Foresters Financial Mortgage and Life Insurance with Benefits

In this article titled “Foresters Financial”, we place our focus on knowing important details of this Canadian insurance company. Also, we will study these sub-topics of Foresters Financial; Overview Of Foresters Financial, Profile Of Foresters Financial, Foresters Financial Life Insurance Plan, Corporate Structure Of Foresters Financial, etc.

Overview Of Foresters Financial

The pioneer name of this fraternal benefit society is Independent Order of Foresters, but it functions with the name ‘Foresters Financial’. It basically provides life insurance and financial services in Canada. Meanwhile, it has its headquarters at Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Note that, it also extends its services to the United Kingdom, and the United States. Louis Gagnon, became the company’s CEO and President as of 2022.

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Profile Of Foresters Financial

The primary name of this company is Independent Order of Foresters, but it is traded as Foresters Financial. It is a fraternal benefit society that carry out insurance and financial services. Apparently, it’s subsidiary is Canada Protection Plan.

Foresters Financial Life Insurance Plan

If you are under the Foresters Financial life insurance plan, you will obtain any of the term life insurance policies. The term life policies are: Term 10, Term 20, Term 30 and EZ term. Meanwhile, here you can choose between the 2 types of whole life insurance: Advantage Plus II whole life and Non-Par whole life.

In terms of Foresters Financial illness insurance plan, you can either obtain the Live Well or the Live Well Plus. Also, the company has various riders: Term riders, Spousal term riders, Child term rider, Accidental death benefits rider, and Disability waiver of premium rider.

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Corporate Structure Of Foresters Financial

In 2008, the Unity Life of Canada went under the ownership of Foresters, thereby resulting to the name Foresters Life Insurance Company. However, this rebranding took place in January 2012. The Foresters Financial took on a different UK division located in South London as of 2014.

An important event occurred In October 2020. The Foresters Financial amalgamated with Canada Protection Plan which is a life insurance distributor. This union saw Canada Protection Plan become a Foresters Financial company.

Phone Number Of Foresters Life Insurance Agent

It is always advisable to get in touch with an Agent or Advisor if you wish to make some changes. To reach out to the Service Center, call: 1 800 828 1540.

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Foresters Life Insurance Payment

If you wish to make your payment for Foresters Life Insurance, simply login to your online accounts. After that, seek out your plan value, fund information and pay into the plan following the directions given to you.

Foresters Mortgage Insurance

It is important you understand the concept of Mortgage Protection. This is a protection plan than helps you pay back any loan or mortgage when you are seriously ill, disabled or dead. Therefore, if you are under this insurance, be assured that your outstanding loan or mortgage will be paid off in a situation or sickness, disability or death.

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Foresters Member Benefits

Member Deals

If you are associated to this company, you are going to enjoy discounts on variety of products and services. These products and services include: gift cards electronics and online shopping. Other areas where you can enjoy discounts are on hotels, rental cars, theme parks, etc.

Diabetes Member Benefit

Here, Accu-Chek® in alignment with the company, offers a discounted pricing on trusted diabetes management products. Also, the company provides exclusive pricing, free shipping and regular delivery which can help reduce stress of frequenting a health care facility. Obtaining a diabetes care is one of the duty of the company under this segment.

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Online Learning Environment

You can obtain a wide range of online learning library at your convenience and at any place. These tools will enable you, acquire new information and widen your knowledge.


In this sector, you can have your will, power of attorney and healthcare directives written by the online document preparation service.

Orphan Scholarships

Children, who have lost their parents are entitled to benefit from this service. They can get a renewable higher learning scholarship of up to $6,000 annually. This can last for up to four years.

Orphan Benefit

Your kids are entitled to a monthly payment of up to $900 in a situation whereby you and your wife dies.

Terminal Illness Loan

The company is willing to offer you a loan as long as their is a medical report showing that you are critically ill.

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Is Foresters Financial A Good Company?

Yes, it is. A.M. Best Company gives it an “A” (Excellent)2 rating.

What Is The Function Of Foresters Financial?

The company seeks to provide financial security and insurance services to people. It also aims at helping families structure a way to gain financial freedom.

What Type Of Company Is Foresters Financial?

It is a fraternal benefit society in Canada, that carry out insurance and financial services.

Is There An App For Foresters Financial?

Yea, there is. The Insurance Assist e-App is available to Foresters contracted advisors with the approval of their MGA.

Who Acquired The Foresters Financial?

The Macquarie Investment Management is responsible for the acquisition. It acquired the mutual fund management business of Foresters Investment Management Company, Inc., the investment advisor of the First Investors Funds and First Investors Life Series Funds.

Where Is The Headquarters Of Foresters Financial?

The headquarters of Foresters Financial is at Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

How Many Workers Does Foresters Financial Have?

The company has 3,385 workers.


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