Hastings Insurance: Car, Home, and Travle Coverages

Hastings insurance is one of the biggest car insurance companies in the UK. We’re shall bring you all you need to know about them in this article. To do so, we covered; About Hastings insurance, Hastings car insurance, Hastings insurance phone number, Hastings Insurance Login, Hastings Insurance Brokers, Hastings Direct email address, Hastings insurance reviews, and much more.
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About Hastings Insurance

General insurance provider Hastings plc has two independent divisions: retail and underwriting. Six brands are available for its auto, van, bike, and house insurance products:
The main brand of Hastings Plc, Hastings Direct, offers house, vehicle, and bike insurance.
Hastings Premier: It provides all the advantages of Hastings Direct in addition to typical perks including breakdown insurance and automobile legal costs.
Hastings Essential: It offers basic auto and homeowner’s insurance.
Meanwhile, Hastings Direct Smartmiles analyzes and rewards safe driving practices. It also assists in lowering auto insurance costs for new and inexperienced drivers.
Car insurance is available via Insure Pink, which also donates £10 from each cover sold to the Pink Ribbon Foundation.
People’s Choice: It offers advantages for auto insurance.
The retail division of Hastings Insurance Services Ltd focuses on end-user pricing, product design, fraud control, distribution, and customer relationship management.
Meanwhile, the underwriting division of Advantage Insurance Company Limited focuses on risk selection, reserving, underlying technical pricing, and claims processing.

A brief history of Hastings

Hastings was established in Bexhill-on-Sea, England, in 1996 to serve the UK markets for auto, van, bike, and house insurance. The four Cs of its working model—colleagues, customers, company, and community—were fundamental to its expansion ambitions. The business then opted to invest in technology and digital leadership after years of adjusting to market changes.
It now employs over 3,000 people across its headquarters in Bexhill, Leicester, London, and Gibraltar. Moreover, it has over 2.7 million active client policies, of which 90% are directly underwritten by Gibraltar-based insurance provider Advantage Insurance Company Ltd.

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Hastings car insurance

Hastings Direct car insurance

To meet your goals and financial constraints, you can customize the ideal package. Three tiers of coverage are offered as standard or online products: Essentials, Direct, and Premier (which is a lower-cost, self-service policy that you manage yourself in the app or MyAccount). By switching to our Multi Vehicle insurance if your home has several vehicles, you can save money. Also available from us is Telematics auto insurance.

Hastings insurance phone number

You contact us at 0333 321 9801 so we can help.

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Hastings Insurance Login

Sign up or log in to MyAccount to manage your Hastings Direct policy from any device – access your documents or make changes to your vehicle policy.
The official website is https://www.hastingsdirect.com

Hastings Insurance Brokers

In the West of Ireland, Hastings Insurance Brokers are a major supplier of insurance for weddings, businesses, homes, and automobiles. We have six offices located in Westport, Claremorris, Ballina, Castlebar, Tuam, and Sligo, all in the West of Ireland.
Hastings’ dedication to its customers has allowed us to grow and also become one of the top providers of business and personal insurance in the West of Ireland. Hastings has partnerships with other top insurers, ensuring our customers get the best value, freedom, and most crucially, choice.
We provide a wide variety of insurance packages to fully protect you, including house, auto, travel, and health coverage. We also provide our plans at affordable rates and provide our customers with a selection of simple payment choices.
Customers who buy several policies get discounts. Several of our insurance has outstanding perks as standard features, ensuring that our clients get the most for the least money. Friendly, intelligent, and experienced, our team would be pleased to assist you with any questions you may have.
Almost 5,500 people are employed by the 500 broker businesses that the Irish Brokers Association (IBA) represents in Ireland where 70% of general insurance is provided by IBA members.
Moving forward, call right now if you want a fair price and top-notch customer service.

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How to make a claim

Our Brokers strive to make the claims procedure as simple for you as possible in the unfortunate case of a claim. On your behalf, we negotiate with the insurance provider, handle the claim procedure, and efficiently manage the claim. You can trust that will manage the claim with your best interests in mind.
Therefore, in the unfortunate case of a claim, please get in touch with your nearby Hastings office right away. They will handle the procedure from start to finish. If you also need assistance filing a claim for travel, home, or auto insurance after business hours, please use the information provided below.

Motor Insurance Claims


You must consult your insurance documentation as a Hastings customer and contact a certified windshield repairer. They will then take care of everything, including phoning you to mend your windshield and setting up payment and paperwork with your insurance provider directly.

Car Accident

Please call the emergency support line and consult your insurance paperwork. When you initially notify them of your car insurance claim, they will collect the basic information. The next working day, you should get in touch with your neighborhood Hastings insurance office. After that, we will then handle any arrangements for you.

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Insurance Claims for Homes

Consult your policy documentation and also contact the emergency support line. They will collect the basic information when your home insurance claim is initially received. The next working day, you should get in touch with your neighborhood Hastings office. Afterward, we will handle any arrangements for you.

Claims for Travel Insurance

The emergency support number that will handle the first details of your travel insurance claim is included in your policy booklet. The next working day, you should get in touch with your neighborhood Hastings office. Afterward, we will handle any arrangements for you.

09:30:00 – 17:30:00
09:30:00 – 17:30:00
09:30:00 – 17:30:00
09:30:00 – 17:30:00
09:30:00 – 17:00:00

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Hastings Direct email address

Email Hastings Direct at motorclaims@hastingsdirect.com. Also, ensure to put your claim number in the subject line – for example, 300-10-XXXXXX.

Hastings insurance reviews

Here are some reviews on Hastings insurance from Trustpilot
My wife has been using Hastings insurance for a number of years and I tried to get a quote directly but had issues with the website freezing on me. However, when using Compare the Market, the quote was around £200 less than my existing insurer, with the same spec.
Date of experience: February 01, 2023

My scores for driving are all good! But when it comes to the phone rating. That’s complete bs! I normally always have a passenger in my car and they use my phone to change songs, get directions up and reply to messages for me. That rating is completely untrue as I’m not the one using my phone! You guys need to fix this as it’s an inaccurate rating and it’s bs that my phone can’t be used at any time or I get really bad results !!
Date of experience: February 17, 2023

It’s always quick and easy to use,
The only thing is my mark is low on phone use but I don’t use my phone unless I need my satnav app or music playing through the car I don’t touch my phone but still lose points on it
Date of experience: February 20, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hastings insurance do?

Hastings Direct is a general insurance company with a specialization in data and technology that is rapidly expanding. In addition to offering a variety of supplementary goods like breakdown protection and home legal costs, we also provide a variety of basic and competitively priced services and products, including house, auto, bike, and van insurance.

How do I contact Hastings Direct?

Place a call on 0333 321 9790 and we’ll be happy to help. If you’d like to know more about renewal prices, we’ll explain how they work. Also, from Monday-Friday 8 am-7 pm, we’ll be open.

What are the names of Hastings Insurance?

The company operates under the Hastings Direct, Hastings Premier, Hastings Essential, SmartMiles, People’s Choice, and InsurePink brands.

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Are admiral and Hastings the same?

Two of the biggest auto insurance firms in the UK are Admiral and Hastings Direct. While both share the majority of “must-have” characteristics, their services are not comparable.

Who is the owner of Hastings insurance?

A little over 90% of policies are directly underwritten by Advantage Insurance Company Ltd, a Gibraltar-based insurer for the Group. Sampo is a division of the Scandinavian insurance conglomerate Hastings Group (Consolidated) Ltd.

Is Hastings insurance a broker?

For a variety of national groups, such as the Irish Association of Funeral Directors, the Institute of Geologists of Ireland, and the Irish Amusement Industry Association, Hastings Insurance serves as the official broker and manages insurance programs.

Does AXA belong to Hastings?

Hastings Direct is a middleman that represents many insurance providers. AXA, Integra, Lloyds, and Royal & Sun Alliance are their house insurance carriers.

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