Definition Of Google Coin And What You Can Do With It

In this article, we will be looking at the definition of Google coin or meaning of Google coin and what you can do with it, otherwise referred to as uses of google coins. We shall also study the definition of tokenized stocks and trading conditions on Google tokenized stocks. Also, answer questions like What are Google Coin Tokens? And what is Google coin appreciation?. As we progress, note down vital points.

There are certain recommendations one has to put in place for a successful trade. One of it is the use of technical analysis. Technical analysis will enable you make accurate and crucial decisions. It also allows you to make predictions on different values in the economic system. This gives you the privilege to know how the market will go. It is used virtually in every type of trade, even in  the global market.

Another benefit of technical analysis is, enabling you to predict price changes in the market. This will help you to make changes in your portfolio. Making changes in your portfolio just means increasing or decreasing your investment on a particular asset depending on your analysis. Technical analysis is what every trader should take serious. Without it, you can make wrong decisions which will lead to losses.

Meaning of Google Coin ?

The meaning of google coin is simply a space or group, created for people who make use of Google in appreciation of Google team and management. The importance of google coin is that, users can easily access information, even faster. 

One can gain play points when the use google coins. This play points in turn, improves your trade and boosts your investments. This play points are free to obtain as there are no regulations.  

Uses Of Google Coins

Just like I earlier stated, uses of google coins are much. You can gain play points when you use Google coins. Then you can use it an improve your investment. Due to it is free, anyone can sign up for it. Also, whenever you buy a content on Google play store, you earn a play point. The amount you spend is directly proportional to the play point you earn. More so, the more Google coins you spend, the higher you move tk the next level. These are the few uses of Google Coins. This is to say, you gain more benefits too.

Below are the levels in progression :

1. Bronze

  • For every $1, you earn a single point
  • During weekly events, you can use your points 4x
  • During monthly events, you can use your points 2x on books or movie rentals.

2. Silver

  • You earn 150 points annually.
  • For every $1 you spend, you get 1.1 points.
  • You can use 50 points weekly on Silver level prizes
  • At monthly events, you can use your points 3x on movie rentals and books.
  • During games on weekly events, you can use your points 4x.

3. Gold

  • You can earn 600 points annually.
  • You can use 200 points on weekly Gold level prizes
  • At monthly events, you can use your points 4x on movie rentals and books.
  • During games on weekly events, you can use your points up to 4x.

4. Platinum

  • You earn 3000 points annually on this level.
  • On every $1 you spend, you get 1 point
  • In games during weekly events, you can use your Google coins up to 4x
  •  You can use your points up to 5x on movie rentals and books during monthly events.
  • Luckily, you can use 5oo points weekly on Platinum level prizes.

This is the highest level, with different qualities. When you attain this level, your needs are being attended to with immediate effect. You are being assigned the best agents who will treat your cases with utmost dedication.  

Like the saying, “nothing last forever “. The usability of these play points and the levels only last for a year from your last activity.

Definition of Tokenized Stocks.

The definition of tokenized stocks are stocks that fall under traditional regulated exchanges. There are google tokenized stocks that are gaining grounds in the stock market. The benefit is, it gives users exclusive access to trade those stocks in fractions. Therefore, becoming a big deal in the market. The definition of Tokenized stocks is clear.

Not all google coin tokenized stocks are the same. Some may have collateral, some may not.

Trading Conditions on Google Tokenized Stock

People do think that a tokenized stock and an actual stock are the same. In a controlled exchange  they are not. The major determinant that affect the prices of the stocks is, if the stock market is open or not.

When there is a set back in a trader’s internet communication, it affects the tokenized stock. This delay maybe as a result of poor internet or the location.

Google has made it that, in only one crypto exchange can you trade a crypto google token. It is advisable that investors should tokenized stock.  

Meaning of Google Coin Appreciation?

Google coin appreciation simply means the rise in value of Google coin in the market. It is the wish of every investor for his or her invested coin to appreciate. By google coin appreciation in value, it means more money. But when it doesn’t appreciate, it can lead to discouragement in crypto. 

The reason why the crypto coin has value is that people demand for it much.  Therefore, when there is high demand, there is increase in its appreciation.  

What are Google Coin Tokens?

Google Coin Tokens are virtual currency tokens. They are built on a blockchain that permits users to use it for economic purposes. This coin tokens can be held and traded for profit purposes.

There are two ways one can design these google coin tokens to represent physical assets. Example is real estate, while the intangible asset is data storage space.

It is important to gain more Google play point, so you can upgrade your level. Since Platinum is the highest, it would be wish to attain that level. Also, you should try and exhaust the Google play point before a year runs out.  

Gemini co-founders composed of Google and Amazon are set to put out a product into the crypto industry.


Reports from CNBC in July 9, stated that, four FANG companies will have digital currency form part of its offerings by 2021.  FANG refers to the unofficial “Big Four” of the internet: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

The twins who co-founded cryptocurrency trading platform called Gemini, has stated that other tech masters will soon partake. This was in reference to Facebook Libra. Tyler said to the network that, their  prediction is, in the next two years, cryptocurrency will be owned by every FANG company.  

In the United States, orders has been given for the suspension of the Libra project. This was from several sources.  This is because, there is fear of Libra being able to overlook the banking system. This will make the banks lose revenue.

It was on record that a U.S lawmaker on Thursday, make a complaint about Libra. This made Bitcoin (BTC) itself shed over 10% of its value. The twins, due to the doubts people have if Libra is a cryptocurrency, decided they will facilitate trading of Libra on Gemini. That is if it  will be open and not subject to prohibitive restriction

A similar forecast about tech giants was also made by Tom Lee. This forecast is regarding the involvement of the tech giants in the digital currency industry.

It is no doubt that digital will not phase out. This is because digital currencies will be created by Facebook and other FANG companies.

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