Jerv fc Youth Football Academy Trials

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What motivates your desire to enroll in the Jerv fc Youth Academy? What is driving you? Are you eager to showcase your talent to scouts or do you want to be a part of one of Norway’s most renowned youth football programs? We can assist if you don’t know the answers to these inquiries. We provide trials to boys and girls who are interested in joining our program at Jerv fc Youth Academy. You must adhere to a number of standards in order to participate in the trial process, which will give you the best opportunity of being chosen as a member of our academy team.

Youth Academy At Jerv fc

Players must first pass a trial at the Jerv FC Youth Academy if they are interested in enrolling. Then, they can proceed to register with the academy if they successfully pass the trials. Each player is required to pay $200 for registration.

Applying to the Jerv fc Youth Academy

You must first take part in a trial to be accepted into Jerv fc Youth Academy. Players aged 6 to 16 are eligible to participate in these trials. Trials must take place on the scheduled days and hours.

You will be given a spot at the academy if you succeed in the trial. You must then fill out the registration form and pay the registration cost to become a member of the club.

Training sessions are held at the academy every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8 o’clock. Also, attendance at these meetings is expected of all academy members.

Hopefully, the information provided has made it clearer for you on how to enroll in Jerv fc Youth Academy. Please get in touch with us if you have any more inquiries.

Steps for Registration into Jerv FC Academy

You must first participate in a trial in order to join one of our academy teams. Technical proficiency, tactical awareness, physical and mental abilities will all be taken into consideration when evaluating players.

After the trial, if you are able to win over our coaches, you will then be requested to register with the club. Filling out an online form or going in person to our academy office are both acceptable methods of doing this. The following qualifications must be met by players in order to be eligible to join Jerv fc junior academy trials:

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-Have an age range of 10 to 20.

-Gather prior experience of the game of football.

-Be commutable to the academy from where you live.

-Present on weekdays after work or school for trials

-To sign up, complete the online form with your personal details, football experience, phone number and email.

– The academy will then get in touch with you to arrange a trial.

-Those who pass their trials will then be admitted to the academy.

-Trial failures will result in being added to the waiting list for the academy.

Procedures for the Trials

The following prerequisites must be met by players in order for them to be qualified to take part in the Jerv fc junior academy trials:

i. you have to be aged between 10 and 20 years old.

ii. Be a football player who has participated in organized play for at least a year.

iii. you have to be a member of a nearby football team.

iv. Fill out the registration form and upload a recent picture.

v. Pay the $50 trial charge.

A spot in the program will be awarded to players who perform well in the trials. Those who reject this offer could not be eligible to participate in next youth academy tryouts for Jerv FC. Before beginning training at the club’s facilities, where they are permitted to practice two days per week, successful applicants will also need to complete and sign an agreement form. After entering, they’ll have to dedicate themselves for a whole year.

Getting noticed by Jerv fc Youth Academy Scouts

Although it could appear difficult, the process of being discovered by Jerv fc Youth Academy is really fairly straightforward. Simply showing up at one of their public trials will do. Your technical proficiency, tactical awareness, physical characteristics, and intellectual abilities will be tested at the trial. The academy staffs will give you a spot if you impress them. Once you’ve been accepted into the academy, you’ll start a time of intense growth during which you’ll get instruction in both individual and team settings. As we work to achieve ongoing success, we are constantly on the lookout for fresh talents to join us. Check out our website to locate more information on scheduled trials and  how to get scouted by Jerv fc Youth Academy 

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The criteria for registration into Jerv fc Youth Academy 

 You must be between the ages of 10 and 18 in order to be admitted to the academy. A Norwegian passport or resident permit is also required.

Every year in March, the academy’s selection process is held. You will also be given a spot at the academy if you perform well in the trials.

The academy’s annual registration cost is €500.

Please get in touch with Jerv fc directly if you’re interested in joining the youth academy. Here’s How to Join Jerv fc Youth Academy – Trials and Registration Requirements.

Visit the Jerv fc Youth Academy website at www.jervfc.no or send them an email for additional details on how to enroll.

A football (soccer) team from Lørenskog, Norway, named Jerv Fotball competes in Eliteserien, the top division of Norwegian football.

Fotballklubben Jerv  

The Norwegian football club, Fotballklubben Jerv , is from the Grimstad municipality.The Norwegian word for wolverine is Jerv. They compete in the Eliteserien at the moment.


Vestergatens FK, named after the street where it was created, was the club’s original name when it was founded in 1921. Later, the name was changed to Djerv and then Jerv.

The team used a variety of foreign managers in the 1970s and 1980s, notably Bo Johansson, who led the squad in 1984 and 1985 before going on to coach a number of clubs and national teams. Tore André Dahlum, another well-known former footballer, was hired by Jerv as a coach in November 2007.

For the first time in their existence, Jerv was promoted to the top league, Eliteserien, in 2021. They won the playoff championship, defeating Brann, and were so promoted. After extra time, the result was 4–4. Then Jerv proceeded to win the match by penalty shoot-outs 8-7.

The women’s team of Jerv separated to form one club Amazon Grimstad FK. So, FK Jerv does not have any women team currently.

J.J. Ugland Stadion – Levermyr

People commonly refer to the J.J.  Ugland Stadion – Levermyr as Levermyr stadion. It is a multi-purpose stadium located in Grimstad, Norway. The stadium hosts the home games of the OBOS-ligaen team FK Jerv (men’s football), the 1. Division team Amazon Grimstad (women’s football). It is also the homeground of Sørild FIK (athletics/track and field).

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In the Levermyr neighborhood, just a few hundred meters from the town center, sits the stadium. It is owned by the local government. Despite the facility’s 1983 multipurpose debut, football has been played there for much longer. Currently, the stadium can hold 3,300 people. The largest crowd was around 8,000 for a men’s national football B-team game between Norway and Finland in 1963. Meanwhile, Jerv’s largest crowd was about 7,000 for a cup game versus Viking in 1976. In a demonstration match versus BUL Oslo in the summer of 1970, Amazon Grimstad set their record with 5,000 people in attendance. Meanwhile, the most recent attendance record was set in a cup match between Jerv and rivals, Start, in 2010. About 3,000 people attended.

Bad Times and Redevelopment

After being deemed insufficient by the Norwegian Athletics Association, the stadium encountered issues in 2005. The license for track and field was subsequently revoked as a result. After improving the running track, the stadium then ultimately received its license back. Also, to comply with the demands of the Norwegian Football Association for Amazon’s participation in Toppserien, the town council agreed on November 28, 2007, that the stadium needed to be renovated. Johan Jørgen Ugland, a local shipowner and former Jerv player, gave the town 20 million Norwegian kroner as an interest-free loan to assist the town rebuild the stadium. The construction of the building began in 2009, and Ugland subsequently declared that he would bear any costs between 20 and 27 million kroner if the improvement turned out to be more costly than planned.

Name change

The stadium was renamed “J.J. Ugland Stadion – Levermyr” on May 3, 2010, nearly a month after Ugland’s passing, right before it was reopened later that month. The aforementioned improvements for Jerv’s participation in OBOS-ligaen are still in progress; field heating will be implemented before the 2018 season and floodlights before the 2017 season.

Are you looking for the requirements for Jerv fc Youth Academy trials and registration, see How to Join Jerv fc Youth Academy – Trials and Registration Requirements. We’ll further discuss FK Jerv Youth Academy, How to get scouted by FK Jerv Academy, Trials at FK Jerv Academy, Registration requirements at FK Jerv academy.

Apply here: https://www.fkjerv.no/

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