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About George School.

George school is a boarding school and Day school which was founded in the year 1891 and started its functional activities in the year 1893. George school is founded for students in grade 9 through 12 and it is designed to be a quite and energetic, comfortable, stimulating place to be yourself for learning and discover your intellects. In George school you can choose any of this courses to study including; Chemistry and golf, Chinese and woodworking, and much more.

The George school campus covers on 227 acres [0.92 Km} worth farm and the owners retained about 60 acres [240,000m} including the 1756 Tate House and 1804 worth house. George Maris was the first headmaster to head George school in favor of guarded education. George school became the first preparatory school in the nation to divest its endowment from coal in the year April 27, 2015. George school offers verities of visual and performing arts classes including ceramics, dance, music, painting and drawing, photography, design and production, theater, film production, woodworking and design.

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George school review.

George school has a good reputation in giving the best in educational system in tailoring the intellects of their students for bigger picture in Globe. George school is academically satisfactory and always giving the most they can to challenge their students and also facilitates an incredibly in welcoming and supportive environment. I feel very prepared attending George school college and i am overwhelmed for the opportunities i gained through the learning process in George school.

Going through George school, I had an amazingly experience and most of my precious memories are the GS and the amazingly people i came across with and I love the Quaker principles. George school is a beautiful place for people who likes diversity and want to learn from different people in Life. I had the best experience as a student and i was welcomed as an international student.

George school Tuition.

George school tuition fee is stipulated for both boarding student and Day student while over 50% of George school students receive some financial aid. The boarding student tuition is $69,600 which includes room and board and some other study materials and Lab fees, Then the day students tuition is $46,100 which includes all meals, and some materials and Lab fees.

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George school Admission.

George school Admission offers a variety of opportunities for our prospective families to connect with the school and with the admissions team. In George school, classes are small and each student gets lots of attention from their advisor and teachers and we designed the admission process to unfold the same way. To get every requirements you need is right on our school website and we are always ready to help you through our application process at any time.

For 2023-2024 applicants for George school, the deadline to apply for Financial aid was January 15 and the deadline to apply for admission in George school is February 1. for further inquires call; 215-579-6547 to inquire available space at this time.

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George school Programs.

George school offers variety of arts or visual arts at George school and they will teach you to look at the world through a different lens, in a different light, and from a different perspective. These are the list of programs offered in George school;

  • Theatrical Makeup.
  • Economic Development focus on India.
  • Personal Finance.
  • History of the English Language.
  • Advanced Directing.
  • Communication and Public speaking.
  • Food for thought literature and food.
  • Proof and Advanced topics in Mathematics.
  • Information and Human rights.
  • Mathematics Art.
  • Economic Development.
  • Native American culture and Religion in the Lenaphoking.
  • Costal Ecology.


George school is academically inclined and offers a variety of Advanced placement and other interesting programs. George school is committed to being a community where people with different backgrounds, identities and perspectives are united both in their respect for unique gifts.

The mission of George school is centered on students for grounded in self reflection. George school has experienced and knowledgeable college counselors and have all worked in some distinctive college admission offices and will help you and your family navigate the ever-changing world of higher education. For our curriculum, it starts in your first year during a process of building a relationship with the college counselling office. In George school, you are exposed to participate in series of workshops and seminars that will help you navigate all the components of the application process from completing the application and writing your essay in developing test talking strategies.

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