How to join the Viking Youth Academy – Trials and Application Process

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It’s safe to say that young people’s interest in the Vikings Youth Academy (VYA), one of the most unusual club structures in European football, has never been higher than it is right now. This article’s goal is to give you a general overview of the VYA’s application and trial processes. The VYA has recently produced some of Europe’s finest talent, including Martin Degaard, Magnus Wolff Eikrem, and Sander Berge.

The Viking Youth Academy is what exactly?

Young men and women have the chance to sign a professional contract with the Minnesota Vikings through the challenging, highly selective Viking Youth Academy. The team made the curriculum to help players improve their technical and tactical abilities while also teaching students about leadership, character building, and community service.

Players who want to join the academy will undergo a trial process.

All eligible players who meet the registration conditions are welcome to participate in the trials. The deadline to register for this round of trials is November 17 at 11:59 CST. Trials will hold at ten various locations across the nation (Nov 18th and 19th). Prospects will take part in small-sided games against other prospects in their area as well as individual and group skill drills. The staff will constructively criticize each participant following each session. The Viking Youth Academy Trials’ subsequent round will happen in 2019. Successful candidates for the Viking Youth Academy Trials will have until March 1st 2020 to turn in their enrollment paperwork in order to formally join the program.

The process of the application

In order to apply for the Viking Youth Academy, you must first be eligible. Between the ages of 15 and 18, a Minnesota resident, and possessing a high academic record are requirements.

You must submit an online application form in order to sign up for the Viking Youth Academy Trials. You will include your personal details, academic standing and extracurricular pursuits on the form.

After registering for the trials, you will receive an invitation to take part in a two-day trial period. You will be judged on your athletic prowess, moral character, and aptitude for leadership throughout this time.

You will earn a spot in the academy if you succeed in the trials.

The cost to enroll in the Vikings Youth Academy is $70.00 USD. The trial registration price is determined by your age category and varies depending on the year you participate. The $75 USD registration fee for the Viking Youth Academy Trials goes toward covering the cost of the camp.

At their last camp session, trial participants are given a free t-shirt, but they are responsible for their own travel expenses.

Every year, Vikings players will help with the trials. The only prerequisites for the Vikings Youth Academy trials are a working internet connection and the desire to participate.

Requirements for Vikings Youth Academy Registration

If you want to participate in the Viking Youth Academy trials, you have to:

-Be aged between 11 and 16 years old.

-Reside in a county named Armagh, Cavan, Donegal, Down, Louth, Monaghan, Tyrone, or Fermanagh

-Have an official supporter’s club member as a parent or legal guardian.

-Had no prior involvement in any antisocial behavior at club activities

Additionally, in order to participate in the trials, you must:

-Fill out the registration form.

-Pay a £25 trial charge.

The cost of your kit for the week is included in the trial charge. On the day of the event, you must have running shoes, a water bottle, and footballs with you.

You should read through our Viking Youth Academy FAQs before participating in the trials after completing the registration criteria for Vikings Youth Academy. These FAQs are accessible by clicking here. Follow this link to register if you are prepared to fulfill Vikings Youth Academy’s registration requirements.

Vikings Youth Academy Requirements for Admission

Interested players must be between the ages of seven and eighteen. You must have a grade point average in school of at least 85%. Players must play a minimum of one sport. You have to live in Minnesota. You must not have any criminal history. The Board of Directors must deem you to be of excellent character. Submit completed applications by the deadline.

The Vikings Youth Academy requires that all applications be submitted online. When registering, a $50 non-refundable fee is necessary. At the time of enrollment, you must also provide a copy of your most recent report card, a birth certificate, and a recent photo. A candidate will sit for an interview with a Board member before acceptance into the program.

The Vikings Youth Academy requires all applicants to register. After registering, applicants can see their application here. Each year’s application deadline is May 31st, though late registrations may be considered if space is still available. Each year, by June 15th, or two weeks after all applications have received notification, participants will be informed if they have been accepted.

The prerequisite for enrolling in the Vikings Youth Academy is: A follow-up email sent after registration will provide information on tryouts and practices. Every year, tryouts take place in early to mid-July at various sites throughout Minnesota. When attending tryouts, every participant is to provide a hard copy of their registration confirmation form as well as a copy of their identity with proof of residency. More details are available on our website.

No formal preparation is necessary to join the Vikings Youth Academy, however playing high school sports is something we strongly encourage for all participants. Throughout a participant’s stay with us, participation in club or select team soccer is encouraged but not needed. Although there may be some possibility locally if you explore online, this is primarily because funding for those initiatives is unclear. During the fall and spring semesters, we do have practices three days a week. Additionally, we train on additional weekends before significant games versus outside clubs or tournaments.

FK Viking

Viking Fotballklubb, also referred to as Viking or Viking Stavanger abroad, is a football team from the Norwegian city of Stavanger. In 1899, the club was established. With eight Norwegian first division championships, most recently in 1991, and six domestic Norwegian Cup victories, most recently in 2019, it is one of the most successful clubs in Norwegian football. The club played more top-flight league games than any other team in Norway. Since the league’s inception, it has competed in the top level, with the exception of the seasons of 1966–1967, 1987–1988, and 2018. [2] Some notable European victories include eliminating Sporting CP from the same event in 1999-2000, eliminating English club Chelsea from the UEFA Cup in the 2002-2003 season, and qualifying for the group stages of the 2005-06 UEFA Cup.

Viking Stadion

Viking Stadion, a football stadium in Stavanger, Norway; presently known as SR-Bank Arena for sponsorship reasons. Its construction cost 160 million NOK (€20 million) and it opened in May 2004. The lot it was built on and 50 million NOK were gifts from the local government. It took the place of Stavanger Stadion as Viking FK’s home field.

The stadium’s capacity increased from 15,300 to 16,600 in 2006. Later, in 2012, the capacity decreased to 16,300 to create place for two enormous screens. The capacity is once more lowered to 15,900 starting in 2018.

Parts of the west stand which was once an all-seater stadium have recently transformed into safe standing areas.

16,600 people showed up on June 24, 2007, the day Viking and Brann first met.

[1] Right outside the stadium is the Jttvgen train station, which serves the Jaeren Commuter Rail.

The location has hosted the Norway national under-21 soccer team on four occasions. On May 31, 2006, Norway defeated Spain 1-0. Then in September 6, 2006, Norway tied Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-1. On June 10, 2009, Norway defeated Slovakia 2-2. On November 10, 2011, Norway tied Belgium 2-2.

[2]Viking Stadion received a score of 4.27 out of five in a 2012 survey of awayteam captains conducted by the Norwegian Players’ Association, ranking it as the fourth-best stadium in the league.

[3]Large-scale musical events and concerts take place in the stadium. Bryan Adams, R.E.M., Roger Waters, Bob Dylan, Sissel Kyrkjeb & Plácido Domingo, The Eagles, Kiss, Robbie Williams, Ylvis, and Bon Jovi are just a few of the musicians who have performed at Viking Stadion.

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This is an article on How to join the Viking Youth Academy – Trials and Application Process. You can also find more information about FK Academy of Vikings, How to become a Vikings FK Academy Scout, Vikings FK Academy Trials, Conditions for enrollment at Vikings FK Academy and How to join the Viking Youth Academy – Trials and Application Process.

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