Desjardins Insurance: Health, Car, Life, Home, Disability Insurance and Benefits

The title “Desjardins Insurance” is one of the insurance companies in Canada. So, we shall study it squarely in addition to the services it provides. Nevertheless, we can’t study this topic without discussing these subtopics: Overview Of Desjardins Insurance, Background Of The Desjardins Insurance Company, Services Offered By Desjardins Insurance, Desjardins Insurance Customer Service Line and Advantages Of Working For Desjardins Insurance.

Let us begin with the general overview of the topic.

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Overview Of Desjardins Insurance

This is one of the Canadian Insurance Companies. It stands as an insurance unit of Desjardins Group, which is the biggest association of credit unions in Canada. This insurance company is a private company that carry out insurance services. It came into existence in 1944 in Lévis, Canada.

Meanwhile, its headquarters is at Lévis, Canada. In terms of the services they provide life insurance, general insurance and business insurance. Note that, the insurance company has two subdivisions. Those subdivisions are:

  • Desjardins Financial Security which comprises of life, health and retirement insurance products
  • Then, Desjardins General Insurance which comprises of auto, home and business insurance products.

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Background Of The Desjardins Insurance Company

The parent company “Desjardins Group had its pioneer daughter company in 1944. It answered the name “Société d’assurance des caisses populaires” (SACP). But now, it now bears the name Desjardins General Insurance. Four years later, Desjardins Life Insurance came into existence. Currently, it bears the name “Desjardins Financial Security”.

As time went on, both companies thought it would be wise to form a merger as they were excelling in their activities. So, they came together under one name “Desjardins Insurance”. This new-named company continued to progress and achieve a lot.

In 2015, the company took a crucial decision to secure the Canadian operations of U.S.-based insurer, State Farm. This acquisition saw the company attain a huge feat. The company became the second biggest property and casualty insurer in Canada and first in Ontario. Also, it doubled the company’s premiums from 2 billion to 4 billion.

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The acquisition of the State Farm constituted 50% of their volume while the remaining came from Desjardins group insurance (The Personal), white labels activities with Scotia Bank, brokerage with Western Financial and finally from activities related to the exclusive agents of Quebec.

In 2018, State Farm Canada’s name changed to Desjardins Insurance with the help of its agents. Although, rebranding has taken place, but the completion will happen by December 31, 2019. However, it is important to note that, no other insurance company in Ontario and Quebec started offering UBI savings program before the newly named insurance company. Also, this insurance company is the number one provider of this service.

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Services Offered By Desjardins Insurance

Home Insurance

If you have a home insurance, you are sure of getting protection in a case of loss or damage to your property and belongings. This doesn’t matter if you are a house owner or a tenant, as long as your home or property is vandalized, stolen or damaged by water or fire, you will be covered by this insurance.

Auto Insurance

If you own a car, you definitely need an auto insurance. It will give you and your car a full coverage in the case of an accident, theft or other losses. However, this insurance company offer coverage options and discounts for different types of drivers and lifestyles.

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Life Insurance

Here, the insurance company safeguards and protects your family and your dear ones financially, should anything happen to you. As long as you are under the life insurance and you pass away, your family will benefit financially from the company and won’t lack.

Health Insurance

What this insurance does is, it covers your hospital bills, medications and other health bills should you fall ill or have an accident. Also, it provides your family with the finances they may need during this period. Therefore, you are assured that in any situation regarding your illness or accident, the insurance company will cover you and your family financially.

Disability Insurance

Those who are disabled or handicapped are those who can benefit from this insurance. Meanwhile, what it does is to confer on you a tax-free monthly payment which will offset your outstanding bills or stand in for your salary.

Disability here, cuts across all forms including invisible disabilities. As long you are incapable of carrying out a particular task due to an impairment, you are entitled to this insurance.

However, with this insurance, your business and family is safe from unforeseen circumstances and is covered by the insurance company.

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Desjardins Insurance Customer Service Line

You can reach the insurance company via 1-877-659-1570.

Advantages Of Working For Desjardins Insurance

Asides from the monetary benefits, you can also get the assistance you need from the company which will promote your personal and professional dreams. Some of the benefits of working for this company are:

  • The freedom to operate from the comfort of your home. However, this depends on your rank in the company.
  • A worthy salary
  • You can earn a yearly bonus. However, this depends on the progress of the company.
  • A worthy pension plan
  • Refund of physical and mental health expenses
  • Professional development and mentoring

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Who Is The Owner Of Desjardins Insurance?

Apparently, the company is under the parent body known as Desjardins General Insurance Group (DGIG). However, it is owned by Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec.

When Was Desjardins Insurance Found?

It was founded in the year 1944.

What Are The Insurance Services Provided By Desjardins?

Some of the insurance services provided by this company are: automobile insurance, home insurance and business insurance products.

Where Is The Headquarters Of Desjardins Insurance?

The headquarters is located at Lévis, Canada.

What Is The Customer Service Line Of Desjardins?

The customer line of the company is 1-877-659-1570.

What Insurance Did Desjardins Use?

State Farm’s P&C and life insurance operations, as well as its mutual fund, loan and health insurance companies, were transferred to Desjardins Group on January 1, 2015.

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