Clover login and Customer Service.

In this article titled Clover login and Customer Service, we are going to teach everything you need to know about clover payment, we will be focused on relevant subtopics like Clover payment login Procedures and much more.

About Clover

What is Clover payment?: Clover is a system of processing payment which serves as a point of sale (POS) it involves customer engagement and employee management tools and customers chooses clover virtual terminal to take payment without hardware. “Clover is owned by Fiserv which is one of the largest payment processors in the world.

Clover was acquired by First Data corporation which is Fiserv in the year 28 December, 2012 by the world largest merchant acquirer on 29th July 2019. According to records, Bank of America Merchant services was the first to announce they are going to sell clover to it’s merchant base in October 2013.

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Clover login Procedures.

To be able to access the clover payment website, follow the process below;

  1. Choose any web browser of your choice; visit and select log in or go directly to
  2. Select Access your Account.
  3. Enter the email address associated with your clover account.
  4. Then check your email you will receive a message with a unique link to set a password and log in. Then you can now start processing your clover payment account.

What will it cost to get a clover account?

yes but it’s just based on Monthly fees that range from $4.95 and go up to $69.95 per month which is known as a subscription fee.

What is the processing fee for clover?

Clover payment processing is 2.3% and 10 cents per transaction for in-person transactions and 3.5% plus 10 cents for each subsequent transaction.

What Banks use Clover?

Clover was sold by trusted partners including Citi, PNC, SunTrust, and Wells Fargo and these clover operates.

Who does Clover use for payment?

Clover solutions are made available through wells Fargo Merchant Services, L.L.C (WFMS) the clover payment allows you to take payments through a web browser, mobile app, or your clover device. The cost for the software is included in the monthly service fee WFMS charges each month per account.

Clover Reviews.

With clover payment services you will get the ability to accept online orders, process mobile credit card payments and also create gift cards and customer loyalty programs. Clover has fast processing transactions within seconds. Clover operates on Merchant accounts which provide the necessity to accept merchant cash advances. Clover is a credit card payment processor for small businesses owned by First Data and it’s considered an all-in-one payment because it offers credit cards. The clover station Duo point of sale system is a robust payment processing solution built with POS software for retail storefronts and restaurants location.

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What is a Clover Card?

Clover is a credit card payment processor designed for mini businesses owned by First Data.

What cards does Clover take?

Clover accepts the following for payment; Cash, checks, Credit Cards, Debit cards, Prepaid cards, Gifts cards, EBT cards, and Custom tenders.

Clover Features.

Clover has features in its payment services and the features are ;

  1. ACH payment processing
  2. Billing and Invoicing.
  3. Access Controls/Permissions.
  4. Barcode Recognition
  5. Accounting
  6. Activity Dashboard.
  7. Barcode/Ticket scanning.
  8. Appointment management.

Clover Advantages.

Clover has benefits on its own that are being enjoyed by customers;

  1. Clover payment method is flexible and there are no more chances when POS terminals only operate on to handle Cash or credit.
  2. Clover is compact broad and portable.
  3. Clover has access to business data.
  4. Clover Robust security.
  5. Clover operations are fast and Efficient.
  6. Using a clover POS system means you have access to data reporting tools offered by the company.
  7. Clover POS ensures possibilities businesses can still do their business under any circumstances.

What platform does Clover use?

Clover is very compatible with both Apple iOS and Android app stores, it is a small point-of-sale system for small business taking payments quickly including service businesses. The Go device can be used on the payment, Essential and register plans.

What is the difference between Clover and square?

The unique difference between Clover and square is that Clover requires merchants to set up their own merchant account either through Clover owner Fiserv or a supported third-party While square puts payments into a merchant’s account that it owns before passing them along to business owners.

Clover Customer Service.

How do I contact clover support? Clover customer service is available 24 hours a to make enquires and your complaints. You can log in to On station, Mobile, and Mini… you can also call clover support at 855 853 8340 only four US merchants for help while non-merchants can call clover support at 844 864 5449. Then to have online interaction with clover support on your device click on “to view, and access help files/videos directly from your device.

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