Donald Trump NFT Trading Cards

This article on Donald Trump NFT trading cards will educate you on everything you need to know about the digital trading cards. Indeed, this digital trading card is known to be an NFT collection. Therefore, it means that the cards are collections of digital artwork kept on the blockchain in storage. In fact, a distinct pre-assigned rarity is associated with each digital trading card.

About Donald Trump NFT Trading cards

A second batch of Donald Trump NFT trading cards were recently released. As made known to the public by the former president, the new series of NFT trading cards share a lot of similarities with the ones released this past December. Although, the NFT digital trading cards are not investment vehicles but are collectible items programmed for just individual enjoyment. They are to be collected digitally on your phone or PC even though they are just like baseball cards. Once you have a credit card or crypto and an email address, you can become one of the collectors.

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How the Donald Trump NFT Trading Cards Works

In order to store your Trump cards, it is recommended that you have an email address. As long as you have the email address, go on ahead and choose the amount of Trump NFT digital trading cards that you desire. Then for a fast and simple process, check it out with a credit card. However, it is still of no issue if you wish to pay with crypto. During checkout, you are meant to pay with ETH (WETH). Your Trump digital trading cards will be minted and forwarded to your digital wallet immediately you check out successfully. Simply log into your digital wallet with your email address to ascertain the cards given to you.

Donald Trump NFT Trading Cards Value

In the past 7 days, the Trump NFT digital trading cards have been sold out 415 times according to research. A total of $93.42k was the sum up total sales volume for the digital trading cards. For each digital trading cards, the NFT price was around the average price of $225.1. Furthermore, a total supply of 45, 000 tokens is owned as a result of 13, 981 owners of the Trump NFT digital card. There are various collection features and they include Limited One-of-Ones, unique Trump trading cards and Business Trump. In addition, there are Gold & Silver Autographed cards, Cowboy Trump, and Astronaut cards.

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How many Trump digital trading cards were sold lately?

In the last 30 days, it is gathered that 3, 201 digital trading cards has been sold according to research.

How much does a Trump digital trading card cost?

The highest sale for a Trump digital trading card in the last 30 days according to research were over $632. Meanwhile the median price has been $262 and the lowest prices were below $199 according to research.

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NFT Trading Cards

An NFT can also be known as a non-fungible token. In short, this one-of-a-kind digital asset can assume the form of a graphic, GIF, video clip and more. In fact, an NFT character can be bought to play in a video game metaverses. The creation of an NFT trading card is achieved by converting a digital file into a cryptocurrency token that can be found on a blockchain. In order to make profit, collectors tend to buy trading card NFTs to sell on the secondary market. Furthermore, they can also choose to display it in a personal gallery.

Creators who mint the NFT are entitled to earn royalties on every sale as each transaction of the NFT is recorded on a blockchain. The purchasing and sale of NFT trading cards with the use of cryptocurrency is mostly carried out on online markets.

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Why are NFT Trading Cards Valuable?

Due to the difficulty of getting an NFT or an NFT collection, the rarity makes the value very high in the market. Cards have unique attributes in games and can stand for stronger or weaker traits therefore NFT cards are valuable due to their utility. Some sports trading cards have licensing from official leagues and NFT cards have such certification and thereby considered very valuable.

Donald Trump NFT cards

The Trump NFT cards vary as some come in limited versions as there will be not more than 10 copies of a particular card existing. Meanwhile, another can be very rare which means you can only see one person with a particular copy. While some of them display the image of the former president carrying a sword and making a heart sign with his hands, another displays him playing card king-of-hearts. However, some show him wearing full-leather suit and sunshades or display him grilling hot dogs.

Trump NFT Website

Each card is intended with a pre-assigned rarity according to the website. A ticket to a gala dinner with Donald Trump himself at his residence might be won by a person if they buy 47 digital cards. In short, it is said that entertainment and fine dining will be included in the dinner plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Trump NFT digital trading cards?

The Trump NFT digital trading cards are known to be a non-fungible token collection. These collection of digital artwork are kept in storage on a blockchain.

How many Trump digital trading card tokens are existing currently?

Due to the 13, 981 owners of the digital trading cards, there exists about 45, 000 Trump digital trading cards.

What are the popular alternatives to Donald Trump NFT trading cards?

Other alternatives to this digital card include Trump Digital Trading Cards Series 2, Milady Maker, Win Trump Prizes and SchizoPosters.

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Indeed, this article has enlightened you on all you need to know about Donald Trump NFT trading cards. These trading cards tend to offer a versatile and collectible item for individual enjoyment. In fact, they prove to be very beneficial and valuable.

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