Coverages Offered by MiWay Insurance South Africa

MiWay Insurance South Africa is known for offering quality and affordable coverage to people of all classes. There are varieties of long and short-term insurance products ranging from cars to business insurance coverage. In fact, they are the first insurance company to bring the innovative idea of offering online quotes and the ability to manage policies online.

Below, we will be discussing the various insurance products offered by MiWay Insurance South Africa. Although before we go further, there will be a brief enlightenment on the history of MiWay Insurance South Africa.

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History of MiWay Insurance South Africa

In February 2008, Sanlam, Santam, and PSG launched MiWay as a joint venture. However, things changed in 2010 as Santam bought it and it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Santam. Indeed, MiWay grew into a licensed financial services provider and insurer. The fact that Santam is presently the major shareholder of the company, gives them the financial strength required to build their unique brand identity. The Mail & Guardian “Top Companies Reputation Index” Award was won by MiWay in 2014. In fact, they were the youngest company to win the Ask Afrika Orange Index Service awards in 2011. In Ask Afrika’s Icon Brands Survey Awards of 2019, MiWay has been voted South Africa’s Best Provider of Auto/Car Insurance.

Coverages Offered by MiWay Insurance South Africa

Life Insurance

South Africans are offered comprehensive life and funeral cover due to MiWay and its unique product offering. All family members are covered by this policy which includes life cover, funeral cover, and terminal illness cover which gives those accessing it more financial security. The amazing part is that all these are covered by one reduced monthly premium. In addition to the benefits to be enjoyed by policyholders, they also have the right to include others in their policy. There are also other packages within the life insurance from MiWay which are MiLittle Life, MiFit Life, and MiWill Life.

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The policy of MiLittle Life is also known as birth cover. This policy caters to common severe childbirth complications so as to reduce stress for the mother and ensure the well-being of the newborn. While the policy of MiFit Life provides athletes with benefits and covers risks that are peculiar to their lifestyles. Though, not all can access this policy as only qualifying athletes can apply and get covered by this policy. MiWill Life policy helps you get free will and the relevant documents prepared ahead of time. As a result, your loved ones won’t have added tax and administrative burdens to shoulder while grieving their loss.

MiWay Business Insurance

World-class customer service is provided with comprehensive business insurance from MiWay’s business coverage team. You don’t have to worry about the size of your firm as they know how to help you with just the right cover for your business. They cover business property, business vehicles, business interruption, and all risks. Furthermore, they cover broad form liability, personal accidents, and even staff dishonesty.

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Car Insurance

The peculiar needs of motorists are met by the products offered by MiWay because it covers all types of vehicles and budgets. Due to its innovative options, you can choose to insure your car for private, professional, or business use. They have a range of covers namely; comprehensive car insurance, third-party-only insurance, third-party fire and theft insurance, and total loss cover. Furthermore, they guarantee fixed premiums for three years, unlike other insurers that increase their premiums yearly. In addition, they offer free road assistance and emergency assistance that are accessible 24 hours a day.

Home Insurance

Indeed, for a company that takes customer satisfaction seriously, they offer plans to insure your home buildings and contents. These plans which insure your home and the building are made simple, easy, and sufficient to meet the needs of all. Whatever policy you choose has its own advantages and what it covers. You can choose to extend your cover if you feel the things that are not in the policy are very relevant. The policy covers fire, theft, water, wind, and storm damage.

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Note that there are additional covers for garden and leisure tools, and losses due to electrical surges and dips attract extra cover. There are some rules relating to this policy though such as exclusions, terms, and conditions so go through the policy before signing. Firstly, MiWay doesn’t cover homes used as communes and a different policy should be signed to cover movable objects. Also, MiWay would not cover an unoccupied, abandoned, or illegally occupied home. Lastly, you can also enjoy the added benefit of free household emergency assistance from MiWay home insurance.

MiWay Buildings Insurance

The policy for insurance of the actual structures of your home is known as MiPlace. Insured events that could lead to damages and losses to buildings at the insured address are covered by MiPlace. In this cover, all permanent structures, fixtures, improvements, and fittings are included. As long as you install a SABS-approved lightning conductor in your building, the damages or losses incurred on your thatch-roof property are covered. Furthermore, the damage and loss caused to a building due to heating installations, water pumps, cisterns, and water supply tanks are also covered. However, damages and losses as a result of theft and other intentional acts are not covered by this insurance. Though, if you wish to get additional cover for theft then you should get an extended cover.

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Contents Insurance

All the personal belongings in your home and that of your household that live with you are covered by this policy. In short, it also favors tenants as everything payable due to accidental damages to your rented building is catered for. This all-risk insurance provides cover for all your movable personal possessions.

Benefits of Using the Online MiXpress Portal

Firstly, you can freely and easily manage your own customer profile which allows you to choose your banking details, preferred methods of communicating, and so on. All your policy schedules, border letters, and other records can be generated and viewed by you. With the online MiXpress portal, you can easily view and track your account payment history. Despite how easy it is to lodge a claim, doing so online is faster and easier. Using the online portal allows you to add more items to your insurance policy and save on your premiums. Though it’s only applicable for office hours, it’s easier to talk to a consultant online than go to the unpleasant call center queues.

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How to Contact MiWay Insurance, South Africa

You can contact MiWay on 0860646464 as this emergency line is open 24 hours a day. Keep it in mind that you have to book at least 48 hours in advance to use the WeDrive service. Their office is located at 48 Sterling Road, Kosmodal Ext12, Centurion, 0157.


We learned quite a number about MiWay Insurance South Africa and the type of insurance products that they offer. Their insurance coverage ranges from car insurance, home insurance, building insurance, and content insurance. You can still research more for detailed and extensive information on MiWay Insurance South Africa.

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