FC Twente: Ron Jans was pleased with his squad after their win against PSV

FC Twente: Ron Jans was pleased with his squad after their win against PSV

Ron Jans later commented, “I was tremendously pleased with the first half. The squad performed admirably when under pressure, in between, and around it, and the goals were well-deserved. Gakpo had a chance when we were a touch too exuberant before halftime, and we always have Lars Unnerstall.”

FC Twente had a 3-1 halftime lead against PSV in their matchup from the previous season, which finished 3-3. Jans says, “We’ve used everything we learnt from last season. “We reached the finish line after a challenging period in the first fifteen minutes after the break. We’ve played this game before, but we don’t play against opponents of this quality every week. You first consider how this plays out with an improvised midfield, but Kjolo and Rots have done a tremendous job of finishing it. This season might be a lot of fun if we can consistently reach this level.

Wout Brama shortly after the win against PSV: “This is a delight” (21). We once again played with a lot of enthusiasm, which is one of our assets. We were really dominant in the duels today, and I must especially commend a few players who made their “debuts” in various positions. Fantastic work, Mathias Kjolo and Daan Rots. I was having fun watching the first half from the bench when Vaclav scored twice. Today, we played to our strengths.

On Wednesday, Wout Brama played his first Eredivisie minutes of the current campaign. He is now back. “I’m recovering from an injury and am able to play a maximum of half the minutes presently. Everything turned out fine.” This is the latest news on Netherlands League

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