How to join Rosenborg FC Academy

Rosenborg BK academy is one of the very best Norwegian club. This blog post will discuss how to get the attention of Rosenborg BK academy scouts. Also how to join them and the eligibility requirements.

Young athletes from all across the nation are welcome to participate in the Rosenborg FC youth academy’s program and become registered members of the team. Although there are many benefits to joining the Rosenborg FC Youth Academy,each player is to fulfill a some conditions to stand a chance of an invitation . For you to stand a chance, you have to be 15-19 years old, and also play for a Norwegian FA club. Each player is to fulfill a some conditions to stand a chance of an invitation.

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Rosenborg FC Youth Academy

 If you aspire to become a footballer, then you’ll have an interest in joining Rosenborg FC academy. First thing is to be eligible, you are to be within the age of 6-16, also you have to present your birth certificate or passport for identification. Also, you are to have a minimum of 2 years experience playing organised football.   Then, the next step is to register for trials. This holds within May and September every year. The registration fee is $60 and you can register by mail or online. A staff will contact you after registration to receive further instructions.

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The entire application procedure

How to join Rosenborg Fc Academy ?

You need to first fulfill the registration requirements in order to qualify for the academy trials. You must complete an application form, which is available on the club website, in order to register. Then you must include a recent photo, a copy of your passport, and a non-refundable registration fee with your application. A parent or legal guardian must also sign the registration form if you are under the age of 18.

The academy team will get in touch with you and provide you with more details on how to continue after reviewing and accepting your application. There are still options to join in the Rosenborg FC Academy for people who do not meet the registration requirements. If you want to try out for one of our satellite young teams, you can submit this form or try out again at a later time. The Rosenborg FC Academy Trials registration procedure is uncomplicated and easy to follow. Applying costs nothing and takes less than 10 minutes. On their website, Rosenborg FC Academy Trials provide all the necessary information regarding registration criteria. Additionally, submitting your registration information just takes a short while. Join Rosenborg FC Academy Trials now to compete against the greatest young players in the world.

Rosenborg FC Youth Academy Registration Requirements

At Rosenborg FC Academy, you must first complete the registration criteria in order to qualify for trials. These conditions include being between the ages of 12 and 16 and residing close to the club’s practice facility. A copy of your birth certificate and a recent photo are additional requirements. You can now mparticipate in the trials for the academy after registering.

Once you are receive full membership into the Rosenborg FC youth academy, you’ll then train with competent trainers after school, everyday. Fitness and technique improving trainings which last two hours everyday amongst other benefits you will receive in the academy. New players will have the opportunity to get personal training from the senior squad, who visits regularly.

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Advantages of enrolling at Rosenborg FC’s youth academy

  1. Requirements for enrolling at Rosenborg FC Academy You must fulfill the conditions for the academy’s registration if you want to play football for one of Norway’s most successful clubs.
  2. To be eligible for consideration for a spot in the academy, prospective players must strictly adhere to the club’s qualifying requirements.
  3. Being between the ages of 6 and 16 is one of the primary conditions.
  4. If you are not a Norwegian citizen, you also need to have a current passport and a resident permit.
  5. You must also submit a video or appear at an academy trial to demonstrate your football knowledge and talents.
  6. Although it may seem challenging to be accepted into this prestigious junior academy, there are several internet resources that provide more information about Rosenborg FC Academy registration requirements.

Players who graduate from the academy

One of the most prosperous clubs in Norway is Rosenborg FC. Numerous outstanding players from the club have gone on to play for prestigious European teams as well as the Norwegian national team. A wonderful first step for young players who want to play professional football is to enroll in the Rosenborg academy. Here is all the information you need to join Rosenborg FC Academy. Players are to be within the age of 10-16 for to get admission into the academy. Finally, participants must be physically fit and able to pass a trial. 

Those who make it through the trial will then sign up with the club. Players are to provide identification documentation and pass a doctor’s medical in order to do this. Mr. Mikael Dorsin This Norwegian international with Swedish ancestry is just one of the numerous greats to emerge from Rosenborg’s academy. Before joining Sevilla on loan in 2009–10 and then permanently in 2011–12, he played 13 years for RBK, making 162 appearances and tallying 31 goals.

Upcoming challenges

For you to get admission into one of Norway’s top clubs, you have to be amongst the best. However, that’s not just it. You have to also fulfill a few more registration requirements to get admission into the academy. Players must be within the ages of 6 and 16 to be eligible to take part in Rosenborg FC Academy trials. Furthermore, they have to been born on or after January 1, 2003. All participants must also possess a current passport or residency permission from Norway. The next step is to register for trials after you meet these conditions.

Simply signing up is all that is necessary to participate in the Rosenborg FC Academy Trials. The 600 NOK registration fee will go toward new projects that may open up even more doors for young players with takent, who will not have the opportunity to take part in football trials at this level without paying anything.  The steps are as follows to register for Rosenborg FC Academy Trials:

  1. Visit www.rosenborntrial.
  2. Fill out the registration form.
  3. Pay the registration fee of 600NOK .

Rosenborg BK

The Norwegian professional football team from Trondheim known simply as Rosenborg Ballklub (Urban East Norwegian: [rùsnbr]) or RBK competes in the Eliteserien. The club has been to more UEFA matches than any other Norwegian team and has a record-breaking 26 league titles, 12 Norwegian Football Cup trophies.  The 21,421-seat Lerkendal Stadion is the venue where RBK plays its home matches.

Although the club was bearing the name Odd, it didn’t compete in the lower league until 1928. They then got promotion to the League of Norway in 1937–1938, but relegation later, meant they were to play in the lower league. The 1960 Cup was the club’s first victory, and it led to their first appearance in a UEFA competition. The club relocated to Lerkendal in 1957. RBK was elevated to the top level in 1967, and with the exception of the 1978 season, they have remained there ever since. Between 1967 and 1971, they were league champions three times. The 1985 league championship marked the start of the club’s golden age. 13 victories in a row were won by the team from 1991 to 2004; 10 of those came while Nils Arne Eggen was manager. They also took part in the group stage of the Champions League 11 times during this span, making it to the quarterfinals in 1996–1997.

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Rosenborg BK academy is one of the very best Norwegian club. This blog post will discuss how to get the attention of Rosenborg BK academy scouts. Also how to join them and the eligibility requirements.

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