Best Event Centers for Business Conferences in California

In this article, we shall discuss some of the Best Event Centers for Business Conferences in California. Carefully go through it to find out the information that you seek. However, some of the subtopics are City Market Social House, Neuehouse, Westfield Century City, Petersen Automotive Museum, etc.

We are placing the focus of these event centers on California, which is located in the United States Of America. There are a lot of good event centers in California, but our focus is on those that are capable of hosting business conferences. In California, Los Angeles records some of the best and most capable business conference venues. Therefore we shall be picking some event centers from there.

Below are some of the best event centers for a business conference in California.

1. City Market Social House

This particular event center is built in a unique. It follows an ADA-compliant warehouse style. It has 1,000 guest occupancy but can also handle an increased capacity of 5,000 guests. The Live Event Industry constructed it with high-quality equipment.

It observable features of the event center are an outdoor courtyard, spacious parking space, 16-foot roll-up doors, a well-equipped green room, and dedicated high-speed WiFI. It is safe to safe that its facility has a total square foot of 20,000 square feet.

2. Neuehouse

The second event center we shall discuss is the Neuehouse. There is prestigious and influential personnel that have graced this particular venue. Some of them are Lucille Ball, Bob Dylan, and Orson Welles. This facility measures a 3,500-square-foot.

It has well-structured meeting and event rooms that are well-ventilated and air conditioned. Also, it is built with modern technological devices that enhance activities in the building.

3. Westfield Century City

You can find the Westfield Century City in the center of Hollywood. There are some notable personalities that graced this venue. People like Shirley Temple and Marilyn Monroe worked at this place. Meanwhile, this particular place has served as a platform for entertainment, fashion, and restaurants.

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It has a well-built meeting room and an outdoor event area that can occupy over 1,000 people. The facility stands out due to its aesthetic features.

4. Petersen Automotive Museum

The Petersen Automotive Museum is another wonderful place in California used for business conferences. At some point, it closed down but reopened in 2015. This time, it came back with a better and more structure. They added modern steel and glass windows to Petersen’s contemporary interior. Also, it has a rooftop sit-out and Penthouse where you can go to relax and watch the surroundings.

5. The Museum of Jurassic Technology

This place is wonderfully built and aesthetic. It has a meeting room, relaxation spot and spacious parking area. The Museum of Jurassic Technology is built in a way that there is less noise and one can explore. Apparently, it is quite spacious and can handle any business or ceremonial function.

6. Barnsdall Art Park

The Barnsdall Art Park is situated in East Hollywood. It has a serene environment and contains an art art gallery, a theater, and ancient structures. You can also see the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre and the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery there.

This event center a way that, business conferences, ceremonies, and conventions can hold both indoors and outdoors. However, this is as a result of the high capacity number of the facility.

7. Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

This particular event center is based in Hollywood and is a renowned museum known for the arts. In terms of space, it has 300,000 square feet and 50,000 square feet of gallery space. What makes it stand out as one of the best event centers for business conferences is its conducive and spacious meeting room.

Also, this facility has a consistent power supply, Wi-Fi, spacious indoor or outdoor event areas, and the rooftop Dolby Family Terrace that overlooks the iconic Hollywood hills.

8. Universal Studios Hollywood

What makes this location to stand out is its amazing event environment, high technological facilities, and spacious indoor and outdoor event areas. It is very spacious that it can accommodate up to 20,000. If you book this facility for a business conference, there are standby workers that will set up the space to suit your event.

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9. The Heritage Square Museum

This facility has been in existence since the 1850s. It has a concrete and prestigious history that has made it stand out. Meaning, it has undergone several renovations and restructuring to blend into the modern style and architecture.

Previously, the main aim of Heritage Square was to safeguard the city’s architectural and historical treasures, but now, it hosts events and meetings. Asides from its well-structured facilities and spacious event areas, it is also aesthetic.

10. Smashbox Studios

This prestigious event center called Smashbox Studios came into existence in 1991. Dean and Davis Factor are the founders of this noble facility. Meanwhile, this event space gives room for business conference hosting and other events.

11. The Bradbury House

This particular event center isn’t really a big one compared to others. It is just a sizeable space that can occupy a reasonable amount of people. Despite the fact that it isn’t very big, it is nicely built and attractive.

12. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

This event center is known for its spacious rooms and outdoor areas in Los Angeles that can host business conferences and private meetings. Based on capacity, it can contain up to 1,600 people and have a high equipped facility.

13. Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

This event place is of a high standard with high standards facilities. In terms of land space, it has 5,600 square feet and over 300 seating capacities. It also has a spacious outdoor area with a well-designed meeting room that can serve for a business conference.

14. Descanso Gardens

This is also among the best event centers for a business conferences in California. It has a serene and natural environment that gives off a level of calmness. It was previously owned by E. Manchester Boddy, the editor of the LA Daily News.

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The Descanso Gardens is so beautiful and properly structured with artworks around it. Also, it has a spacious indoor and outdoor event space.

15. Ovation Hollywood

The Ovation Hollywood is having a transition of a $100 million facelift. This particular event center is known for holding brand activations, meetings, gatherings, conferences, and events. Therefore, if you wish to host a business conference, all you need to do is describe how you want it to be and the event manager will set it up.


What Are The Necessary Conference Room Facilities?

The important conference room equipments are; Wi-fi, Smart Board/Projection Screen, Audio Equipment, Seating Arrangements, Digital Projectors, Video Conferencing, Accessible Location, etc.

What Are The Important Factors To Consider While Seeking For An Event Center?

The important factors to consider are; Location, Parking lot, Capacity and Minimums, Contract Flexibility, Services and Amenities, Layout, Insurance, Ambiance, and Accessibility.

Are There Good Event Centers For Corporate Events In California?

Yes, there are. A few of them include Dodger Stadium, Smashbox Studios, and Los Angeles Music Center.

What Is The Renting Cost Of Event Centers In California?

The renting cost varies depending on the size of the event space and the available facilities. However, the price can range from $100 to about $2000 per hour.

How Can I Organize A Business Conference?

Below are some ways in which you can organize a business conference:

  1. Create a comprehensive event strategy
  2. Incorporate the use of technology for the conference.
  3. Perform adequate pricing and budgeting.
  4. Ensure the careful and proper selection of event centers.
  5. If there is a need, you could Invite guest speakers.
  6. Get your reviewers onboard.


We just concluded with the “Best Event Centers for Business Conference in California”. You can select any event center of your choice, carry out more research on it, and rent. However, note that the price range are different, so carry out adequate budgeting.

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