenticity and competence, many people frequent their website.

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Its head office was once located at Houston Chronicle Building at 801 Texas Avenue, Downtown Houston. However, you can currently locate it at 4747 Southwest Freeway. This particular newspaper operates two distinct websites: and

If you assess the ( website, you will find out that there are no charges attached. You could also get breaking news, weather report, traffic update, pop culture updates, events listings, and city guides. Meanwhile, the ( website got established and functioning in 2012. You can only get on the site if you have a subscription plan.

Contents you can find on are: analysis, reporting, columns, and daily newspaper contents.

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Background Details Of The Houston Chronicle

It took the collective effort of certain principled publishers to build up this daily newspaper. It started off with Marcellus E. Foster who established this newspaper in 1901. He contributed to building up this newspaper by taking money from the Spindletop company and channeling it to the newspaper.

This particular newspaper didn’t get its publication until the 14th of October, 1901. After that, it went on to sell at a price lower than the price of other newspapers. Statistically, it had its initial circulation of 4,378. Subsequently, it acquired the ‘Daily Herald’ newspaper and erected the Chronicle Building.

At the end of the year, 1901, The Houston Chronicle was already having 75,000 weekday circulations. By, 1926, it was having 85,000 Sundays circulations. All these happened under the regime of Foster. He became renowned for not supporting the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in the 1920s. He retired from work in June 26, 1926.

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The Regime Of Jesse H. Jones

After Foster retired in 1926, Jesse H. Jones took over as the head of the Houston Chronicle. 11 years after, the ownership rights of the newspaper moved from Jesse H. Jones to the Houston Endowment Inc. Jones was still the publisher of the Houston Chronicle before passing on in 1956.

In terms of politics, Jones operated as a Democrat and also helped to bring the Democratic National Convention to Houston. This happened in 1928. Subsequently, he played a role in setting up the Red Cross during World War I under the Wilson administration.


The Regime Of John T. Jones

John T. Jones who was a relation to Jesse H. Jones took over as the editor of the Chronicle. Meanwhile, J. Howard Creekmore, became the publisher. William P. Steven joined the newspaper in 1961, as the editor. The Chronicle, in 1964, acquired the only evening paper standing as a rival in Houston, the Houston Press.

At the time of this incident, the Houston Chronicle was ranking as the paper with the highest circulation (254,000) in Texas. Jones, in 1965, made efforts to purchase a local television station under the ownership of the Houston Endowment. Even though he wasn’t working with them anymore, he was still the publisher of the Chronicle.

On September 2, 1965, William P. Steven was relieved of his job and Everett Collier took over as the new editor.


The Regime Of J. Howard Creekmore

J. Howard Creekmore, born in 1905, is a citizen of Abilene, Texas. He lost his parents at a very tender age and later grew up with his step mother. 15 years later, they relocated to Houston.

Howard is a degree holder of History and English, from Rice Institute. where he graduated with degrees in history and English. He fully went to work with Jones in 1932. Subsequently, they inducted him into the board of Houston Endowment, and in 1964, he became head of the board.

J. Howard Creekmore, then went on to replace John Jones at the Chronicle while, Everett D. Collier took over from Steven as editor. He later left work in 1979.

Houston oilman, John Mecom made a $85 million proposal to purchase the newspaper, its building, a 30 percent interest in Texas National Bank of Commerce, and the historic Rice Hotel. Due to some issues, he couldn’t complete the deal and the paper remained unsold. Later on, the Chronicle got acquired by the Hearst Corporation for $415 million.


The Hearst Corporation Era

Richard J. V. Johnson became a part of the paper in 1956. He worked as a copy editor. In addition became the executive vice president in 1972, and president in 1973. He continued as a chairman and publisher before Jack Sweeney replaced him in April 1, 2002.

Senator Barack Obama became the pioneer Democrat that the newspaper supported for President of the United States in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election after it endorsed Texan Lyndon B. Johnson. Other subsequent candidates it endorsed are: Mitt Romney in 2012, Hillary Clinton in 2016, and Joe Biden in 2020.

For the governorship elections, it supported Wendy Davis in 2014. Then, it supported Sylvester Turner for mayor in 2015 and Jeb Bush for the 2016 Republican primary.


The Houston Chronicle Headquarters

4747 Southwest Freeway

It was in the plan of the Chronicle to move its Downtown workers to a permanent site. So, they moved to 610 Loop campus, just between the 610 Loop and U.S. Route 59/I-69 (Southwest Freeway). It has a total of seven buildings with a total of over 440,000 square feet (41,000 m2) of space.

801 Texas

The Houston Chronicle building in Downtown Houston served as the head office of Houston Chronicle. You can find a loading dock, office space, a press room, and production area in the building. Also, you can find stories at the top and bottom levels.

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Awards Won By The Chronicle

  1. In the year 2000, The Chronicle won the Joseph T. Ainsworth Volunteer Community Award.
  2. Then in 2002, the Chronicle won The Guardian of the Human spirit award.
  3. The Pulitzer Prize in 2015 and 2022.

Prominent Workers Of The Chronicle

  • Fernando Dovalina, Jr. (former assistant managing editor)
  • Maxine Mesinger (gossip columnist)
  • Leon Hale (columnist)
  • Richard Justice (sports writer)
  • Heidi Van Horne (automotive columnist)
  • Ken Hammond (editor, Texas Magazine, Chronical Sunday Edition)
  • Sunny Nash (contributor, columnist, photographer, author)
  • Marjorie Paxson (influential women’s page editor)
  • Julie Mason, newspaper and radio journalist

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What Is The Cost Of A Houston Chronicle Subscription?

Month to Month – In County$8.00for 30 days
Month to Month – Out of County$10.00for 30 days
Columbia County Residents$60.00for 365 days
Out-of County Residents$80.00for 365 

If I Wish To Order The Houston Chronicle, How Do I Go About It?

If you wish to order the Houston Chronicle, please contact 713-362-7211.

What Is The Location Of Houston Chronicle?

You can find the Houston Chronicle at Houston Chronicle, 4747 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX.

Is The Houston Chronicle Free?

Among the two websites: and is free and has breaking news, weather, traffic, pop culture, events listings, and city guides.

What Is The Circulation Number Of Houston Chronicle?

The paper’s average daily circulation is 384,007.

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In this article, we discuss about “Chronicle (Houston) 🗞🇺🇸“. Also, to understand this article properly, we studied some subtopics like: Overview Of The Houston Chronicle, Background Details Of The Houston Chronicle, The Regime Of Jesse H. Jones and The Houston Chronicle Headquarters.

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