Coverages Offered Bidvest Insurance, South Africa

Bidvest Insurance South Africa which we will be discussing today, offers various insurance products to meet your personal and vehicular needs. They offer insurance products such as panic alert insurance, cyber insurance, and legal cover for you. In addition, they offer insurance products such as mechanical warranty, car theft insurance, scratch and dent insurance, and many others for your car.

Below are the services provided by the Bidvest Insurance South Africa. Both the insurance products for you and the ones for your car will be explained in details.

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Products for you from Bidvest Insurance South Africa

Panic Alert Insurance

In South Africa, violent crimes can affect anyone therefore this insurance comes in handy wherever you need it most. Therefore, if you fall a victim to crime, it offers mobile solution to protect you against the losses incurred. In short, whenever you feel unsafe or in need of security, it provides emergency response to protect you. The Panic Alert App is designed to protect you wherever you are in South Africa unlike home panic alarm systems that only do so in your residence.

This insurance policy covers many features which include cellphone cover, portable electronics cover, bags cover, clothing cover, and home keys and remote cover. Furthermore, it offers 24-hour armed response, personal documents cover, and emergency courtesy transport.

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Cyber Insurance

According to the South African Police, cybercrime is a rapidly increasing area of crime. Through the act of various fraudulent methods, the hackers that commit these cybercrimes gain profits. Due to the rising number of individuals affected by cybercrime, it shows that not only businesses are affected by it nowadays. Asides from the fact that Bidvest Cyber Rescue insures you as a person, it offers other amazing features.

Cyber Rescue insurance policy provides unique benefits such as protection against cyber theft, cyberbullying, cyber liability, and cyber deception. In addition, it provides device restoration, Anti-virus software, and IT helpline.

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Legal Cover

Without easy and affordable access to legal professionals, it can be quite expensive to resolve legal matters. However, you can avoid the excessive bills while having a legal counsel at your fingertips. You can have instant access to a team of legal practitioners at a very reasonable sum with Bidvests Legal Angel.

The range of services that the Legal Angel insurance policy provides includes 24 hours of unlimited advice a day, unlimited mediation services, and unlimited legal matters. Furthermore, it offers benefits such as bail cover, and premiums from only R109pm.

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Insurance Coverages Offered Bidvest Insurance, South Africa

Mechanical Warranty

When you least expect it, an unexpected breakdown can happen no matter how well you treat your cars. Therefore, it is necessary to have a mechanical warranty from Bidvest Insurance as these breakdowns can put a large dent in your budget. Indeed, the repair and labour costs brought about by the inevitable breakdowns can be offset by warranties. A wide range of warranty products is offered for cars of various makes and kilometres. In addition, 24-hour roadside and medical assistance are provided for the duration of the cover.

The mechanical warranty policy provides features such as mechanical and electrical breakdown covers. It also provides cover for vehicles of various ages and kilometres and 24-hour roadside and medical assistance. Lastly, it offers policies available for vehicles still under original warranty as well as vehicles out of warranty.

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Car Theft Insurance

It is indeed a reality in South Africa that smash-and-grabs, car theft and hijackings occur. When faced with any of these traumatic events, Theftbuster Plus covers the additional expenses. In short, it provides cover for you, your immediate family and any authorized driver who drives your vehicle. Bidvest Insurance provides up to R15 000 for your insurance excess if the vehicle is not recovered. In cases where the vehicle is purchased from a Bidvest Insurance-approved dealership, an R10 000 loyalty bonus is given towards a replacement vehicle. In addition, you have unlimited kilometre cover and trauma counselling cover.

Scratch and Dent Insurance

With this insurance policy provided by Bidvest Insurance, your car will be provided cover against inevitable scratches and dents to your car. Highlights offered by this insurance policy include helping you improve the resale value of your car. Furthermore, it keeps your car in showroom condition and prevents excess payable on claims. Also, you have a month-to-month cover which protects your no-claims bonus and cash-back rewards.

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Tyre Insurance

You can easily get tyres damaged by road hazards repaired or replaced as soon as possible with the Tyre Angel insurance policy. Due to this Bidvest Insurance, you would not have to spend much as a result of unforeseen expenses. It offers tyre and rim cover, fitment of all replacement tyres to the vehicle, and repairs to rims. Also, it takes care of wheel alignment included with tyre replacement claims and wheel balancing. Furthermore, it offers unlimited puncture repairs, month-to-month cover, and multiple cover options for different tyre price brands.

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Car Key Insurance

It can get quite frustrating to lose your vehicle, home, and office keys and might cost quite a lot. However, you will still be able to get around without access to your home, car, or office with Bidvest Insurance. An innovative new product called Key Angel takes care of the costs and the impact of lost, or stolen keys. The Key Angel insurance policy offers no excess payable, courtesy transport benefit, and protects your no-claims and cash-back rewards. Indeed, it covers the expense of replacing lost and stolen keys (excluding batteries). Finally, it provides a month-to-month cover, locksmith and towing assistance.

Car Deposit Insurance

Losing money when it comes to the deposit for the new car you saved can be very heartbreaking. With this insurance policy, Bidvest Insurance covers the deposit you paid towards buying your vehicle, up to a maximum of R300 000. This insurance policy keeps your deposit safe if your car is written off or stolen and offers an R10 000 loyalty bonus for getting a replacement car. Furthermore, a car instalment protection of up to R5 000 is paid monthly.

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How to Access Bidvest Insurance, South Africa

Contact Bidvest Insurance South Africa on 0861668888 to notify them of any traumatic incidents. You can also email Once this is done, their dedicated assessors will guide you through the claims process.


We have discussed the services which Bidvest Insurance South Africa provides. They include panic alert insurance, cyber insurance, and legal cover. Also, they offer a mechanical warranty, car theft insurance, scratch and dent insurance, tyre insurance, car key insurance, and car deposit insurance. However, you can make more research to get extensive details on Bidvest Insurance.

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