Exterior Car Accessories

Do you want your car to look extremely sharp and classy? Then, you should consider investing in some upgrades. This post on Exterior Car Accessories is to help you know the best materials for exterior decor to make your vehicle look new and elegant. Whether you want to purchase items from Amazon or WeatherTech, we have you covered.

Description of Car Exterior Decor

Car exterior decor deals with accessories that you add to your car’s exterior to enhance
its appearance or provide a practical benefit. Below are some of the benefits that exterior accessories provide.

Improved Appearance: Adding an accessory is a relatively easy and an affordable way to enhance your car’s appearance.
Customization: After choosing a particular exterior decor, you can make it suit your style and personality by customizing it. However, if you do not find the accessory attractive or you want to make a change, you can easily remove it and replace with something better.
Enhanced Performance: Some exterior accessories do not just make your car exterior attractive. They also facilitate the performance of your car by improving the aerodynamics.
Protection: Some exterior accessories do a great job of shielding your car from dents and scratches.
Enormous Value: Incase you drive a car you have intensions of reselling, adding unique exterior decor can improve the value of the car and make it distinct from other cars in the market.

Types of Car Exterior Accessories

There are several kinds of accessories you can add to your car’s exterior. They include:


Decals serve as a subtle ways to express your style and personality. There several options you can choose from: your favourite movie or even soccer star. Also, if your car serves your business purpose, it is preferable you customize it as a mobile billboard. The most interesting thing about decals is they are easy to install and also affordable. If you decide to replace with another one, you cam easily scrap the old one.

Antenna Balls

Antenna balls makes your vehicle fun and expressive. Just like decals, you can choose an antenna ball that looks like a movie icon.

License Plate Frames

Make your licence plate distinct from others by adding a frame that dazzles. You can also add a custom text to make it unique while expressing your personality.

Mud Guards

Mud guards will enhance your car’s appearance while protecting the paint job
from dirt, gravel, and other debris. They come different colours, so you can choose a set that align with or contrasts with your vehicle’s exterior paint.

Bumper Protectors

Just like mud guards, bumper protectors is an excellent option if you frequently drive on bad roads. They shield your vehicle’s bumper from impact from bumbs, potholes. They also make your vehicle look stylish while serving their purpose.

Roof Racks

If you enjoy outdoor activities like bicycling or kayaking, you deserve a roof rack that can handle your gear. Roof racks are also a great accessory if you like going on road trips and need room for extra luggage.

Wheel Caps

Adding wheel covers or replacing your wheels can make your car look like an entirely new vehicle if you choose a different design. You can choose from a variety of colours or find wheels that feature manufacturer logos for your particular make and model. To protect your new wheels, consider adding some
dazzling chrome wheel locks.

LED Light Strips

If you really want to turn headlights om while driving, consider adding LED light strips to your car. You can find light strips in different colours that you can apply to your headlights. In addition, underglow lights go underneath your car and produce a puddle of light that surrounds your vehicle with a dazzling glow.

Car Covers

Car covers is another excellent option because it serves the purpose of protection and retaining the condition of your car. Some vehicle owners do not have a conducive place to park their cars either in their work place or at home, in any case, a car cover helps you reduce the risk of exposure from elements. There are universal covers and precise designs for your vehicle model.

How To Choose Car Exterior Decor

There ars things you should have in mind while choosing an exterior decor for your car. They include:

Budget: Setting a budget before shopping for car exterior decor can save you from overspending and buying unnecessary accessories for your car.

What is your goal?: Answering this question will make you have a target you want to accomplish while making a purchase for accessories. It also help you understand the purpose of the shopping.

Lifestyle: If your car multitasks and is used to run certain errands, it is important you add certain accessories like roof racks or cargo baskets.

Colours and Design: The main purpose of changing a car’s accessories is to enhance the car’s appearance, making it more attractive. Therefore, it is essential to choose your exterior decor in colours and designs that complement your car instead of clashing with it.

Type and Model of the Car: While some accessories are universal, others are only compatible with specific makes and models.

Safety: Safety ought to be a priority for every car owner. Therefore, it is important to spend on automotive accessories that can protect your car from vandalism or theft.

State Regulations: Different states have their laws and regulations on road use and vehicles. Similarly, some states might prohibit use kf certain vehicle accessories. For instance, most states regulate the use of license plate frames. Other states place restrictions on use of certain colours for your light and where yku can place your decals. Therefore, you must have these regulations in mind while making your purchase depending on your state.

Vehicle Age: If you drive an older car and are thinking about trading it in for a newer model, it might not be wise to spend too much time or money on accessories.

Methods of Replacing/Installing Car Exterior Decor

Installing accessories like decals or an antenna ball is easy. However, with accessories like lighting or roof racks, you might have to consult product instruction manual or even hire a professional to install such items.

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