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RCD Espanyol Youth Academy -Cantera

RCD Espanyol is a professional football club in Spain. Its Academy system is known as the RCD Espanyol cantera. Young talents are nurtured and developed to their full potential in the Cantera.

The under-18/19 squad is known as the Juvenil A, and they feature in national competitions for the club. In the youth academy structure, the team is the final group. Espanyol B is the reserve squad of Espanyol and graduates from the under-18/19 team move here. They are further developed there in preparation for the first team. Hence, the Espanyol B is often referred to as part of the cantera as players there are still developing towards the senior team.

Espanyol’s training facility, the Ciutat Esportiva Dani Jarque is where the academy system is based.


A camera is a priority for most big Spanish football clubs including Espanyol. Talents are nurtured from a young age and utilized by the club or sold to other clubs to generate income. Espanyol partner with surrounding small clubs and focus their talent recruitment network in Catalonia, their home area.

Catalan Giants FC Barcelona which shares the Catalonia region with Espanyol are their biggest rival in pursuit of local talents. The club boasts of superior global recognition, a bigger fan base, and more capital, so the best talents tend to move to Barça. However, With a population of 7.5 million, Espanyol is easily the second biggest club in Catalonia. They still manage to find talents to develop for their senior team.

In 2001, the club opened the Ciutat Esportiva (‘sports city’s) which significantly improved their facility. The youth system has developed a lot since then compared to the 20th Century period. Between 2001-06, they won eight regional titles, five Copa de Campeones Juvenil finals, and five Copa del Rey Juvenil finals.

This is a great feat compared to just one Copa del Rey final appearance in the previous 50 years, one regional title (1976-85 era), and the best finish of 4th in the nationwide Superliga (1986–94). The success of the FC Barcelona youths in the 21st century can be compared to that of Espanyol at the same time. Meanwhile, Barça’s La Masia Academy is ranked one of the best for nurturing the greatest talents.

The facility was renamed after late club captain and academy graduate Daniel Jarque who died in 2009.

Player Development

In 2014, an analysis from the CIES Football Observatory revealed that Espanyol had four ‘homegrown players’ (as per UEFA guidelines, three years of training between 15 and 21 years old) still at their boyhood club. Also, they have another 17 top clubs across Europe – ranked 13th across all “big five” league clubs. Six players were still at the club and eight were in other clubs according to 2016 reports. Compared to Barças’(37 players produced) and similar ranking club Real Sociedad(25 players), this total of 14 was very poor

Espanyol’s canteranos finished 8th in 2016-17 La Liga. They also featured 23% of the minutes according to a separate analysis by the same group at the end of the season. As a result, out of 98 entries in the Big Five Leagues, Espanyol was 22nd.

In 2016, further studies showed that compared to Athletic Bilbao (another club with a renowned academy) in the 21st century, Espanyol had more players picked for the Spanish national team in different age categories. However, only a few made it to the Spanish senior team. This condemned the methodology as players approached adulthood but showed the success of the youth training.

More Information

Espanyol wishes that following the strength of the academy squads, more youngsters will develop to be among the best players. However, some Academy graduates have managed to lead decent careers in the Segunda División and other leagues. A 2012 analysis revealed Espanyol’s outstanding results and the club’s  Academy system is admired by other clubs. The club performs better compared to other clubs of similar ranks competing in the same regional leagues and working under limited financial access such as Real Zaragoza(this was before the takeover by China’s Rastar Group in 2016).

The Contest On National Level

An annual competition, the División de Honor Juvenil is commonly played by the Juvenil A team in Group III. Barcelona is their major rival in the league group. Mallorca and youth-only club CF Damn are their other rivals. The lower tier of the same structure, Liga Nacional Juvenil is competed by the under-17 team commonly called Juvenil B.

When the team finishes the final league group in adequate positions, they can compete in the Copa de Campeones Juvenil and Copa del Rey Juvenil. Academy teams of Atlético Madrid, Sevilla, Athletic Bilbao, and Real Madrid are possible oppositions in these national competitions.

The Contest On International Level

After winning the previous season’s Copa del Campeones, Espanyol Juvenil can compete in the UEFA Youth League. They also secure automatic qualification when the senior team qualifies for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. However, neither of the teams has been able to secure qualification so far. The Juvenil squad came close when they reached the final of the Copa Campeones in 2015. However, Villarreal beat them in a match that extended to extra time.

The Arrangement Of The Squad

Boys around eight years of age get from the region of Barcelona are enrolled in the Benjamí teams. They develop through Aleví, Infantil, Cadet, and Juvenil levels by an age group each season. The reserve team RCD Espanyol B further develops retained graduates of the Juvenil A (aged about 18). They play in an adult league(Segunda División B level in most years) to gain experience. The best players can move up to the senior team within 2 seasons. Although, most players spend up to five years with the B team often with some loan spells at other clubs. The rest of the B team members support new youth graduates to keep their divisional status intact.

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Syllabus At Espanyol Academy Football

 The brand and knowledge of the RCD Espanyol of Barcelona are aimed to be exported internationally by RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Academy, our football academy franchise. We operate an organizational model based on the integral formation, professionalism, and success of the working methods of our youth academy.

The possibility of improving a player’s potential under the supervision of a coach of RCD Espanyol de Barcelona is the objective.

More On The RCD Espanyol De Barcelona Academy Project

Stable: Collaboration with a local football and organized by a more than a centenary club-like RCD Espanyol de Barcelona.

Open:  for young talents from 4 to 15 years old looking to develop their potential in a serene environment.

Successful: a verified methodology based on the individual development of the player according to the game model.

Integral: The child is trained on values both on and off the pitch. With the application and development of values such as respect, humanity, sportsmanship, education, effort, cooperation, and discipline.


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The present Academies run by the club are:

1, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Academy Alger (Algeria)

2, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Academy Japan (Saitama, Japan)

3, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Academy New Jersey (United States)

4, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Academy Baghdad (Iraq)

5, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Academy Shanghai (China)

6, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Academy Stockholm (Sweden)

7, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Academy Tokyo (Japan)

8, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Academy Tizi Ouzou (Argelia)

9, RCD Espanyol Barcelona Academy Helsinki (Finland)


RCD Espanyol operates a football school since 2002. They started with 200 students to develop the potential of boys and girls who attended.

 The school has expanded and almost reached the limit of the capacity of the Dani Jarque’s Training Facilities with 650 students. As a result, they have 56 teams in an internal competition, 28 games every Saturday, and a total of 36 coaches (18 managers and 18 assistants).

Particularly on Saturdays and matchdays, Dani Jarque’s Training Facilities and Escola RCDE have a load of activities. It prioritizes aspects such as punctuality, sportsmanship, and respect for the referees (who are the educators of our children) and the opponents (boys and girls of the same school). It is the students themselves that set an example and teach us various values most times.

Practice Time And Fixtures

Matches are played every Saturday morning and boys and girls of the Escola RCDE (in mixed activities) train two hours per week (on one single day or in two different days). Players are competing for promotion, retaining, or relegation in a competition consisting of 9 levels of 6 teams with 5 matches each. A maximum number of adjusted games with a similar amount of attack actions in both goals is assured by the system. Collective success is aimed at in place of individual.

Escola RCDE teams are named after players and ex-players of RCD Espanyol.

The Aspect Of Intellect

Every coach along with his assistant is in charge of two soccer-7 teams and has a maximum of 24 students. We work on the fundamental contents of grassroots football for all ages. Minutes are allocated to each player equally according to their Level by the coaches. Our coaches are constantly trained and most of them went through our Escola RCDE before handling the grassroots.

Players are trained with the right exercises in permanent contact with the ball and optimizing the space. At least 27 matches in the club’s training facilities and games against other teams are assured within the year. We also ensure to secure a transfer of the oldest students to other teams(the stay at Escola RCDE ends at 14 years old). There they can develop further and continue their playing career. School activities and that of their federated team are done simultaneously by other youngsters.

2017-18 Time Table

The schedules for the 2017-18 campaign were adjusted so that activities are concluded 30 minutes earlier. As a result, at 8:00 pm latest, students will vacate the facilities.

The facilities are open from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm, both on Tuesday and Friday, a technical offer for expert pupils (both players and goalkeepers) with small groups. Following the philosophy of our proposals for Christmas and Easter week, It will be the newness of this next program.

To view all the time options, the seasonal information attachment can be downloaded.

Importance Of Keeping Up With The Youth Academy

Outstanding talents are communicated to the youth academy, this shows how absolute the link with the youth academy is. The first player to reach the senior team from Escola RCDE of Dani Jarque’s Training Facilities is a good example. His name is Óscar Melendo.

There is no contingency for trials at the academy since the Escola RCDE was established. The only possible way is either to be scouted or pass through the  Escola RCDE. The sporting centers where players’ information is evaluated and analyzed partner with these scouts.

The Executives

Head of Dani Jarque’s Training Facilities: Eloy Pérez.

Escola RCDE Director: Albert Villarroya.

Administrative: Irene Lapuente.

Federative issues: Carles Casanova.

Collaboration of the Medical Services of the youth academy.

Aimed at: boys and girls between 5 and 14 years old.

The football camp begins immediately when the activity of the Escola RCDE stops for the summer holidays. About 800 boys and girls participate in the camps in the summer.

Our Camps In Other Regions

Camps within the coverage and methodology of RCD Espanyol and supervision of experienced club trainers are organized in other regions. Both players and goalkeepers are allowed to develop their potential in our camps. That is the main aim of the club. Players who join will enjoy our methodology and see why we are recognized as one of the top academies.

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On A National Level

Dani Jarque’s Training Facilities, Barcelona

RCD Espanyol launched the Technical Camps recently which are held three times per year (Easter Week, summer, and Christmas). Also, it allows both players and goalkeepers.

Features of this camp include:

Small training groups

Also, they hold rain sessions in artificial grass fields of the last generation

They use trainers at our youth academy as camp coaches

Technical exercises improve the individual ability of players.

Our coaches in the training sessions at the Dani Jarque’s Training Facilities await those looking to develop technical and tactical aspects, like coordination or physical abilities.

On International Level

We transport our training procedures all over the world and one can discover RCD Espanyol coaches methodologies.

Our experienced coaches export our knowledge to all kinds of groups, schools, or squads. Depending on the needs, our camps extend from five days to two months.


2 training sessions (90 minutes) per day with an RCDE coach.

They issue Certificates of participation to every player.

Raffle for participants of a shirt signed by the main squad players.

Optional Procedures

RCDE training kit: shirt, pants, and socks.

20% discount on RCDE products such as balls, pens, backpacks, etc.

A training clinic for coaches with the title: RCD Espanyol training method.

A tactical training clinic for players and coaches.

Suggestion Of Locations

Ratio: RCD Espanyol coach for 20 players.

In previous editions, they make Football Camps in:

  • The U.S.A.
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Ivory Coast
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Switzerland
  • Kazakhstan
  • France
  • Canada
  • Colombia

Personalized Practices

Personalized training develops the technical and tactical abilities of players. The RCDE method improves the role and position in the field.

Players recovering from an injury and looking to recover properly can also adopt this program.  

Aimed at: players and goalkeepers who would to improve their skills individually.

Ratio: 1 RCDE coach for a maximum of 5 players.

Length: 60 minutes.

Includes changing rooms, field rental, and training.

Availability of training: from Monday to Friday during the morning.

Practicing And Training With The Club

The club invites you to train with them!

Train in the Dani Jarque’s Training Facilities under the supervision of our coaches and experience first-hand how our team trains. You will see where our successful style of play emanates and might just discover what our identity means.

Although they do all training sessions in our facilities, our coaches might go around other facilities in Catalonia to train.

You must not have a defined football level because we aim at teams, schools, or groups of 10 or more players of all levels. They will customize the training to the needs of every group by our professionals.

Ratio: 1 RCDE coach for every 20 players

Training length: 90 minutes

Availability of training: In the Dani Jarque’s Training Facilities, from Monday to Friday: a) 08:15 am – 9:45 am

  • 12:15 pm – 13: 45 pm
  • 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

The price includes changing rooms, field rental, and training with a club specialist.

You can improve your experience with the following services (optional):

Certificate of participation

Video reminder of the experience

Complete training kit (shirt, pants, and socks)

Training shirt

Water service

Organizing Technification Campus

During Christmas, Easter, and summer, the Escola RCDE Dani Jarque stops. However, they continually train the club’s young talents during this period. For players to continue learning and improve their technical and tactical abilities, they organized the Technification Campus.

The methodology followed is the same as in the successful youth academy; tasks in small groups to work on concepts such as completion, dribbling, control, or passes.

The Health Centres Of The Club

Experiencing RCD Espanyol is a special feeling because you get a feel of a professional football day in our clinics. Also, you train with professional RCDE youth academy coaches, visit the Dani Jarque’s Training Facilities and see the facilities where the teams train. You can include training talks to understand better the game model and the success of our youth academy (both for coaches and players) if you wish.

You must not have a defined football level because we aim at teams, schools, or groups of 10 or more players of all levels. They will customize the training to the needs of every group by our professionals.

Ratio: 1 RCDE coach for 20 players.

Length: 30 minutes of presentation and Tour in the Dani Jarque’s Training Facilities, 90 minutes of training, 20 minutes of photographs and signatures with the players of the main squad. Approximately they can be a total of three hours without including food or training.

Availability of training

In the Dani Jarque Sports City, from Monday to Friday: a) 08:15 am – 9: 45 am

  • 12: 15 pm – 13: 45 pm
  • 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

What includes:

1. Receipt and tour on the premises:

  1. Video-presentation of the club (inside the multimedia room)
  2. Visit the pitch of the main squad
  3. Visit the gym and different playgrounds
  4. Visit the press room
  5. 90-minute training (changing rooms, field rental, and training)
  6. Picture and signatures with main squad players after the training *
  7. Shopping at the RCDE shop
  8. (OPTIONAL) Food
  9. (OPTIONAL) Theoric/tactical training talks (audiovisual room)
  10. Water for each player
  11. Certificate of participation

They can organize plans according to the needs of each team/school/group.

The Impact Of Coaches In Training

Coach training is important increasingly because football evolves day by day. RCD Espanyol strongly believes in the development and updating of knowledge. Hence, the club allows coaches and fans to get awareness.

For years, our youth academy has been a European reference and we strongly believe now is time to make our way of working well-known.

For each individual to choose the most profitable form, the formative proposal offered by the club is very broad.

Coach lesson: Opportunity to identify the know-how. This training adapts the contents and the length in each group.

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The courses offered

Structure and operation of youth academy (DOR)

Youth academy training methodology (Technical-tactical area)

Programming physical preparation in grassroots football (Conditional area)

Specific training for goalkeepers (goalkeeper area)

Psychological preparation for competition (Psychology area)

Video-analysis (Audiovisual area)

The head of each area of the DOR gives all lessons. The youth academy Optimization and Performance Department is the DOR.

Aimed at: groups of coaches who would like to know how to work in the youth academy.

Method: On-site class (Dani Jarque’s Training Facilities)

Language: English, Catalan, or Spanish.

Length:  It can vary from one hour to 7 days of training and is adaptable to the needs of each group.

Activities: Theoretical and attendance to training.

Optional: Certificate of attendance, RCDE coach kit. Possibility of the interpreter (Chinese, English, French, and Japanese).

The Reserve Team Of RCD Espanyol

They know the reserve team of RCD Espanyol as Club Deportiu Espanyol de Barcelona “B”. Its discovery year is 1981 and is based in the autonomous community of Catalonia in Barcelona. It competes in the Group 3 of the Segunda División RFEF. A 6,000-capacity Ciutat Esportiva Dani Jarque serves as their home ground.


They created the Futbol Club Cristinenc in Santa Cristina d’Aro, Province of Girona in 1981. The club rapidly developed to the fourth division from lower divisions. It had also become a baby club for the RCD Espanyol.

The team changed its denomination to the Cristinenc-Espanyol In 1991. Three years later, they renamed it ‘the Real Club Deportivo Espanyol B’. Espanyol also named them as their reserve team. In the following decades, they moved between the fourth and third levels. They finished second in the 2001-02 season to record their longest five years. Although they reached the playoffs three times, they failfailedsecure promotion. Espanyol B finished in 16th position, above the relegation zone, and dropped down a division in the relegation playoffs in 2009-10.

The Training Ground Of RCD Espanyol

The training ground of RCD Espanyol, home of RCD Espanyol B and RCD Espanyol Femenino is the Ciutat Esportiva Dani Jarque. They opened it officially in 2001, as Cuitat Esportiva del RCD Espanyol. But, they commonly called it Sarrià. This was in reference of the historic stadium of RCD Espanyol Estádio de Sarrià.

Qualities Of The Training Ground

It covers an area of 60,000 m² near Barcelona.

The center is accessible via the following routes:

  • Metro: La Pau (L4 o L2), Verneda (L4).
  • Bus: 44, 43, 42, B-21, B-23, B-25.
  • Car direction Besós Ronda Litoral: Exit 26 (Sant Adrià, Port Fòrum Sant Adrià, La Mina,


  • Car direction Llobregat Ronda Litorial: Exit 29 (Verneda, Sant Adrià, Rambla Guipúscoa).

The Club’s Facilities

  • The home of Espanyol B team Ciutat Esportiva Stadium (107 x 68 meters) has a capacity of 1,520 seats. The club’s youth and women’s teams also use the ground for home matches.
  • 1 natural grass field (107 x 68 meters).
  • 2 artificial fields (90 x 63.5 meters each).
  • 7 mini fields with artificial pitch (60 x 33 meters each).
  • Goalkeepers-designated natural grass training field.
  • Multi-Sports activities field of artificial grass.
  • Service center with gymnasium, restaurant, etc.
  • Parking lot with a capacity of 150 cars.

How To Gain Entrance Into Espanyol Football Academy

Everyone looking to enroll in the club’s Academy gets equal chances. Also, those aspiring to join any other football Academy in Europe can follow the processes listed below. Additionally, a good number of the requirements are also obtainable in Football Academy Scholarships in Europe. 

RCD Espanyol accepts youngsters as young as 8. To check the available programs, visit the Academy website. On the other hand, the academy scouts help to get youths to join the Espanyol Football Academy. For international students, they can also apply through the club’s website. You can follow these steps:

  • Present a credible account of yourself. This includes contact and previous clubs if any.
  • The approval of the guardian or parents. Meanwhile, this applies majorly to players under 18 years.
  • Make sure you submit a video of yourself. Also, this applies majorly to international youngsters.

This is how to join Espanyol Fc Academy. However, I hope you are following up with the topic “How To Join Espanyol Fc Academy”.

The Women Division Of RCD Espanyol

The women division of RCD Espanyol is RCD espanyol Femení (Real Club Deportivo Español). Its discovery year is 1970.


As early as 1970 RCD Espanyol women’s team played its first matches. It was one of the pioneering teams in women’s football in Spain. They recorded their first national success in 1989 when they reached the national cup’s final for the first time. However, they lost the final to Añorga. In 1996, they won the competition for the first time and defended it in the subsequent season.  

They recorded their most successful season in 2006 when they won their first (and to date only) league title and their third Queen’s Cup. As a result, the following season, they competed in the UEFA Women’s  Cup.

Espanyol established itself as one of Spain’s top teams between the late 2000s to the early 2010s. It is the most successful team in the Copa de la Reina alongside Levante UD. Espanyol won the titles in 2009, 2010, and 2012 drawing with Levante. However, they finished in the middle/bottom half of the league table and narrowly escaped relegation several times in the late 2010s.

More Information

They finished 16th in the 2019-20 season with zero wins out of 21 matches. It was their worst-ever finish in the league. However, the RFEF decided that there would be no relegation due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the league. As a result, they avoided relegation to the Retro Iberdrola. The Espanyol women’s team marked its 50th year of existence in the 2020-21 season. They relegated to the Retro Iberdrola that same season. That was the first time in their history. They finished the year’s league 16th out of 18.

Apply here; https://www.rcdespanyol.com/en/training/

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