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FC Lorient Academy Scholarship

In Lorient, Brittany, France, Fc Lorient advertises and schedules open tryouts.
For the 2021 transfer season, F.C Lorient has published and scheduled dates for performing rigorous tryouts with their youth professional squad. This summer, the club is rumored to be conducting trials in Lorient, Brittany, in an attempt to extend their recruitment pool and find prospects for the 2021 League 2 campaign and beyond.

The club was formed in 1926 and is now in Ligue 2 after being relegated from Ligue 1 in the 2016–2017 season. Lorient has acted as a launching club for several current international players. Including Laurent Koscielny, André Pierre, and Kevin Gamer. Laurent Koscielny, Andre Pierre, and Kevin Gameire are among the stars of the club’s outstanding youth system, which has achieved prominence in France and Europe. It is, without a doubt, an excellent venue for young athletes to begin their careers and pursue their ambitions.

The following is the complete information for FC Lorient Close Tryouts:

Males between the ages of 17 and 23 are required to participate.

Each candidate will participate in two (2) 60-minute 11v11 football games to satisfy the FC Lorient scouting team during the trial. Each day of the tryout session will include one match.

A membership fee of $220 is required for one (1) open tryout meeting.

Excluding the $220 registration fee, FC Lorient will pay all other costs related to the trip, including flight, food, and lodging.

Participants must bring their footwear, socks, pants, gloves, and shin pads. Or any other items pertinent to their role in the tryouts.

Three (3) numbered t-shirts will be provided by FC Lorient for you to use throughout your matches. With the orange t-shirt and your yellow stockings and shorts, you will wear your yellow stockings and shorts.

Teams will be put together at random based on the participants’ chosen positions.

Three days before to the commencement of the audition, you will get an email with your kickoff scheduled.

If you are traveling from outside of Europe or the US and need a visa to partake in the trials, this should not be an issue!! Our foreign ministry would send you a notice of invitation. As well as travel and hotel reservations so you could apply quickly.

Keep in mind: To be enrolled, all candidates must deposit the registration cost. When the registration procedure is finalized, you will get an e-mail verification.

There are a restricted number of spots available, and they are taken on a first-come, first-served approach.
“A great vacation with plenty of concentration that results in a professional reaction from the college athlete. Brilliant!”

Coach at Carson-Newman College for Women, Philip McNamara “We had a great day — the competition, tourist guides, and bus driver were all fantastic. The accommodations where we did stay were fantastic. The Futbol City was brilliant!”

New Jersey’s Mary Lopez is a player.


FC Lorient has created its Training Center a long-term work initiative in an attempt to fuel and maintain the personnel of its top club at the highest level of French football.

A games character, an instructional paradigm

Because it is a question of maintaining harmonic growth and leaning toward personal satisfaction, the learning paradigm in Lorient is first and foremost a teaching system.

For several years, the matching character has been centered on concepts of sharing, collaboration, and open-mindedness. It’s a way of looking at communal life. This method is completely supported by enrollment and a solid school emphasis.

Evolve as a man, a student, and a football player. FC Lorient’s current mission is to achieve this.


The establishment of the Ecole des Merlus at Espace FCL allows students to combine regular education up to Bac + 2 with rigorous sports activities aligned with high-level standards.

The complete scope of national educational programs is recognized. Students have access to a reliable educational staff that is preoccupied with the well-being and achievement of the athletes and customizes its instruction.

The objective is to create a compromise between the youthful person’s main desire. This is to prepare for a career as a football player. And our desire to protect his future by obtaining certificates. At the age of our inhabitants, exaggeratingly favoring football above the school curriculum is naive. Training is included in their timetables, which are adjusted during picks and sports conferences.

The Ecole des Merlus, designated by the State services as a “Host institution for high-level athletes (SHN),” provides the greatest circumstances for the participants of the Training Center to complete their dual projects at the same moment: to achieve their academic, spiritual, and athletic careers.

Outstanding Academic Achievements

The school outcomes in upcoming years demonstrate that young people’s instructional follow-up is of top standard. The instructional staff’s everyday efforts pay off. 100 percent of students who completed the school received a diploma. As did 100 percent of students who completed the BTS. The practically one-on-one concentration offered by the professors and the virtually individualized follow-up of the studies is critical factors in the achievement of the young folks of Lorient.

Inside the FCL Zone

The FC Lorient lodging complex is situated in the central of Espace FCL, close to the training facility and the academy. It provides the greatest feasible environment for young high-level players. Many of whom are separated from their relatives and possess a similar interest in football.


The participants

Throughout college, pre-training gathers around athletes aged between 11 to 15. Since 2011, the French Football Federation has granted the ELITE badge to the 4th and 3rd pre-training.


Applicants can attend either St Joseph-Lasalle College or St Joseph-Lasalle High School. The Jean-Paul 2 college in Ploemeur permits students to be released every day (with certain restrictions) at 3:20 p.m. The program offers students to leave at 3:40 p.m. day after day (with a few exclusions).

This permits athletes to complete regular education (all programs are required) while also receiving high-quality training. The day comes to a close around 6:15 p.m.

Pedagogical Guidelines

Actual phases of the contest with no ramifications. Distress should not be a component of FCL young people’s daily lives. The tournament must continue to be a time when the young person starts to engage with others. Both as colleagues and opponents.

Categorization decompartmentalization Encourage interaction amongst teenage people of all ages during practice and games.


Assist young talents in achieving their highest level of performance through preparation.
Coordinate young players’ training so that football stays an enjoyment.
Through customized coaching, make athletes conscious of their incorporation into the 2nd phase sports department or the practice facility.

Football Academy

Throughout primary education, the football school gathers all youngsters aged 6 to 10.

The football school has been a part of the Kerlir site since 2016 and hence exercises at Espace FCL.

Pedagogical Guidelines

Actual scenes of the contest with no ramifications. Distress should not be a part of FCL young people’s daily lives. The contest must continue to be a time when the young person starts to interact with others. Both as colleagues and opponents.

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Categorization decompartmentalization Encourage interaction amongst young people of all ages during training and games.


Assist young players in reaching their full potential through practice.

Arrange young players’ preparation so that football stays an enjoyment.

Players should be educated on how to integrate into the college sports area.


FC Lorient’s training center strives to equip young people for intense rivalry regularly, with an emphasis on academics.

It offers special infrastructure and very high-level instructors and educators for this, enabling us to achieve academic outcomes that are far above the national norm.

Corporations are forced to pay the necessary apprenticeship tax annually, and we require your help!

By paying this fee for the FCL’s benefit, you can help them in their pursuit of excellence.

We would love to optimize our workplace practices big kudos to your input to keep putting our trainees in the greatest of circumstances. We are eager to continue our policy of coaching in the career path of high-level sportsmanship and the conveyance of our principles.

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude in anticipation of your invaluable assistance.

About Youth Academy of FC Lorient

FC Lorient’s Youth Wing is dedicated to developing the future crop of pros. To train the kids, the club spends a lot of money on recruiting experienced coaches, fitness specialists, instructors, and other sports professors.

Lorient FC Academy

The development league allows athletes to hone their abilities in preparation for professional football. The club keeps in touch with other clubs that are interested in purchasing young players who have shown promise in the growing period.

Furthermore, the athletes are not only placed through athletic drills. But they are also taught about the emotional factors of being a pro footballer.

How to Become a Member of the FC Lorient Football Academy

Everyone is welcome at the Club, which operates on an open-door basis. The procedure outlined below can also be used to learn how to enroll in a Football Academy in Europe. A large amount of the prerequisites are also available in Europe through Football Academy Scholarships.

FC Lorient Junior Camp accepts children as little as eight years old. Check the Academy’s website to learn more about the various courses offered.

Enrollment Qualifications for FC Lorient Football Academy

FC Lorient Academy Scouts and Open Football trials are used to recruit new members. Candidates, particularly foreign scholars, can still enroll via the club’s website or by special drafts.

  • Give detailed information about yourself, your past clubs (if any), and your contact information.
  • Permission from parents, particularly if the child is under the age of 18.
  • Attempt to upload a video of yourself; this option is mostly for foreign candidates.

How to Become a Member of the FC Lorient Football Academy

To begin, go to the official Academy website at fclweb.com/en/academy/fclweb-academy/.

Check out more about registering and finding out more

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Lorient Football Club

FC Lorient is a French association football club premised in Lorient, Brittany. Its full name is FC Lorient Fc Football Club de Lorient Bretagne Sud (French pronunciation: [ljbta syd]; frequently known to as FC Lorient or Lorient).

The group was established in 1926 and is now a member of Ligue 1, France’s top division after being promoted from Ligue 2 in the 2019–20 year. The Stade Yves Allainmat, built after the previous mayor of Lorient, is where Lorient performs its home games. Due to its placement inside the city, the stadium is known as Stade du Moustoir. Christophe Pélissier is in charge of the squad.

Lorient had a grim national legacy before the 1998–99 era when the team made its maiden participation in Ligue 1. Lorient has previously invested the majority of its existence as an informal club. Lorient’s greatest achievement was winning the Coupe de France in 2002, beating Bastia 1–0 in the championship. Lorient hasn’t ever won Ligue 1, however, in 1995, they were the Championnat National. The club has won 5 Brittany Division d’Honneur trophies and 6 Coupe de Bretagne trophies in the province.

Laurent Koscielny, André-Pierre Gignac, Michal Ciani, Kevin Gameiro, Karim Ziani, Bakari Koné, Matteo Guendouzi, and Seydou Keita are just a few of the current internationals that have come through Lorient. Yoann Gourcuff, the son of French international Christian Gourcuff, made his debut at the club before going to Derby Breton rivals Rennes.

Lorient FC Background

Lorient Football Club was established on April 2, 1926. Furthermore, the club was generated from La Marée Sportive, a club established a year before by Madame Cuissard, a Saint-Étienne-born business owner, and her son Joseph. Under Czechoslovakian manager Jozef Loquay, the team began competition as an amateur football and captured the Champions de l’Ouest in 1929, advancing the club to the Brittany region’s Division d’Honneur. Lorient won the league in 1932 and replicated the feat 4 years afterward. The club’s meteoric ascent in the region was curtailed by the outbreak of World War II, and the withdrawal of numerous prominent stakeholders who either joined the allied forces or moved to play overseas ultimately scattered the club.

Right after the war, Antoine Cuissard, Madame Cuissard’s grandson, entered the club as a player to restore it in her honor. Lorient started their season in the Division d’Honneur. Cuissard was among the earliest Lorient footballers to be selected for the France national team while still starring for the club. He was a member of the team that met the criteria for the FIFA World Cup in 1954. Lorient swiftly rebounded and was competing in the amateur Championnat de France by 1948. (CFA).

After 2 years in the league, the team was relegated to the Division d’Honneur. Lorient was raised to the CFA again in 1957, however, he suffered owing to budget constraints. Following that, the club began looking for investors to become professionals. Lorient made an offer to go professional in 1967, under the leadership of both Jean Tomine and René Fougère, and was admitted to Division 2 by the French League. Newly elected president Henri Ducassou has pledged to do everything in his power to ensure that professionalism thrives in Lorient.

Lorient battled in the second division in the early 1970s to remain in the top half of the standings. The club came near to advancement to Division 1 in the 1974–75 and 1975–76 campaigns, placing third in their respective groups on both occasions, one spot below the advancement playoffs. Lorient, on the other hand, was demoted to Division 3 the subsequent year. Only when the club progressed for its maiden French FA Cup quarter-finals in existence, its capacity had proven to be greater than its category.

Following it, the team suffered fiscally and regionally. In 1978, it declared bankruptcy. Throughout this time, Lorient competed in the Division Supérieure Régionale under the title “Club des Fans du FC Lorient” (the fans officially took control to preserve the FC Lorient identity intact) (sixth tier of the French football pyramid). Georges Guenoum became president of the club in the early 1980s, and Christian Gourcuff, a previous Lorient player, was recruited as manager. Unexpectedly, Lorient soon rose right up the French football hierarchy under Gourcuff. The club earned the Brittany Division d’Honneur title in 1983 and Division 4 in the subsequent season.

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They won Division 3 in 1985, and were thus promoted to Division 2 eight years following their collapse at that tier! Gourcuff left the club following its inaugural Division 2 season when demotion was only possible due to a poor goal differential. Lorient endured the following 5 years in Division 3 under the direction of two different managers. It fell bankrupt again in 1990, however, was nonetheless permitted to remain in Division 3. After getting the third edition of the Championnat National in 1991, Gourcuff reunited with the club, and Lorient was promoted back to Division 2 after nearly 10 years in Division 3.

Lorient lasted two seasons in the second level before surprising many by winning the league with victors Nancy in 1997–98. Lorient made its first-ever appearance in Division 1 in the 1998–99 season. Lorient’s participation was minimal, as the club struggled to reach the league’s monetary needs and face stiffer opponents.

The club was demoted after finishing 16th. Surprisingly, Lorient and Le Havre ended even on points, with a matching total of victories, defeats, and ties. Lorient, on the other hand, was demoted because Le Havre had a greater goal difference. Lorient returned to the first level for the 2001–02 season after only two seasons in Division 2. Before the advancement, in April 2001, Alain Le Roch-led acquisition of the club caused internal divisions, resulting in Gourcuff’s exit and the subsequent exit of one of the team’s finest athletes, Ulrich Le Pen. In replacement of Gourcuff, the club appointed Argentine manager ngel Marcos. Marcos, on the other hand, only went on for lasted a month.

Regardless of the difficulties, Lorient bolstered its roster in readiness for its comeback to the top flight by signing Pascal Delhommeau, Moussa Sab, Johan Cavalli, and Pape Malick Diop. The recent additions, headed by Yvon Pouliquen, teamed the caliber of Jean-Claude Darcheville, Arnaud Le Lan, and Seydou Keita, and stunned everyone by achieving the Coupe de la Ligue final. In the championship, Lorient was beaten by Bordeaux. Lorient’s strong cup run extended two months afterward when they won the Coupe de France. Lorient met Bastia in the encounter and overcame the Corsicans 1–0 thanks to a goal from Darcheville. The championship was the club’s first big achievement.

Nevertheless, the joy would be short-lived as Lorient was demoted from the competition the next season. Subsequent season, the club competed in the UEFA Cup, losing to Denizlispor of Turkey in the opening round on away points.

In 2006, Lorient recover to the first level, now known as Ligue 1, with a restructured squad. During the club’s time in Ligue 2, rather than putting cash on athletes, the club concentrated its attention on building its institute, promoting numerous athletes to the 1st team, including André-Pierre Gignac, Virgile Reset, Jérémy Morel, and Diego Yesso. The entrance of Bakari Koné, a Malian international, had an impact on Lorient. In three consecutive seasons after returning to Ligue 1, the club ended in the middle of the standings. Lorient had a successful home season in 2009–10. The club climbed to the fifth rank in the league in October 2009, its greatest finish to that point in the season. Lorient ended the season in the seventh position, their highest result in Ligue 1.

Lorient faced Ligue 2 side, ES Troyes, in a promotion/relegation play-off game during the 2016-2017 Ligue 1 season. So Lorient was demoted to Ligue 2 after a 2–1 defeat, ending 11 years in the top level.

Lorient was raised to Ligue 1 on April 30, 2020, because the LFP chose to finish both the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 seasons early owing to the Coronavirus outbreak. Lorient was in first place in Ligue 2 at the moment of the announcement.

Moustoir Stadium

The Yves Allainmat Stade du Moustoir – Yves Allainmat Stade du Moustoir – Yves Allainmat Stade du Moustoir – Yves Allainmat Stade du Moustoir – Yves Allainmat Stade du Moustoir – Yves Alla It is the home field of FC Lorient and is primarily used for football games. With the new south stand, the stadium can accommodate up to 18,110 people.

A mishap in 2020

A lighting ramp dropped on a groundskeeper after a game between Lorient and Rennes at the Stade du Moustoir on December 20, 2020. Les Merlus had just been trounced 3–0 by Les Rennais when the incident happened around 19:00 regional time.

The deceased, who was 38 years old, was transported to Scorff Hospital in a severe situation.

The groundskeeper, who was operating as a charity, deceased as a result of his wounds. He was the father of three sons and daughters.

Two more groundsman volunteers were hospitalized after being startled by the mishap, although they were unharmed.
4 other persons, all of whom were in trauma, made their trip to the hospital.

Coach in Charge

Pélissier, Christophe (footballer)

Christophe Pélissier (born October 5, 1965) is a soccer midfielder and coach for the French national team. He is the coach of Lorient, a Ligue 1 club.

The profession as a manager:

Pélissier started his coaching career with US Revel and AS Muret, two of his previous teams. Luzenac won the amateur 2014 Championnat National in 2007, and he was promoted to the professional Ligue 2 for his debut occasion that year.

Nevertheless, the club was denied entry to Ligue 2 for non-sporting considerations, and Pélissier left the club soon afterward.

Pélissier entered Amiens in 2014 and assisted them to gain a promotion to Ligue 1 for the first occasion in the history of the club.
Pélissier took over as manager of FC Lorient on May 29, 2019.

Reputable Footballers

Wissa, Yoane

Yoann Wissa (born 3 Sept 1996) is a forward for Premier League side Brentford and the Democratic Republic of Congo national team.

Wissa, a graduate of the Châteauroux system, started his senior journey with the club in 2015 and moved to Lorient in 2018 after a period with Anger. He was a member of the Lorient side that won Ligue 2 in the 2019–20 season, and after a season in Ligue 1, he moved to Brentford in 2021. Wissa, who was raised in France, is a member of the DR Congo national team.

A career in the club

Years in the beginning

Wissa started his profession as a goalkeeper for Épinay-sous-Sénart, a local youth team, before transferring to midfield and eventually the attacking position.

He also developed as a winger and number 10 as his career proceeded.
Wissa started his senior journey at Châteauroux and worked his way up via the ranks of the reserve squad before breaking into the main team during the 2015–16 Championnat National season when he made 24 performances and scored 7 goals.

In 2016, Wissa joined Ligue 1 team Anger, however, he only made two replacement games in the opening half of the season, and he spent much of 2017 on loan at Ligue 2 clubs Stade Laval and Ajaccio.

In January 2018, Wissa finally left the Stade Raymond Kopa.

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Wissa however moved to Ligue 2 club Lorient in January 2018 and rapidly proved himself at the promotion-chasing team.

Lisa’s 15 goals in 28 games enabled the team to win the Ligue 2 championship. And he was promoted to Ligue 1 at the close of the 2019–20 season.

Throughout the 2020–21 season, he had 38 performances and also netted 10 goals as Lorient barely escaped demotion to the playoffs.

Wissa left the club in August 2021, having made 128 matches and scored 37 goals during his 3+12-year stint at the Stade du Moustoir.


Wissa went to England on 10 August 2021, signing a four-year contract with recently elected Premier League team Brentford. ith the chance of a fifth year, for an unspecified cost, estimated to be £8.5 million.

The deal had been planned for two years, and he had already rejected the chance to transfer to the Community Stadium throughout the prior transfer season.

Though not being eligible to join the team in pre-season owing to eye surgery, Wissa netted 5 goals in his initial six outings for the team.

On September 21, 2021, he was named to the EFL Cup Team of the Round after his brace in a 7–0 EFL Cup third stage win over Oldham Athletic. And his 2nd goal, a bicycle kick, was selected Goal of the Round and Goal of the Tournament.

Wissa’s goal-scoring streak came to a stop in mid-October 2021 when he sustained an ankle injury.
He reappeared to match action two months afterward and was used in a variety of beginning and replacement situations up until the close of the season, including a stretch of six starts in the final nine games.

Wissa however made 34 performances and scored 10 goals in the 2021–22 season.

Global Profession

In October 2020, Wissa was selected for the DR Congo team for a series of practice games.

On his 2nd and 3rd caps, he netted his maiden two international goals against Morocco in neutral and 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification games, accordingly.

Playing style

Wissa has been classified as a player who can play winger, no 10, and forward.

He has “pace and power,” is a “danger from behind,” “a terrific capacity to take on opponents and generate overloads,” and “excellent rushing capabilities.”

Private life

Wissa is a Congolese-born Frenchwoman who speaks the Lingala language.
He also served rugby union before deciding to focus on football at the age of 15.

In July 2021, he was the victim of an attempted acid assault and achieved a full recuperation from an urgent eye surgical procedure.

Guerreiro, Raphael

Raphael Adelino José Guerreiro ComM (European Portuguese: [ju]; conceived December 22, 1993) is a professional athlete who currently works for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga and the Portugal national team. He can however play as a left midfielder while being primarily a left-back.

He started his journey at Caen before joining Lorient in 2013 and making his Ligue 1 appearance. Also, he did join Borussia Dortmund in June 2016.

Guerreiro was birthed in France and has served Portugal at both the under-21 and senior levels, making his senior debut in 2014. He competed in the 2018 World Cup, Euro 2016, and Euro 2020 with them, topping the 2016 championship.

Club Profession


Guerreiro was born in Le Blanc-Mesnil, Seine-Saint-Denis, to a Portuguese dad and a French mom. He decided to play youth football for 3 clubs before completing his development at Stade Malherbe Caen, where he signed in 2008 when he was 14 years old.

He earned his debut appearance in the 2012–13 season. Featuring in all matches and faltering to begin only once as the side finished fourth in Ligue 2; he was therefore named to the Team of the Year.


Guerreiro went to Ligue 1 on June 27, 2013, after accepting a four-year agreement with FC Lorient.

On August 10, he made his first outing in the tournament, playing the entire 90 minutes in a 1–0 away defeat to Lille OSC.

Guerreiro marked his 1st goal for Lorient on November 1, 2014, when he opened the scoring against current champions Paris Saint-Germain F.C. in a 2–1 fall.

He scored 7 goals throughout the season to assist his team to avoid demotion, such as the equalizer in a 2–1 victory over his ex-club at the Stade du Moustoir.

Guerreiro scored the game’s first goal, however, aided by Majeed Waris, in a 1–1 home tie against Stade Rennais FC on October 24, 2015.

Dortmund (Borussia Dortmund)

Guerreiro signed a four-year contract with Borussia Dortmund on June 16, 2016, for a stated cost of €12 million (£9.5 million).
He was mostly used as a midfielder under coach Thomas Tuchel.

Guerreiro also made his UEFA Champions League debut on September 14, 2016, in a 6–0 away triumph over Legia Warsaw in the group stage.

He additionally scored braces in triumphs over Atlético Madrid (4–0, home) and AS Monaco FC (2–0) in the 2018–19 version of the tournament.

Global Profession

From being noticed by Rui Jorge’s coaching team, Guerreiro acknowledged the invitation to recognize Portugal’s under-21 team, starting his career on March 21, 2013, in a 0–1 home loss against Sweden.

Fernando Santos called him up to the full squad on November 7, 2014, even though he barely spoke the language, for a UEFA Euro 2016 qualifier against Armenia and a cordial against Argentina.

He however started his career against his longtime adversaries on November 14, playing a full 1–0 victory in Faro.
He netted the only goal at Old Trafford 4 days afterward, against Argentina, in the final minute.

Guerreiro reported back to the under-21s for the 2015 UEFA European Championship in the Czech Republic, where he was instrumental in the team’s second-place completion.

He was however one of five Portuguese players named to the Tournament Team.
Guerreiro was named to the main squad for the Euro 2016 campaign, and he played the entire 90 minutes in the team’s first match, a 1–1 draw against Iceland in Saint-Étienne.

Portugal proceeded to win the contest, beating hosts France 1–0 in additional time in the championship; he was shortlisted for the Young Player of the Tournament Award, which ended up going to his team member Renato Sanches, based on his achievements all through the contest.

Guerreiro was selected for the 2018 FIFA World Cup despite an injury-plagued season. In Russia, he began four games and was however eliminated in the round of 16.

Guerreiro was also named to the Euro 2020 team. In the 1st group match, he managed to score three goals in a 3–0 win over Hungary, however, in the second, he netted an own goal in a 4–2 loss to Germany.

Private life

Guerreiro stated in 2014 that he endorsed S.L. Benfica, aspired to play for Real Madrid and that Cristiano Ronaldo was his favorite player. Rui Jorge, the manager of Portugal’s under-21 team, remembers him as a withdrawn figure, owing to his linguistic challenges.

Guerreiro and his relatives liked to watch games of the Portuguese national team. And one of the players he so idolized was Pauleta.

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