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Introduction To The Topic

When it comes to youth basketball programs in Arizona, Hoop Code Basketball Academy is by far the most popular and rapidly expanding option.

Also, we are committed to giving young athletes the finest opportunity to develop both their skills and character off the court as well as on it.

We have a perfect 5-star rating across the board.

Hoop Code Basketball Academy: The Overview


Creating athletes of high moral fiber by teaching them the importance of ethics, leadership, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, humility, hunger, and maturity both on and off the court.


Inspiring young student-athletes to make the most of their time as they grow as competitors by helping them take advantage of every possible chance to develop their skills and abilities. Our motto is “Excellence In All We Do,” and we strive to live up to it every day.


We need to teach patience and persistence to our young athletes since they are growing up in an age accustomed to rapid reward.

Instilling in our athletes the value of hard effort, perseverance, and dedication as the paths to greatness. Inspiring people to complete their tasks to the best of their ability.


Instilling in young athletes a love of learning and a sense of modesty about their abilities.

By requiring athletes to maintain high standards of performance in both the classroom and on the field, we can build a strong foundation for the future of our program and the sport itself.

The minimum grade point average required to enroll in the academy is 3.0.

Training Programs At The Hoop Academy

We have the Hoop Code Fall Teams

Boys and Girls | Grades 1-8

Hoop Code teams are dedicated to helping young athletes reach their full potential.

Also, Hoop Code fields teams for players of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans of travel ball. The combined playing and coaching expertise of our staff totals over 50 years at the professional level.

Meanwhile, training camps and regular practices help players sharpen their talents. Below is further information.

All-Inclusive Team Package Plan Covers:

  • Weekly Practices
  • Unlimited Skills Training Clinics
  • Arizona Premier League
  • Small Private Group Training
  • Nike Uniforms, Shirts & Apparel
  • League Fees & Tournaments
  • Coaching Fees
  • D1 Strength Training
  • Extra Practices
  • Invites To Exclusive Hoop Code Events
  • Social Media Coverage

Competition In Arizona’s Top Division

The Arizona Premier League is a competitive youth basketball league for youths in the state.

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When compared to low-level leagues, the APL is a huge improvement since it offers a more intense and competitive basketball atmosphere where players can hone their skills and bond as a team.

However, Hoop Code-approved trainers and coaches work with each squad.

Also, every game features satire and intense competition thanks to the carefully picked players and even distribution among teams.

By testing and pushing one another, all participants can advance to the next level.

However, in each year, a group of coaches will vote on who should represent their league on the annual All-American Team.

At the end of the season, different players will be recognized for their efforts by receiving awards such as Most Valuable Player, Defensive Player of the Year, and Most Improved.

Also, one of our club coaches can ask the best players in the league to join a Hoop Code Club Team that he or she will lead on a strictly invitational basis.

In case you have any more inquiries, you may reach us at info@hoopcode.com.

Lastly, to be considered for the Arizona Premier League, prospective players must attend evaluations and register for the league.

Advantages Of Arizona Premier League

  • Experienced Professional Coaches & Trainers To Raise Basketball IQ & Ensure Development For Each Individual Player
  • Weekly Skills Training & Strength Program
  • Competitive League To Challenge Our Young Athletes
  • Opens Up Saturdays For Other Sports, Private Training & Other Local Outside Leagues.
  • Opportunities To Have Exclusive Invites To Club Level Teams Which Allows Selected Players To Compete At The State & National Level
  • Weekly Set Schedule For Practices & Games
  • Easy To Manage For Dual Sport Athletes
  • Tracks Development Reports Of Every Athlete
  • Player Of The Week Highlights & Social Media Shout Outs.

Overview Of Power Hour Clinic Membership

Hoop Code Clinic Memberships Include:
  • 60 Minute High-Intensity, Game-Speed Skill Development Sessions That Address All Aspects Of The Game Of Basketball (Advanced Ball Handling, Specialized Attack Moves, Passing, Conditioning, Defense/Rebounding, Shooting, Finishing & Team Philosophies) Conducted At Multiple BGCS Locations
  • Hoop Code Certified Professional Coaches
  • Priority Access To Private Training & Special Events
  • Priority Selection For Hoop Code Teams
  • Individual Skill Evaluations
  • Weekly Newsletter & Skill Development Content
  • Weekly Updates & Reminders For All Hoop Code Events
  • PLEASE NOTE: D1 Training & other Hoop Code events are NOT Included in Clinic Membership Packages.

Overview Of Biddy Ball Clinics (1st & 2nd)

Every Sunday:

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale – Vestar Branch.

3975 E Lockwood Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85255.

1st Grade Only: 12:00pm – 1:00pm.

2nd Grade Only: 2:00pm – 3:00pm.

More Information

Biddy Ball Clinics are our official basketball skill development clinics for first and second graders.

To meet the unique requirements of the Biddy Ballers, our skilled coaches develop a stimulating program.

Meanwhile, Hoop Code training is built on a foundation of high energy and character development, and we will use this to teach them the fundamental skills they need to improve their game.

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Also, Every Sunday, 1st graders and 2nd graders can attend a Biddy Ball Clinic at either 12:00 or 2:00 p.m. (2nd Grade).

All boys and girls in First and Second Grade are invited to participate in our Biddy Ball league. Get started with a 30-day free trial by signing up below.

However, “No Child Left Behind” is an important policy that Hoop Code supports. Parents can make adjustments to their membership based on their income and other factors by filling out the Membership Adjustment Form.

The Membership Adjustment Form can be found at www.hoopcode.com/maf if it is required.

The Motive: ”GIRLS GOT GAME”

Girl Code is Arizona’s premier youth basketball group.

The CEO and Founder Coach, Sean Greene, is in charge of this all-female program.

In addition, there are some truly remarkable coaches out there who are committed to the growth and improvement of women’s basketball.

For females in grades 1 through 8, we provide elite club teams and training programs.

Lastly, everyone from novices to seasoned pros can benefit from Hoop Code. Please feel free to become a part of the Girl Code community right now.

All-Inclusive Team Package Plan Covers:

  • Weekly Practices
  • Unlimited Skills Clinics
  • Full Nike Uniforms
  • Tournaments & League Fees
  • Coaching Fees
  • D1 Strength Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Invites To Exclusive Events
  • Social Media Coverage

More information

All children should be given equal opportunities, according to Hoop Code.

Also, with the help of the Team Adjustment Form, parents can make adjustments to the team package that are appropriate for their household’s income and other factors.

The Team Adjustment Form can be found at www.hoopcode.com/taftrain. Please use it if necessary.

Meanwhile, Hoop Code is excited to announce its new agreement with D1 Training – Scottsdale, which will aid in the growth and development of our young athletes.

The entire valley is covered by D1 Training, the best sports performance organization there is!

Meanwhile, Athletes in D1 learn how to get the most out of their bodies and training sessions by increasing their speed, vertical jump, agility, core strength, and explosive power.

Also, they support Hoop Code’s goal of helping young athletes reach their maximum potential by enhancing their mental, physical, and technical capacities in an environment that emphasizes high-quality, high-energy, and high-responsibility instruction.

The Hoop Code team will have one weekly training session with D1. Additionally, D1 Training will be providing special savings for individual personal training to athletes, parents, and coaches.

Opinions Vary, But What Do People Think of Hoop Code?

Arizona youth basketball groups and Hoop Code is truly unique among basketball academies.

They inspire and equip each child to develop to his or her fullest potential while also instructing them in the basics and helping them enhance their skills.

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My greatest respect as a parent goes to the coaches for the energy, commitment, and self-control they show in their roles. They have a significant effect and work hard to establish moral values that players will show off on the court.

My kid, who is nine years old, attended the Power Hour Clinic with four coaches tonight and had a great time. We were both impressed by the overall structure and quality of the instruction. A return trip is something he is eagerly anticipating.”

Amber D.

“I have five children and spent my entire life as an athlete. In all my years of working with coaching organizations, Hoop Code stands head and shoulders above the rest.

The kids don’t even realize they’re practicing for critical future abilities.

The youngsters are constantly on the go and engaged in activities that enhance their development. There won’t be any boring speeches to listen to or long waits in line.

The youngsters are encouraged to do their best and strive harder in entirely constructive ways.

It’s only that they don’t offer any other sports coaching, which is my sole complaint. A child’s brain is wired to learn this way.”

Scott G.

My heart leaps for joy at having uncovered Hoop Code. It’s clear that the coaches care deeply about the students and want them to succeed.

The coaches are extremely inspirational, and the workouts are challenging. It’s great how, after a clinic or practice, the coaches all gather the youngsters into a group hug.

To me, they always remind me of inspirational speakers.

I appreciate what they do for young people by helping them have faith in themselves and their abilities.

Since starting with Hoop Code, my son’s self-esteem and competence have skyrocketed.

They play great tunes during the clinics, which is another perk.

It blows my mind to see how talented the coaches are and how much they genuinely care about the kids. Their superiority, though, stems from the fact that they strike the ideal balance between being warm and encouraging genuine toughness.

Please try them out.

Deborah G.

Since enrolling my son about two years ago, I have seen a dramatic improvement in his basketball abilities thanks to this program.

He began his work with this excellent group by holding Biddy Ball clinics, and the results were spectacular.

People around him saw a change for the better in his playing style. As a result of his efforts, my kid has earned a spot on one of the Hoop Code teams.

My kid looks forward to each practice and clinic they host.


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