Genuine Mercedes power steering fluid Reviews and Assessments

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It won’t be a problem if you drive a Mercedes car and decide to change the power steering fluid of your car. All you need to do is purchase the original product from the producers. However, a 1-quart bottle, or roughly 0.95 liters, of this Mercedes power steering fluid contains its typical and non-synthetic composition.

This product might assist in eliminating noise from your power steering if you notice any. Moreover, Some customers claim that it completely silenced the screeching in their cars. Although we have different brands that perform similar duties, this product is a good option. Especially if you only want to top off the fluid rather than replace it entirely. Note, If you only need a small amount of OEM fluid and an ounce or two to get the levels in the right range, this is ideal.

Furthermore, this product’s drawbacks are few and far between. The major disadvantage is that it isn’t universal and was only made for Mercedes cars. So if you drive something else, don’t consider it an option.

About the product 

1 The product is always ready for installation.

2 No adjustment is necessary.

Features of this product 

1 This fluid is packaged in bottles that contain one liter. One Liter will be plenty for your Power Steering fluid needs if you own a small car.

2 It is a Mercedes-branded original. By purchasing this PS fluid for your Dodge vehicle, you can be certain that your vehicle will be of high quality. and that your warranty will still be valid.

3 It resists oxidation and corrosion. These characteristics make steering wheel parts last longer.

4 you can use this product on any car manufactured by Mercedes. This device is your best friend whether you drive an SUV, a little vehicle, a truck, or anything else.

Pros Of Genuine Mercedes Power Steering Fluid

1 The product is a Mercedes original merchandise.

2 it functions at a very high temperature

3 One Liter of PS fluid is included.

4 The product is less expensive than other companies producing similar products.

5 it can reduce friction.

Cons Of Genuine Mercedes Power Steering fluid

1 You might find it difficult to grab the bottle.

2 This product cannot be applied to some Jeep Grand Cherokee models.

3 When there is cold weather, this product is not a great option.

Customers’ Questions and Answers 

Is it okay to combine this with Bilstein power steering fluid (Number 08972)?

Except in an emergency, I would not take that action.

Does this power steering fluid have a synthetic or mineral base?

Bro, from experience I think an original fluid from Mercedes manufacturers is synthetic not mineral based. 

Will this work for Mercedes 2000 ml320?

Yes, as long as it’s a Mercedes car it will perfectly work.

Does it fit the W212 facelift E250? Thank you

Yes, it can work with any car manufactured by Mercedes.

Top Reviews 


First, This product was purchased for 500 us dollars in other to fix the unpleasant sound in my steering. However, it didn’t work out for me immediately till I brought it back to full from the “bottom of the range” on the stick. Moreover, I now realize that some other brands perform equally well. My original objective was to top off the fluid and possibly mix in some of the original. I feel that this has been successful for me.


Within 24 hours before this fluid arrived, I decided to know more about it by watching a YouTube tutorial on how to use it on my MB SLK250. When the fluid arrived the next day I added it gently and turned down the wheel. This single act I did enables the oil to reach all the necessary components. Furthermore, This happened again but I avoided the dealership and saved $250. Even so, they do provide drinks and cookies along with that hefty charge.


I replaced the new fluid after sucking out the 20-year-old fluid in my car. After using this product my steering stopped making unpleasant sounds.

Nice product!


This is the original product for my 2007 GL450.


There were no obvious leaks in my car. But it required a small amount of OEM fluid to put the levels back into range. Also, Since I was leaving town and wanted to make sure everything was “topped up. It was great that Dealer Sales Solutions delivered the box on the day they had promised.


Although the power steering tank is concealed by a cover, self-service was not difficult to complete once it was discovered.


This is what Mercedes demands. What makes a review necessary? I’ll just say it comes to me rapidly. nonetheless, that would be based on your address.


Because it is an authentic MB power steering fluid, it performs as intended. Following the repair of the power steering reservoir leak, I need it to be filled.

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