How to Become a Jordan Product Tester

If you have been looking for a Full Guide on How to Become a Jordan Product Tester in 2023 then continue reading this post. We will look in-depth into Nike, Nike Jordan Products, the Nike product testing program, Nike product testing program eligibility and much more.

Nike has established itself as one of the most popular companies in the world, creating everything from athletic clothes and tools to fashionable sportswear. The business runs a product testing procedure, just like other well-known businesses.

You must test premium Nike products for free as part of the Nike Product Testing Program before they are made available for purchase. It’s crucial that you offer the manufacturer insightful comments regarding their product that helps advance its advancement.

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Nike product testing program

The Nike product testing program entails the manufacturer giving free clothes products to a chosen group of individuals in exchange for their insightful feedback on their product. The Nike approach for testing new products operates in a circular fashion. You get the goods, use them, give comments, then return the package back to the business.

Nike product testing program eligibility

You may be speculating at this point who is eligible to enroll in this program. After all, participating in the Nike Product Testing program is a terrific way to test out some new clothing.

It’s a fantastic chance to impact Nike’s new product development strategy as well. This is how you can change the world if you love Nike and have constantly desired to.

To determine your eligibility for the program, Nike Product Testing looks at four criteria. So that you won’t have to worry about assuming that you qualify based on the classification, we will dive into detail about each of these categories.

Nike considers the following four different factors:

Age – Nike allows three separate age categories for testing because it produces products for various market sectors.

Location – Depending on the nation you are from, you either qualify to apply right away or must email a request for availability.

Measurements– Nike analyzes your measurements to make sure that the things they give you fit you properly.

Activities – The best option is to be genuine about your hobbies. Nike considers a variety of activities, including skateboarding, basketball, and running.

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Age Groups

You might believe that there is a minimum age requirement to join the program, but in reality, almost anyone of any age can apply to become a Nike Product Tester.

Yes, even children are welcome to apply. You can apply for one of three different age groups. The first is what you might envision. Of course, adults above the age of 18 are permitted to partake. Even children as young as 13 can join (If your 15-year-old wants to make extra money, here’s how).

Parental approval is needed. You can decide if you’d like to offer your youngster permission to test Nike products, but doing so will enhance the likelihood that your home will get test gear.

There is a last group that you might not anticipate. Parents can get a place for their children alongside them if they are under the age of 12. However, Nike also produces clothing for young children in addition to shoes, so it is not surprising that they would like comments regarding that market as well.

Thus, the following groups are eligible to enroll in the Nike Testing Program:

Parents enrolling their children, who must be under 12 years old.

Children (13 – 17 years).

Adults (18 years and above).


Until recently, Nike would only hire testers from a select few nations. Of course, one of the recognised nations is the United States. But who is able to sign up to participate in Nike product testing, and from which nations outside of the United States?

Given that Nike has an extensive client base in these areas, the responses shouldn’t come as a shock to you. Previously, only inhabitants of the following nations were automatically qualified for Nike Product Testing:





But if your nation isn’t among those listed below, don’t lose hope. Nike recently expanded the number of nations qualified for product testing from the original foundational six to over 35.

Nike is aware that despite increasing testing, some of you may still wish to test products but don’t reside in those nations. The shoe company is a worldwide corporation. If you reside beyond the nations that qualify, there is a means for you to enquire about product testing.

Body Measurements

Nike produces apparel for a variety of activities in addition to sneakers. They produce athletic clothing for all sports, including tights of various lengths, jackets for golfers, and running kit.

In all, they are looking for measures of four different types. Which are:


Chest / Bust



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How to Measure yourself

Measuring Your Chest

Your chest (or bust for females) is one of the measurements they seek. You must take this measurement at the area that is the broadest. Normally, this is located slightly beneath the armpits.

You might want to enlist the aid of a friend for this, or you could simply wrap it around your body like a towel. The measurement should be converted to inches if you live in the United States. If you are measuring outside of the United States, you should use centimeters (cm).

It’s pretty similar to measure your bust size for ladies. Ensure that the measuring instrument is in line to the floor and is placed at the largest area of your bust.

Once more, if you reside in the United States, be sure to take the measurements in inches for ladies. Take the measures in cm if you reside anywhere other than the United States.

Measuring your Waist

By standing up erect and bending to the side, you can determine where your natural waistline is. On your end, you should start to develop a crease. Your waist is at the position of that wrinkle. Take a measurement of your waist by wrapping your measuring tape round the area’s narrowest point. This area is typically close to your navel or belly button.

Measuring Your Hips

Measure your hips across the widest portion while standing upright. The hips and buttocks will be at their fullest in this area. For all genders, this will yield the most precise hip measurement. As before, measure in inches if you reside in the United States. Measuring in centimeters is recommended if you reside abroad.

Measuring Your Height

Have them measure your height from the floor to your head while you are standing upright.

A flat surface can be used to quickly determine the height of your head. It will make a simple measuring point when you balance it on top of your head. Even a baking sheet can be utilized for this. It may sound absurd, but trust us when we say it works. If you don’t have assistance, lean on a door frame. Make sure the door is in contact with your heels’ backs. Make a mark on the door where the top of your head is. Now that you have the measuring tape, you can use it to take an exact height measurement from the ground to the top of your head.

Use the correct units, don’t forget to do that. Please give your height in inches inside the borders of the USA.

When you have all four measures, write them down so you’ll have them when it’s time to sign up. Numerous other measurements are requested by Nike, although they are not required.

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Child’s Activities

You must provide Nike with more details regarding your child’s sports and other options after entering their measurements.

From a selection of 18 activities, including baseball, gymnastics, martial arts, and more, you can choose up to six. Then you check the box next to the kind of shoes your child is willing to try on.

Either a high top or low top is an option. You may also choose both. Selecting both will increase your chances of getting a test item.

How to Become a Jordan Product Tester for Nike in 2023

How are the product tests for Nike going? It is simple to apply to work as a Nike product tester. All necessary details are included in the brand’s product testing handbook. They comprise applying, becoming qualified, and taking tests. Here is a thorough explanation to comprehend the procedure better:

1. Apply to be a Nike product tester

For anyone interested in becoming brand testers for their clothing line, the garment company provides a number of categories. Adults (18 years of age and older), minors (13 to 17 years of age), and parents petitioning for their children (12 years of age and under) fall into these categories. On the Nike Voice of the Athlete website, you can finish the procedure.

18 years old and up If you are at least 18 years old, follow these instructions:

1. Select your region or nation from a list of options.

2. Select whether you want to test garments, footwear, or both types of products.

3. Specify your birthdate.

4. Tell us if you are a Nike employee or not.

5. Answer if you are now an NCAA athlete or shortly anticipate becoming one.

6. Names, last names, email addresses, and passwords should be provided.

7. List your preferred means of communication (such as SMS or email).

8. Publish a waiver and release.

9. Indicate your gender.

10. Give contact information.

11. Describe your method of learning about the program.

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Teenagers (ages 13 to 17) The measures to take if you are a minor between the ages of 13 and 17 are as follows:

1. On behalf of your teen, visit the sign-up page and register.

2. From a pre-selected selection, select your region or nation.

3. Please provide the parent’s email address.

4. Tell us when you were born.

5. Include some of your personal details and password in your bio.

6. Submit the waiver and release for your parent’s signature.

7. The email sent to your parent’s account should be verified by them.

8. Describe your status as an NCAA athlete today or in the near future in your response.

9. Include a contact number.

10. Name and gender, please.

11. Enter your height in inches or centimeters, depending on where you are located (for the US, enter inches).

12. Details about your weight should be given.

13. In the case of boys, first choose the size of the shirt or top, then the jacket.

14. Girls, please choose your sports bra size and bra size.

15. Specify the length of your shorts and pants.

16. Please enter your shoe size.

17. Please let Nike know how you learned about the program.

18. Last but not least, decide which categories to test.

Children (12 years old and younger)

For minors keen on the program, parents or guardians should fill out the application. The procedure is comparable to that for kids between the ages of 13 and 17. If a Nike product testing recruiting code is requested when filling out the form, just provide it; if not, move on to the next page.

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2. Get the green light from Nike

Your eligibility to work as a product tester has been confirmed by Nike in this second round. The contact method you specified (mail or text message) will be used to communicate with you after you make your choice. Expect to get the product in 7 to 10 business days.

A survey form with all the information and guidelines for conducting the product testing will be provided by the business. Select your favorite method for offering comments as well.

3. Eligible to test

The application for product testing has now reached its last level of approval. It indicates that the package has been delivered, and you should use it now. To test the products, use the form that was previously sent. Once finished, give your feedback and deliver the box back to the business.

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While signing up to be a Nike Product Tester is a terrific method to receive free Nike gear to try and test, if you want to utilize it to earn money, you should look into alternative options.

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