Coverages Offered by Coverwise Travel Insurance

A lot of unexpected events can happen on the shortest of trips and a travel insurance policy can give you peace of mind. Coverwise travel insurance is the best if you’re looking for reliable travel insurance in the UK to cover your trip. We shall bring you everything you need to know about them in this article. To do this, we shall cover subtopics like; Coverwise travel insurance Overview, Coverwise travel insurance reviews, Coverwise login, Coverwise travel insurance claim, Coverwise contact, Coverwise travel insurance lost phone, and Coverwise travel insurance lost baggage.

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Coverwise travel insurance Overview

We only partner with insurers that have a worldwide presence and the know-how to provide our clients with the greatest standards of protection and service in order to secure your entire security. AXA Travel Insurance Ltd., which has offices all over the globe to guarantee you can obtain the assistance you need, underwrites all of our travel insurance plans. Inter Partner Assistance S.A. UK Branch, a subsidiary of the AXA Group, also provides international medical and emergency services.
Coverwise travel insurance consists of four (4) packages, namely;

  1. Ski Insurance
  2. Business Travel Insurance
  3. Annual Travel Insurance
  4. Single Trip Travel Insurance

Winter Sports and Ski Insurance

Make sure you have the appropriate winter sports travel insurance since healthcare expenses are rising globally.
Approximately 20% of skiers and snowboarders file claims on their insurance each year. Therefore, whether you’re a seasoned all-mountain skier, prefer to cruise the slopes, or are taking your first trip to participate in a winter sport, travel with the confidence that your insurance policy will provide the coverage you require.
Our ski and snowboard vacation insurance is offered by Inter Partner Assistance S.A. UK Branch, a division of the AXA Group. It was created by seasoned skiers and snowboarders. There are Coverwise winter sports plans available for both one-time excursions and yearly travel insurance that cover the following:
on and off-piste activities including heli-skiing and parapenting
mountain search and rescue expenses and helicopter evacuation costs
piste closure
ski and snowboard hire
medical treatment and repatriation to the UK
damaged, lost, and stolen ski equipment
the loss of your ski pass
physiotherapy on your return home

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Silver, Gold, and Platinum policies

Our Silver, Silver Plus, Gold, and Platinum Annual policies provide the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to take an unlimited number of winter sports holidays throughout the year, and will cover up to 17 days of skiing and snowboarding on each individual journey. Our Standard, Standard Plus and Bronze Annual multi-trip policies provide 17 days of cover for winter sports holidays within a 12-month period. Single-trip ski insurance policies start from £5.20 – please enter your details above to obtain a quotation.

Business Travel Insurance

This includes travel cancellation insurance, emergency medical charges, and coverage for replacement staff and business expenses options.
When you acquire a Coverwise yearly multi-trip travel insurance policy, both vacations and business travels are covered for trip cancellation. This is because all Coverwise travel insurance plans cover business trips. This also holds true for our family coverage, which permits autonomous travel for all listed travelers for the length of the chosen policy trip.
Trip cancellation and itinerary changes are automatically covered by all Coverwise plans. For improved coverage such as trip abandonment and missed departure, choose Silver, Silver Plus, or Gold insurance. For trip abandonment, missed departure, and also scheduled airline failure, choose a Platinum policy. Then for both you and your company, buying a Coverwise yearly multi-trip travel insurance coverage could make sense.
Your business travel is also covered in case you need immediate medical attention or repatriation. Extra housing and transportation expenses are also covered in case you get sick or injured while traveling and are unable to return home. For our most comprehensive packages and worry-free travel, choose a Gold or Platinum coverage.

Have a trip planned for a significant meeting that you can’t make because of illness?
Coverwise Gold or Platinum insurance will cover a substitute employee, enabling a coworker to go to the scheduled meeting in your place.
You will automatically have access to a 24-hour Emergency Assistance support service from AXA Travel Insurance when you purchase a Coverwise travel insurance policy. For a comprehensive concierge service that includes pre-travel information, reservations, event bookings, and meeting and conference site recommendations, choose Platinum coverage.

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Annual Travel Insurance

You regularly travel, right? Then you have the possibility to run into a variety of hazards. Don’t allow a missed flight, misplaced luggage, missing documents, sickness, or an accident to mar your holiday. It’s more likely that something will go wrong the more often you travel.
All of your travel insurance requirements are met by Coverwise travel insurance at reasonable prices.
Even the most seasoned travelers may find comfort and security in our yearly multi-trip travel insurance packages in the event that anything goes wrong while they are away. Our multi-trip yearly coverage provides five levels of protection.

Need flexibility?

Depending on your unique demands, choose Standard, Standard Plus, Bronze, Silver, Silver Plus, Gold, or Platinum insurance. The Standard coverage offers our most cheap alternative for peace of mind, while the Platinum offers our most comprehensive option. Prior to purchasing travel insurance coverage, carefully assess your requirements and spending capacity. Make certain that your money is working for you.
Our annual multi-trip policies offer a variety of benefits which can include:
Trip cancellation or curtailment cover from £1,000 to £6,000 per person
Up to £20,000,000 for emergency medical expenses
Cover for lost or stolen baggage ranging from £1,000 to £3,500 per person
Cover for personal money and cash
Personal Accident
Legal Expenses
Personal Liability
24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance

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Need a more comprehensive cover?

Our Silver insurance expands the coverage to include trip cancellation and departure delay. Meanwhile, our Silver Plus policy includes emergency baggage replacement. Our Gold insurance provides more features and better levels of coverage.
Finding the ideal amount of protection at the ideal cost couldn’t be simpler with such a large selection of plans to pick from. Get in touch with us right now for further details or a free travel insurance quotation.

Single-trip Travel Insurance

Had to postpone your vacation? Your baggage was lost? Become sick or had an accident while traveling?
Even the briefest of visits might have this happen. You may feel more at ease if you get a single trip travel insurance coverage. With Coverwise, choosing the ideal amount of single-trip coverage is simple since we provide a range of travel insurance policy alternatives.
Coverwise travel insurance provides the insurance option you want, whether you need a single trip, yearly multi-travel, or specialized winter sports insurance coverage. The seven levels of coverage for our single-trip insurance products are Standard, Standard Plus, Bronze, Silver, Silver Plus, Gold, and Platinum. Choose the coverage that best fits your needs and financial situation.
Our policies provide coverage that covers the following as standard, starting with our most economical Standard, Standard Plus, and Bronze plans and ending with our most comprehensive Platinum.

We’ll provide you with:
Trip cancellation cover
Trip curtailment cover
24/7 medical assistance
£20,000,000 Emergency Medical Expenses Cover

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Coverwise travel insurance reviews

Here are some reviews from Trustpilot
Hi, great experience today, had travel insurance with Coverwise before Covid – Wishing to travel further afield this year, and wanted annual worldwide cover, they gave me a discount for being a previous customer and the cost was great, affordable, and not complicated. The lady was very helpful and the whole process was easy and just want I needed for reassurance when traveling abroad this coming year. Thank you.
Date of experience: February 10, 2023

I called up to upgrade my policy due to a change in expected travel destinations. The colleague on the phone was exceptional in finding me the best solution for my needs. I canceled one policy and commenced another. A refund on the original policy arrived as quickly as the payment was taken. Very easy and exceptionally thorough.
Date of experience: February 04, 2023

Looking for travel insurance for a short European break and this fits the bill, giving sufficient cover at a very reasonable price. My second year purchasing from them.
Website forms are easy to fill in and confirmation is received immediately
Date of experience: February 08, 2023

Cover wise provided the most competitive quote via Compare the Market search. I cannot comment on the policy as I haven’t had to make a claim. Buying online was straightforward. No box to request a hard copy of the policy, but was cheap enough to accept that compromise.
Date of experience: February 01, 2023

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Coverwise Login

To get started, go to

Coverwise travel insurance claim

How can I make a claim on my policy?

Please visit the AXA claims site if you want to file a claim under any other provision of your travel insurance policy except the Gadget cover (see below).
If you don’t already have an AXA account, you’ll need to create one. If you do, you’ll need to log in.
AXA will get in contact with you after they’ve registered your claim and examined the specifics of it.

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Gadget claims

Please fill out and submit a Davies Group claims notice online if you choose to add Gadget cover when your policy was bought and would want to file a claim under the Gadget cover section.
After receiving your information, the claims team at Davies Group will file your claim and keep in contact with you as it progresses.

Existing claims

If you’ve filed a claim and are waiting for a response, be assured that the claims teams are making every effort to move your claim forward as quickly as possible.
AXA will notify you if the status of your claim changes, and you may check the status of your claim on the AXA claims site.
Please be advised that our Sales and Service staff is unable to provide you with information on an active claim since claims procedures are handled by AXA and Davies Group.

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Coverwise contact

We’ll action your request or reply to your query as quickly as possible. If you’d prefer to speak to us, you can call our UK-based Sales and Service team by telephone at 01903 255 650 (Mon-Fri: 09:00-18:00, Sat: 09:00-14:00). You could also email at

Coverwise travel insurance lost phone

Do you provide cover for mobile phones?

Mobile phone coverage and increased security for your electronics while your journey is both possible with our Gadget cover optional add-on.
In our travel insurance policy wordings’ Device cover section, you may discover a complete list of gadget requirements. If you choose to add Gadget protection when you bought your insurance, your policy schedule will show that.
Please be aware that the Baggage part of our travel insurance packages does not cover cell phones.

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Coverwise travel insurance for lost baggage

If our luggage is delayed on our return trip, does our coverage cover the cost of us buying the clothes we need?
On Silver Plus, Gold, and Platinum plans, coverage for delayed luggage on the outbound voyage is included. This enables you to buy emergency replacement clothes, medications, and toiletries if yours are temporarily lost in transit and not found within 12 hours. Since it is typically believed that alternate clothes, toiletries, and medications are accessible at home, this coverage would not be applicable on the return trip.

FAQS on Coverwise travel insurance

We shall also answer some frequently asked questions on Coverwise travel insurance.

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Who underwrites Coverwise travel insurance?

All of our travel insurance policies are underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance S.A. UK Branch, which is part of the AXA Group, with worldwide medical and emergency services provided by AXA Travel Insurance Ltd, who have offices located around the world to ensure you can get the help you need, wherever you may be.

How do I contact Coverwise travel insurance?

0203 126 4042
This line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Who owns Coverwise insurance?

Coverwise is underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance (SA), part of the AXA Assistance Group.

Where is Coverwise based?

The Data Controller responsible for the use and processing of your personal data is Coverwise Limited, which is authorized and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Our registered number is 202312 and our registered address is First Floor, Grand Ocean Plaza, Ocean Village, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA.

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