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 Bobby Spezzano and Drew Gladstone, two former collegiate basketball players from Fairfield County, Connecticut, founded High Rise Basketball Academy in 2011. What began as a summer basketball camp has grown into a full-service, year-round player development organization with over 20 programs for kids and teens ages 5 and up. High Rise has been able to introduce and teach the game to a large number of young players through camps, clinics, leagues, travel and AAU teams, and private and group training in addition to assisting in the development of players for the high school, college, and professional levels. We think the principles and lessons taught through the game of basketball are ones that will prove to be incredibly beneficial in life, from our starting programs to our highest level of college and professional training!

 The Coaches of High Rise Basketball Academy

Director of the NATE JEAN-BAPTISTE Program

Nate Jean-Baptiste joins High Rise following a successful professional football career in Europe. Nate, a Far Rockaway, Queens, NY, native, performed at Concordia with High Rise Basketball Academy Co-Director Bobby Spezzano.

2007 college graduation with a business management degree. Nate led the Concordia Clippers to their first semi-final appearance in the 125-year history of the NYCAC in 2007 while also holding the league record for 3-point percentage. Nate took his skills after leaving Concordia to play with the TSG Schwaebish Hall Flyers in Germany for the following three seasons. He guided the group to a league championship in his debut season (2008) and he won awards for Best Newcomer in 2008, Best Playmaker in 2008 and 2009, and Defensive Player of the Year in 2008, 2009, and 2010 while playing for the Flyers. He last participated in

2011–2012 season, Hannover Korbjaeger. Since 2011, Nate has been a member of the High Rise family working as a camp counselor. In 2013, he was promoted to Camp Commissioner and took charge of the whole 5-week summer camp program. Nate is involved with every aspect of High Rise, with a focus on providing skill development for players of all ages and skill levels.

Director and founder, Bobby Spezzano

Bobby Spezzano, a junior in high school, helped the Greenwich High School (GHS) Varsity squad win its first divisional championship in 2001-2002 with a record of 22-4, a school record. Bobby went on to earn a four-year sports scholarship at Concordia College before rising to the position of captain for the GHS Varsity team for the 2002–2003 season. For more than 6 years, Bobby has personally trained young athletes in the region.

For the past three years, he has also served as the head coach of the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich’s 8th Grade Travel Team. He presently works as a travel basketball coach for the New Canaan Basketball Association. In his first season there (2012–2013), he took his 8th grade team to the FCBL ‘AA’ Championship game. Bobby added an AAU level to the High Rise brand in 2012 after coaching for a few of local AAU teams and leading the 15 & Under team. Additionally, he holds a Connecticut state referee certification.


Visit the High Rise Training Headquarters to train! The majority of our programs, including our Elite Training Academy as well as private and group training sessions, are often hosted at our Elite Training Headquarters, which is conveniently situated in downtown Stamford, Connecticut, only minutes from both I-95 and the Merritt Parkway. A full-size basketball court with six hoops and all of your training necessities, including our Shoot-A-Way Gun 8,000 shooting gun, are available at our facility. Work beneath banners bearing the names of High Rise players who were once in your position and are now at the high school and collegiate levels to train in the ultimate “grind mode atmosphere”!

Located at 75 Third Street, Stamford, Connecticut, inside the Stamford Athletic Club.

The High Rise Basketball Elite AAU Program: More Information

High level boys teams who compete in weekend tournaments either locally in the Tri-State area or nationally make up our AAU program. The best high school, school team, and travel athletes from across the state of Connecticut often make up these teams. Typically, Spring teams work out twice a week and compete in tournaments every other weekend from April to June, while Fall teams compete from late September to early December.

November. Around a year before the season begins, open tryouts are held to construct all teams. Many of our teams are comprised of younger individuals, but some of our high school teams have included some of the best athletes in the country as well as the state of Connecticut!

Ball handling and shooting

This program adheres to the COVID-19 standards and procedures, which include capacity restrictions, temperature screening, and improving sanitization.

Sessions at the Elite Training Academy are skill-specific workouts for players who want to receive expert tuition in a particular aspect of their game. To increase the number of repetitions a player can get, these workouts are packed with challenging activities and few rests. An excellent option for the committed improving player!

From September 12 through November 28 join us every Monday! At 6:00 PM, shooting drills start, and at 6:45 PM, ball handling drills start. To remain for the entire 90-minute workout, sign up for both skills at a discounted fee or choose one to focus on.

Our Elite Training Academy (ETA) ball handling and shooting sessions are excellent for athletes wishing to be pushed for 90 minutes while going through challenging and competitive Drills. Players must be between the ages of 10-15.

Workout for Handling Balls

Every player in the game of basketball today needs to be able to dribble. In our ETA ball handling classes, participants will learn the drills, tactics, and ball handling abilities they need to perfect in order to dribble confidently and move around the court. The ETA offers a unique and engaging curriculum that teaches the athletes how to cross-over defenders, improve their handle, and carry on with their training independently. The curriculum emphasizes the improvement of individual ball handling and dribbling skills in a competitive setting. It evolves from solo moves to drives and team penetration and kick elements.

Shooting Exercise

The Shooting Workout begins with the very fundamentals and progresses to more intricate shooting techniques that are applied to game environments. At these ETAs, the emphasis is only on the shooting fundamentals and the footwork necessary to become a great shooter. Each training session uses outcomes from successful shooters to give systematic, progressive, and repetitive instruction.

Sep. 12 and 26; October 3, 10, 17, and 24; and November 7, 14

6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (90 minutes total)

The price is $429 for 10 sessions ($399 if you sign up by August 12).

About High Rise Clinic

For players of all skill levels who want to study the game, deepen their comprehension of it, or hone their skills, High Rise offers skill development clinics. Usually, there are one or two teachers leading small to medium-sized groups during clinics. The topics addressed range from passing to shooting to ball handling, and participants frequently have the chance to put their newly acquired talents to the test in mini-games or supervised scrimmaging. While many of the clinics we give are for beginners (especially for younger ages), we also offer a number of clinics for more serious players. High Rise clinics are a fantastic opportunity to advance while having a great time!

Drill and play clinics

The most popular kind of clinic for both new and seasoned players alike are drill and play sessions. These workshops usually last an hour and include controlled scrimmaging in addition to foundational drills. Instructors employ tournaments, minigames, and half court play to allow participants to put new abilities to practice even if some age groups may not always get to play full court games right away.

Clinics for Seasonal Prep

PSP is the ideal approach for players to “shake off the rust” before the season, get ready to start a new one, try out for their travel or school team, or simply get back into basketball form. These sessions frequently include team or tryout-style drills for building skills, and they always conclude with some competitive scrimmaging. These are often presented in the fall and are for players with equal experience, travel, school, high level recreation, or any combination of those.

The Boot camps

In the fall, just before tryouts or the beginning of the winter season, boot camps are offered. These sessions are typically provided as part of multi-week, weekend, or single-day packages and are designed to get players in top basketball shape before the season begins. Sessions often include a mix of full court games, strength and conditioning exercises, and skill-work drills. Our Boot Camps will get you ready if you play a Fall sport, haven’t played in a while, or just need a push going into the season!

Basketball In-House High Rise League

High Rise Basketball is now providing a Fall In-House Recreational Basketball League. It will simulate a summer camp experience for local child basketball players. Players will have two 1.5-hour evening sessions during the course of the 10-week season where they will work on improving their individual abilities, team play principles, and engaging in live scrimmages. A playoff/championship event will follow the 10-week regular season, and parents are welcome to attend to see their kids compete. Reversible High Rise Jerseys will be given to the players. Each session will be led and the teams will be coached by high rise professional coaches.

Private Training

Individual, small-group, or team training with a single High Rise trainer makes up private skills training. Players from the age of five to college have the chance to receive personalised and targeted instruction through these specialized “workouts,” which is more difficult to provide in settings like larger clinics or camps. For young players, improving their game through training is a terrific idea. Playing casual pick-up games or aimlessly shooting the ball won’t get your game from GOOD to GREAT.

In order to strengthen areas where they are weak, as determined by a trainer, players require planned and targeted workouts, repetition, and development. Our tagline, “Train Different,” refers to the idea of setting yourself apart from the competition through arduous training, intense drills, and focused work in order to perform at the highest level possible. High Rise has the customized training program for you. Regardless of whether you are an experienced player, brand-new to the sport, or just seeking for some exercise:

Join Today!

Pricing for Private Training

Pricing is based on each training session, which lasts around an hour, and is determined PER STUDENT. Please email Bobby at HighRiseBasketball.com for pricing on bundles of more than 10 sessions.

1 pupil at $125 per session

Two students, $100 per session

$33 for 3 students per session

$45.00/session for 4+ students

5-Pack Special: $575 in advance; 10-Pack Special: $1125 in advance

Teams are built during the course of the year, but players are developed over the summer!

Individual Training

In one-on-one training, there is just one player and one coach. These very concentrated sessions will enable a thorough analysis of your game. Your strengths will be enhanced, your shortcomings will be addressed, and new aspects of your game will be revealed. This is the area for you if you require more guidance, explanation, or a demonstration. Or if you are an accomplished player who requires someone to push you farther.

Small-group Training

Groups of 2 to 6 players participate in small group or semi-private training. Players that are friends, are in similar positions, have similar aims, etc., gather for training. These sessions provide for a good teamwork workout as well as some friendly competition to test out newly learned skills.

Team Training

High Rise is fully capable of managing team workouts and/or practices, thanks to its staff of former and present collegiate and professional players, as well as former and present travel, AAU, and high school coaches. We can take your team to the next level. Whether you’re looking for a team workout, a position-specific session, or a conditioning practice.


Our Elite Training Headquarters, located at 75 Third Street in Stamford, Connecticut, is where our Elite Training Academy sessions, private sessions, and group sessions take place.

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This article contains detailed information about High Rise Basketball Academy. You will also find more information about The coaches of High Rise Basketball Academy, Legacy Of Elite Training, High Rise Clinic and Basketball In-House High Rise League.

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