Definition Of Decentralized API (dAPI)

The focus of this article is on letting us know all about (dAPI). From the definition of decentralized API (dAPI) to the meaning of API. We will also look at The Oracle Problem, smart contracts, blockchain technology, Evan Duffield and CoinTelegraph.

What does dAPI stand for ? It simply stands for decentralized application programming interfaces (dAPI).

dAPIs is the base for Modern digital economy.  It is a plays a major role in offering digital solutions and stands as an important part of API economy.

In recent times, some people and companies use blockchain technology. The use it to recreate centralized APIs to decentralized APIs. This is a good use of blockchain technology.

Invention of decentralized apps is highly good. This decentralized applications operates on a decentralized system. It is important to note that, dAPIs and ordinary APIs share some similarity like in their mode of function.

APIs are not compatible on the blockchain system. This is unlike the dAPIs that are compliant to blockchain system.  Let us discuss about API to enable you to comprehend decentralized APIs properly.

Meaning Of API

The meaning of API is Application Programming Interface. It is an interface that is properly designed and coded for proper communication. This communication is between people through web and mobile apps. It does this by effectively transferring data and services.

Data and services can be marketable with the aid of API. Meanwhile, developers can put this services in apps. This facilitates the functionality of software development. APIs have really assisted developers, relieving  them the stress of designing feature.

Anyone can easily point out the differences between centralized and decentralized APIs. The can do this through the meaning of API and dAPIs.

Queries can be redirected to other API endpoints, in an API decentralized system. This may be the functional part of an application. Appropriate protocol, security and data conversions are all handled by API gateway.   

When time is due, the data store houses the central data store. It is regarded as being associated with API Platform in a centralized arrangement. The data store keeps together near real-time big synchronization. This is through various connections. It maintains this with the functional applications and business partners. When this happens, the central data storage opens up to receive API queries.  

The Oracle Problem

The oracle problem is not abstract. When we say “the oracle problem’’ what do we mean?. We simply refer to the situation where smart contracts cannot get data from blockchain.  In other words, the APIs can’t be directly accessed by the smart contracts.  That is what the oracle problem means.

This jeopardizes the collective security trust. The trust received from putting up a decentralized network of nodes as the app platform. It is now a point of concern to seek for solutions. Such which will enable smart contracts access API data. Also to withstand attack surfaces, by keeping the general based security assurances.

Whenever issues like this arise, the decentralized API services starts solutions. It does this my managing different data providers that are based on blockchain.  Now let’s highlight a little difference between dAPIs and decentralized oracle solutions.

The notable differences is that dAPIs include the APIs that gives support to data feed as a solution. While existing decentralized oracles doesn’t pay attention to the data source API. It gives them the chance to deliver a nice data transparency down to the true data source.  

World’s First dAPI: Decentralized Application Programming Interface

We will focus on a Lead Dash developer called Evan Duffield. Recently, he made a presentation for Bitcoin Wednesday. He started off with an introduction to Dash’s core protocol functions. Then, he went on to reveal his series of upgrade called ‘Evolution. “  Decentralized Application Programming Interface (dAPI)  happens to be the first of the evolution revealed.

He explained that programs and people can now query Dash’s blockchain. This is with the help of dAPI. The can do this without actually having a blockchain. When this is done, all the data will return to dAPI and a randomly picked quorum of Dash’s masternodes will pull it.  

Evan Duffield once said :

“Developers don’t need to download, validate, or store the 10GB blockchain. Yet they still have the same security as a full node and much better privacy. “

CoinTelegraph Question Section 1

After Duffield was done with the first dAPI, Cointelegraph asked Duffield to explain more on that idea. In cointelegraph words :

How do API works?

Evan Duffield : “APIs are how useful libraries and services are made accessible to outside programs and companies. For example, a company like PayPal has an API. This allows you to send funds to anyone else in the world. You can automate payments using the API.”

For any request coming to their API must be from a centralized service.

Question 2

What are the functions of Dash’s decentralized API?

Evan Duffield said that, developers are able to interact with Dash’s network. This is with the aid of API. The can now interact with the network without stress and difficultly. Also, any work done on the network will not need a much bandwidth and time.

Question 3

How is random quorum’s data selection compatible with a competitive Proof-of-Work system?

Evan Duffield : Quorums can overrule Mining networks about specific transactions on the network. As it stands, quorum’s data can start a transaction as guaranteed to make it into the blockchain. Don’t input an imcompactible transaction. The transaction block will be rejected. What clients do is, the create blocks with masternode-network. This network are compatible transactions.  

Question 4

Is a virtual corporation different in nature from the more commonly-used term DAC (Decentralized autonomous company/corporation)?

Evan. D : “ Virtual corporation and decentralized autonomous company are different. I would regard a Dash Virtual Corporation as a Decentralized Autonomous Company. Regardless of the fact that it is still a Virtual Corporation. I would consider the role of a Virtual Corporation to operate closely to a normal centralized corporation. I want this without any of the centralized components.

This is to say that we have a marketing team. Also, a qualified  software development team of staff and project managers. I will make it clear that we use the network for making decisions. We also have a 100% decentralized funding.”

Final Question

What else aside from the DAPI can we expect to see. Like over the next few months of the Dash ‘Evolution’ rollout?

Evan Duffield said: “ We would be holding a conference in Mexico soon. There, we are going to be revealing some vital informations regarding Evolution. This conference will hold on December 4. Then by January 26, I will release another information about Evolution.”


I believe this article has been able to impact some knowledge to you. Key information about decentralized APIs and the meaning of API. We advise you carry out more research on the topic. a Also research on some of the terms like smart contracts and the oracle problem. You can also study blockchain technology, etc.

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