Definity Financial Corporation: Phone Number, Reviews, and Insurance Foundation

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About The Definity Financial Corporation

The Definity Financial Corporation is a Canadian Insurance Company that came into existence in 2021. Some Canadian insurance companies emanate from this company. The pattern by which the company generates money and offers products to customers is through investments.

Therefore, the company invests in various areas like innovation, technology, and customer service to enable it to provide a level of insurance options. The majority of our insurance services cover homes, vehicles, businesses, farms, and pets.

It is no doubt that Definity is a new company. However, it has a background record that refers back to November 25, 1871. It is a historic day in the life of the company as it is the day the company’s founding brand, the Economical Mutual Fire Insurance Company, issued its first policy. This policy was to protect Ismael D. Bowman’s barn and home.

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Efforts Of Definity Financial Corporation

This insurance company is a top Canadian that ranks amongst the best P&C insurers. Over time, the company strives hard to engage in investments to fortify its structure. By so doing, it transforms into a digital leader in a large and growing marketplace. Achieving this is never in doubt because the company has talented and passionate workers that will put the initiative to get a good result. This provides us with multiple levers to continue driving growth and profitability.

Careers At Definity Financial Corporation

There are various career opportunities in this insurance company. Below are some of the careers:

  • Personal Insurance Jobs: Here, the company seeks individuals with collaborative and innovative mindsets who can fit in. If you are to work in this career, you are concerned with; operational planning, pet insurance representatives, insurance product specialists, licensed insurance professionals, and actuaries.
  • Commercial Insurance Jobs: The company’s commercial insurance business solely depends on the team of insurance underwriters and administrators. However, if you are in this career, your experience and skills are very much needed.
  • Claims Jobs: You need to be in this sector in other to receive empowerment that will reflect in the change you will make in your place of work. The company will provide you with all you need to assist customers’ progress and prosperity.
  • Technology Solutions Jobs: Without this department, it would be difficult for the insurance company to fulfill its goals and promise to its clients. Here, you can find the company’s analysts, developers, engineering specialists, project managers, and solutions architects. All of them play an important role in implementing the company’s directives.

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Definity Car insurance

If you own a car, you definitely need car insurance. It will give you and your car full coverage in the case of an accident, theft, or other losses. However, Definity Financial Corporation offers coverage options and discounts for different types of drivers and lifestyles.

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Definity Insurance Phone Number

The address of Definity Financial Corporation’s head office is 111 Westmount Road South P.O. Box 2000. Waterloo, ON N2J 4S4. Meanwhile, their phone number is 1-800-265-2180.

Definity Insurance Reviews

The company’s rating is based on 476 reviews of employees who gave it without being known. Based on this, the company has a 3.7 rating out of 5. Meanwhile, a greater number of employees will recommend the company to their loved ones to work in. This wouldn’t happen if the company has a bad record.

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Definity Insurance Foundation

This is a registered charity organization based in Canada, that is geared towards offering life-changing assistance to less privileged and underdeveloped areas. Also, when other registered charity organizations approach us for grants, we make sure that they will be used to cater to marginalized and underserved areas.

The foundation can achieve all these through community-based services, advocacy, awareness initiatives, research, and knowledge development.


Is Definity Financial Corporation A Real Company?

Definity Financial Corporation is a real company, serving as the head company to other Canada’s innovative property and casualty insurance brands. Some of them include Economical Insurance, Sonnet Insurance, Family Insurance Solutions, and Petline Insurance.

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When Was Definity Financial Corporation Founded?

This insurance company came into existence in 2021. Although it hasn’t been a long time it came into existence, it has a background record that refers back to November 25, 1871.

When Did Definity Financial Corporation Become A Public Company?

This company became a public company on the 23rd of November, 2021.

Who Owns The Definity Financial Corporation?

Apparently, there is no source that says the company has a particular owner.

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How Many Workers Does Definity Have?

Definity is a top-rated company and has approximately 3,364 workers.

Is Definity Financial Corporation A Good Investment?

With a 17.08% upside potential, it is safe to say that it is a good investment. However, this source is based on the analysts’ average price target.

Are Cheques From Definity Financial Corporation Authentic?

With a company as real, big, and top-rated as Definity, the cheques from the company are authentic.

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Does Definity Pay A Dividend?

Yes, it does as the upcoming date for payment is on March 27, 2023.

Who Are The Rivals Of Definity Financial Corporation?

The company’s main rivals are Sagen MI Canada (MIC), E-L Financial (ELF), CI Financial (CIX), Canadian Western Bank (CWB), Altus Group (AIF), Onex (ONEX), First National Financial (FN), Canadian Western Bank (CWB. PD), goeasy (GSY), and Trisura Group (TSU).

What Are The Core Values Of Definity Financial Corporation?

The core values are integrity, excellence, and hard work. These values are what make the company highly rated.

Where Is The Headquarters Of Definity?

The headquarters of this insurance company is in Waterloo, Canada.

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