How to Join PAOK FC Youth Academy

Here in this post “How to Join PAOK FC Youth Academy ” you’ll learn about PAOK FC academy, you’ll also learn how to get scouts attention in the academy and eligible requirements for their academy as well as how to sign up for trial.

Sign up for the trial

For you to join the academy, you mus first of all apply for trials with the academy. To achieve this, you need to fill out an application form at their website. Then, a staff of the academy will get in touch with you after you’ve submitted your application to set arrange a date for trial for you.

Qualifications for the PAOK Fc youth academy include:

For you to be qualified to enroll in the academy, you have to be within the age of 10-18. Also, you’ll have to reside in Greece.

How to get scouted by PAOK FC Youth Academy:

Participating in one of the academy’s open trial is easiest way. All qualifying players may participate in these trials, which are holds frequently throughout the year. 

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Information required before applying

There are a few things you should be aware of before applying to the PAOK FC Youth Academy. You must first be between the ages of six and eighteen. Second, you have to be a Greek citizen. Finally, you need a Greek passport. Fourth, the application form needs to be finished. Fifth, a medical certificate is required. Sixth, you need two current portraits of yourself. In the end, you’ll need to pay the application fee.

Learn about the training timetable.

The initial step is to familiarize yourself with the training schedule. Your skills will steadily develop thanks to the training routine. To impress the coaches and secure a seat on the team, you must perform at your peak.

Qualifications for the PAOK Fc youth academy (in three sentences): To be eligible for the PAOK FC junior program, you must be between the years of 12 and 18. In addition, you need to be dedicated and have a passion for the game of football.

PAOK FC Youth Academy recruitment process (in two sentences): Attending one of their open trials is the easiest method to have your talent noticed by the PAOK FC development program. You will receive the opportunity to join the academy if you impress the instructors.

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This is what to do during the trials.

You must first complete an application form, which is available online at the club’s website. After that, you’ll go to a trial so the coaches can evaluate your abilities. You will be asked to attend the academy if they believe you have what it takes.

However, it’s not that easy. You must meet the following requirements to be eligible for PAOK FC’s youth academy: – be between the ages of 8 and 15 (inclusive); – reside in Greece or any other member state of the European Union. – exhibit exceptional footballing attributes as determined by the Club’s scouts.

Qualifications for the PAOK Fc junior academy include: reside in Greece or another member state of the European Union possess outstanding football skills as determined by club scouts.

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Success stories

One of Greece’s most esteemed football organizations is the PAOK FC Youth Academy. With six Greek Cup victories and three Greek Super League titles under their belt, they have a long history of success. The academy produces some of Greece’s best players, with numerous graduates going on to enjoy fruitful professional careers with premier European teams. Here’s how young football players can join the PAOK FC Youth Academy if they want to play professionally.

For a person to be qualified for the PAOK academy he need to be between the ages of 9 and 18. Greek citizens are to participate. Passports must be current for participants.

Be Patient

Honestly being a professional soccer player can be a difficult and drawn-out process, but it’s crucial to have patience. Attending trials is the most popular technique for a team to notice you out of all the other options. Anyone who is eligible to participate in the trials may do so in the majority of cases.

you have to meeting the following qualifications before being enrolled into the PAOK FC youth academy:

  • You have be within the age of between 10 and 18.
  • You must have a Greek passport or be a citizen of Greece.
  • You must complete one year of high school.
  • For at least two years, you must have participated in organized soccer.
  • You need to have access to reliable transportation to and fro.

What happened to players who joined other teams?

Many young footballers aspiration to play for a prestigious team like PAOK FC. It’s hardly surprising that the Greek side’s academy gets a lot of attention, with their reputation for producing players of the highest quality. Here is the information you need if you’re wondering how to enroll in the PAOK FC Youth Academy. Here is the information you need if you’re wondering how to enroll in the PAOK FC Youth Academy.

  1. Who can participate? Players who have been scouted by the squad and those who request a trial are the two categories of PAOK FC Youth Academy participants.
  2. How do I get the PAOK FC Youth Academy to notice me? Simply send your name, date of birth, address, phone number, and email address. Then, in the following 10 days, you’ll receive a call outlining the next steps
  3. What if I’m not quite ready to relocate yet? It’s no issue. Alternatively, you can request for a trial at one of our four training facilities abroad or in Greece.
  4.  What are the prerequisites for the PAOK Fc youth academy?

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Brief history

Thessaloniki, Macedonia-based PAOK FC, also known as PAOK Thessaloniki or just PAOK, is a Greek professional football club. Its full name is Panthessalonikios Athlitikós Konstadinoupolitón (Pan-Thessalonian Athletic Club of Constantinopolitans). According to the most recent surveys and studies, PAOK is one of the top domestic teams, having the third-largest fan base nationwide and receiving the greatest support in Northern Greece. According to a Marca study from August 2018, PAOK is the most well-liked Greek football team on social media.

After the Greco-Turkish War (1919–1922), Greek refugees who had fled to Thessaloniki from Constantinople founded the team on April 20, 1926. They currently play their home games at Toumba Stadium, a football stadium with a capacity of 29,000 spectators. Hence, eir name honors the memories of the people and places (primarily from the city of Constantinople) that previously belonged to the Byzantine Empire, as does the club’s emblem, a double-headed eagle in Byzantine design with folded wings.

At the moment, PAOK competes in the Super League, which they have won three times (in 1976, 1985 and 2019). They have won the Greek Cup eight times. Only the rival teams Olympiacos and Panathinaikos have achieved a feat comparable to the club’s lack of relegation to a lower national tier. Moreover, nly PAOK in Greece has ever won the Double while remaining undefeated (26-4-0 record) in a round-robin league competition (league format Alpha Ethniki since 1959).

Also, team has participated in the UEFA Europa League on numerous occasions, however it has not yet advanced to the UEFA Champions League group stage. In the inaugural 2021–22 UEFA Europa Conference League and the 1973–74 European Cup Winners’ Cup, PAOK has twice advanced to the quarterfinals of a European competition. As of 14 April 2022, PAOK is the only Greek team with a better win-loss record in Europe (80 wins, 61 draws, and 75 losses). While 0-7 away victory over Locomotive Tbilisi in the UEFA Cup on 16 September 1999 was also the biggest victory ever for a Greek football club in all European football competitions.


The large multi-sport club AC P.A.O.K., which has a close relationship with Hermes Sports Club and was founded in 1875 by the Greek community of Pera, a district of Istanbul, has PAOK FC as its oldest division (Constantinople).

After Greece lost the Greco-Turkish War, Constantinopolitan escaped to Thessaloniki, where he created a football team in April 1926. Every resident of Thessaloniki was welcome at PAOK, which resulted in a friendly competition with AEK Thessaloniki, the other Constantinopolitan club in the city, where only refugees plays. Four-leaf clovers and a horseshoe made up PAOK’s initial logo.

On May 4, 1926, PAOK played their first amiable game in Thermaikos Stadium, winning 2-1 over Megas Alexandros Thessaloniki. Kostas Andreadis served as the club’s first coach for five years without receiving any compensation. Michalis Ventourelis was the team’s first captain.

Here in this post “How to Join PAOK FC Youth Academy ” you’ll learn about PAOK FC academy, you’ll also learn how to get scouts attention in the academy and eligible requirements for their academy as well as how to sign up for trial.

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