Energizer ENB216 (ENB216) Review /Assessment

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Product Assessment

Energizer 16 FEET JUMPER CABLES – 2 Gauge, 16 FT supporter battery jumper links for kicking off a drained or feeble battery. Ideal for trucks, SUVs, standard size vehicles, fair size vehicles and little/minimal vehicles

  • THICK VINYL COATING – Includes areas of strength for an and agreeable handle for secure situation and simple situating. Wellbeing included of shelled vinyl covered cinch for rust and consumption assurance.
  • Conveying CASE INCLUDED – Our Energizer jumper links accompany a high grade satchel for simple vehicles and minimized stockpiling.
  • TANGLE FREE CCA BOOSTER CABLES – 16 Foot length makes it simple to reach starting with one vehicle battery and then onto the next. Copper-clad aluminum links remains adaptable even at – 40°C.
  • THE BRAND NAME YOU CAN TRUST – 2 Years Warranty! We are here to power your vehicle battery and truck with our supporter jumper links. We keep you endlessly going!

This set, from a demonstrated brand, offers an incredible blend of highlights that will let it handle most kicking-off conditions. Thick, 2-check wire ought to deal with kicking off most traveler vehicles, including standard-size pickups and RVs. Has a two-year guarantee.


  • The 16-foot length ought to be a lot for most circumstances.
  • The links remain adaptable down to – 40 degrees F
  • Includes a conveying pack.


Some client audits grumble that the sack is excessively little. • 16-foot length not long
enough for certain circumstances

Item Reviews

These are the best jumper links I’ve gone over that are truly reasonable. It ismade in China. The links are truly adaptable and shockingly light in weight. The principal reason is this is aluminum wire that is copper covered. Unadulterated copper is better yet, it is a lot heavier and way more costly.

This aluminum will truly do fine and dandy furthermore, why travel with additional weight? One more justification for it’s adaptability is 7 centers of 60 strands of wire are in there and with no consumption as you can find in the photographs. These are named as 2 check wire also, I would agree that they are. The bundle expresses these links are appraised at 800 amps. I would have no desire to test that.

These are more than proficient to bounce most vehicles also, ought to deal with high amps for extremely brief timeframes. Sure beats my old jumper links that ended up being 12 check wires! These action something like 16 feet. In the photograph it shows simply under however I proved unable get the wire to completely fix. The huge croc cuts are not difficult to open however have an adequate number of pressure in them and ought to fit any vehicle battery. The pleat that the wire joins to is adequate and is more appealing joined than different links I’ve seen particularly my old one that this
new link replaces. I ought to have purchased this one quite some time ago. Assuming I really want another jumper link I will be getting this Energizer link.

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