How to Start Earning Money by Selling on Poshmark

Do you wish to know more about selling products on Poshmark? Kindly go thriough this article on How to Start Earning Money by Selling on Poshmark to learn more. Poshmark is an online store that deals with the selling and reselling of products like electronics, and clothes. It is one of the best digital marketplaces at the moment. It has an estimated 80 million community members in countries like India, the United States, Canada, and Australia! We can boldly say that Poshmark is among the best online store for new and thrift wears, secondhand goods, and more.

After its first successful appearance in 2011, sellers can use their site to sell goods there and reach a lot of potential buyers without having to leave their comfort zones. Poshmark offers great and unique methods for shopping which is something most of its competitors in the business do not have.

When it comes to public online stores or marketplace, Poshmark is regarded as part of the leading team in the e-commerce industry irrespective of how competitive the online resale market can be. With a massive net worth of $24 billion; that should tell you all you need to know about the success of this online market platform.

If you are looking for the ideal app to sell your used gadgets or clothes, then you should consider Poshmark since it is also very easy to use. You can buy products on the app, so it is very versatile. The app offers you the opportunity to make good money by selling clothing accessories, shoes, and other goods.

You can choose to either work part-time or make it your permanent workspace, all from the comfort of your home! Very attractive right? You get to make it a hobby but, in this case, you are earning with it and if that doesn’t interest you, I wonder what else will.

In as much as the platform deals with mostly female wear, you can still list men’s wear and accessories, or even sell pet accessories and small electronic gadgets so you see, you have different options to pick from.

A lot of people make money on Poshmark by selling goods they no longer use. You can earn and make a good living through the online marketplace.

If you are used to the selling business, you can list clothes from popular brands like fashion Nova, Shien, and the rest of them, or simply post the clothes you no longer need from your wardrobe.

Do you want to learn more about Poshmark? In this article, I will provide you with the all-necessary information you need to start selling on the app and earn income. 

What is The Selling Process on Poshmark? 

How to Start Earning Money by Selling on Poshmark, This online marketplace makes it simple to sell items, the first thing to do is to install the app and register for a new account. 

Parts of the process involved in creating an account are providing your name, personal or company number, email address, and every other vital data. 

People go through the app to find things to buy and that could be a random clothing item or a specific brand. You can get direct messages from potential buyers to discuss the price of whatever goods they intend to purchase.

Being a novice in the buying and selling business does not limit you from making good sales on Poshmark. The app is an excellent concept for people who do not know what to do to reach buyers for their goods because you simply have to write a good description about the product and you will earn even on your first day!

You must package and deliver the items through any legitimate delivery company as soon as the order has been verified. If the customer likes the goods, they can choose to leave nice reviews on your profile in the Poshmark app.

The possibility of you making close to $1000 in a month is high and this is what makes the app almost perfect for vendors. As I mentioned earlier, you can always choose to make it your side hustle or a permanent thing. 

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Why Should You Be A Seller On Poshmark?

I will discuss only a few of the numerous reasons why you should sell on Poshmark. Poshmark gives you the benefit of basically selling any kind of cloth both from a known brand or the ones in your closet with no difficulty whatsoever.

How to Start Earning Money by Selling on Poshmark. The site has millions of users who are ready to buy something from the store, and you can easily access them with the help of the app’s selling facilities. 

Poshmark only collects 20% from the sales you’ve made, and it offers sellers a huge profit opportunity with no additional costs for shipping goods to buyers, and you just have to start with a few items and you are good to go. 

The products you sell can easily be purchased at a reduced price from other places since Postmark’s primary focus is on selling items like shoes, accessories, clothes, and the rest. 

if you want to sell goods on Poshmark as a full-time vendor, you must understand what your customers want and attend to them accordingly and politely. Keep track of orders and products, you should also learn the art of photography so you can take good photos of the products you list on the app.

Remember that physical appearance matters a lot so pay attention to the tiniest details when taking pictures of the item, for example, snap the front and back of a dress including the tag attached to it. 

How Can I Make Sales On Poshmark?

How to Start Earning Money by Selling on Poshmark, You can decide to list goods as soon as you’ve opened an account on the Poshmark app, that’s entirely up to you. However, you need high-quality images of your goods as it is key to increasing sales on the app.

Do not upload blurry images of your products because this will reduce the traffic you need to get more sales. To take quality photos for the app, the ideal technique is to utilize perfect lighting that is not harsh or too bright, and also invest in a good camera. 

This will help you attract more customers who will buy your goods with no issues.

Start by uploading a clear photo of your product along with a brief but accurate description to begin sales. You have to decide on the sales price for your goods but also steer clear of the temptation of overcharging for inferior goods. 

To attract more customers, you should advertise your goods on different social media platforms. This will increase sales very quickly and I highly recommend that you use pre-paid shipping for the items your customers purchased. 

How Can I Make a Listing of Products?

When listing a product, try to see from the buyer’s eyes to give the correct information you know they would be looking for.

Poshmark made the listing part very easy for you. The listing form consists of; 

  • Download the app if you are new
  • Set up your account
  • Select the ‘Sell’ option
  • Upload pictures, you can add a lot of pictures (up to 12)
  • Brand of the product
  • Color
  • The condition 
  • The size of the product i.e., XL, XXL 
  • Price field.

See what other vendors charge for a particular product if you have no idea how to price yours. Examine and compare similar goods to determine the right price list. 

How to Start Earning Money by Selling on Poshmark

The Poshmark app is one of the many leading digital stores that enables you to earn extra money. As long as you are devoted to the business, you can always make enough income even if you do not have the intention of using it as a permanent career. 

The way you price your goods and how quickly you can deliver them to your customer are crucial factors. The amount you make is up to you. 

Here are How to Start Earning Money by Selling on Poshmark

1. Choose The Audience You Follow Wisely

You need to follow Poshmark’s top vendors and marketers.  Focus on your target audience and get them to share your listing. 

It is way better to have 500 active customers as followers than 2000 sellers waiting for me to share their listings or buy from them instead. 

One trick you can use to know a real buyer is to go to profiles of other vendors and check the customer reviews and find the ones with less than three followers, follow them, those are the customers.

2. Socialize more

Poshmark was created as a social app that’s why it comes with a comment section where people can engage you in conversations about a product.

You can do well on the app on your own but you can do better with the help of others. So, start by sharing a product and leaving a comment, there’s every possibility that the seller would do the same for you.

You need people to share, like, and leave comments on your platform and these are what active vendors achieve by simply socializing and putting themselves out there.

Note that you’ll make more sales if you socialize more.

3. Take quality images of goods

I can’t stress enough how important good pictures are when it comes to online marketing. You need your audience to see the product clearly so they can tell what they are getting.

Posting blurry pictures won’t attract customers to purchase goods from you, they’ll simply scroll and find the next place to buy from you do not want that to happen so learn to take good pictures and you’re good to go.

4. Price Products Correctly

Your sales won’t increase drastically if you do not price the items, you sell correctly; not overpriced, and not underpriced, it must be the right price.

Always research the type of products you sell on Poshmark from various vendors before you list them. Used electronics and clothes are sold at half the original price it was bought.

You need to be smart about this because people won’t pay 30$ for a used skirt when other sellers are waiting to sell theirs for 25$.

You can also give discounts when a customer wants to buy in bulk. This way they will keep coming back and possibly bring other people to buy from you.

5. Excellent Customer Service

As a seller on Poshmark, having excellent customer service will automatically skyrocket your sales and keep your customers loyal to you. 

Do not be disrespectful, unkind, or have poor attitudes because they will have negative impacts on your business and reputation on the Poshmark platform. 

6. Search Engine Optimization

This is very important to note when listing your goods on the online store. Always remember to put keywords so people can easily locate your products among the top profiles when they search for items. Keywords play a great role in bringing buyers and earning more sales.

You will get more customers when you list your goods properly by giving a well-described title, and what the product contains. Always be specific when writing your description, e.g., jeans, do not forget to write that the pair of pants is a jean material.

7. Re-list your products every day

People search for items daily and the products you sell will be looked for too. Now another trick you should apply is to list every day if you can, so your profile stays on the top page and potential buyers can quickly locate them.

The size of your closet does not matter as long as it is among the first to be seen when people surf the platform.

Advantages of Selling on Poshmark

Poshmark comes with a whole lot of advantages when you sell products like clothing items on its platform. This online marketplace helps millions of people over the world to buy and resell goods they no longer use.

As I mentioned, you can work on Poshmark as a full-time vendor and make lots of money.

Below are the advantages of selling on Poshmark;

1. An Exceptional Community Network

Having an exceptional community network is one of the advantages of selling on Poshmark because the customers and vendors get to create a pleasant community online, which is a great way to get a high following of buyers and also increase sales. 

2. You Always Get Notified

Each time an order is placed for a product, you will be notified which makes it very easy for you to keep an eye on potential buyers.

 You can also be alerted anytime you make a sale by receiving notifications from Poshmark.

3. They Offer Free Shipping

One benefit of selling on Poshmark is that it doesn’t have any shipping issues, and its customers do not have to pay a large delivery fee. 

The online store assists you by offering a label for shipping, so your only duty is to package the goods and take them to any post office. Since the size of footwear and clothes are not taken into account, delivery service is almost free. 

4. An Active Online Store

One of the numerous reasons why the Poshmark app is liked is because of its huge followers which is an advantage for sellers. 

The app has a lot of customers who are willing to receive the services on its platform, which helps sellers earn more money. 

5. It Makes Listing Easy

Poshmark allows you to post as many products as you wish. It is very simple to list goods and it does not consume time. 

Asides from having the opportunity to post as many goods as you like, you do not have to pay for listing because you make sales right after you’ve posted without paying extra charges. 

Disadvantages of Selling on Poshmark

Everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage and this does not exempt the Poshmark online store. It is almost impossible to think of issues that you can face while using the app but the fact remains that Poshmark is a great and reliable app that also has its cons.

Some of the disadvantages of Poshmark include;

1. Scams

One of the disadvantages of selling on Poshmark is the scam issue. You may receive a request for a refund from a customer stating the product you delivered to them is not of good quality as you described on the platform. 

This is very stressful and consumes a lot of precious time and Poshmark does not have the facilities to help resolve issues between buyers and sellers. 

2. The Types of Goods to Sell are Limited

The Poshmark app is not the best for you if you want to sell furniture, groceries, security, or anything besides approved goods like clothing, shoes, and accessories. Only clothing, footwear, and accessories are allowed for sale. 

3. You May Lose Your Account

A customer can decide to be petty by reporting your account for small reasons like you not replying to their questions on time or giving them an explanation about something in the way they would like and your account can be deleted.

4. The Pressure To Be Active

If you are not always active on the Poshmark app, you may lose sales and customers. This is so because Poshmark was created as a social app and it is very competitive so your attention is needed 24/7. You have to socialize with other vendors and potential buyers so you can grow large supporting following and make sales.

I do not recommend this if you are an introvert and cannot handle a lot of communication at once, because this can be a big issue for you and your success on the platform.

5. The Expensive Percentage

Another disadvantage of being a seller on Poshmark is the charges you have to pay for each sale. Every time you sell a product, Poshmark gets 20% of the money you’ve made which does not feel right especially if you find it difficult to get customers who purchase your goods.

This is something that may weigh you down and probably make you want to quit but you can look at the bright side of things by taking this as a motivation to work better and smarter to earn more money.

What Percentage Does Poshmark Keep?

When you are new or do not make enough sales, you be charged $2.95 for sales below $15. 20% will also be deducted from the money you’ve made when you sell goods that are larger than $15

What Products Are Not Accepted On The Platform?

On the Poshmark app, there is a list of products you cannot sell or list because of reasons like security and the rest.

The list consists of;

  • Animals
  • Groceries
  • Counterfeit Products
  • Toxic Materials
  • Airline-related products

What Products Are Allowed On Poshmark?

Poshmark is an online store used by customers and vendors. You being a seller, have to know the items you can sell and the ones frowned upon by Poshmark.

Here are some items you can sell on Poshmark.

  • Skin Care Products: This consists of facial scrubs, body lotion, exfoliators, face cleansers, Toner, and many more.
  • Jewelry Accessories: Rings, bags, scarves, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, wrist watches, etc.
  • Clothes: Leggings, Gym wears, skirts, bikinis, dresses, coats, etc.
  • Makeup Products: Lipsticks, Mascaras, foundations, face primer, concealer, etc.

Where Can I Find Clothes To Sell On Poshmark?

Endeavor to take advantage of every attractive deal when you go to find clothes to resell on Poshmark. You can get clothes at a cheaper rate from most thrift stores and you can earn more when you sell them on Poshmark’s online store at a higher price. Thrift stores and slash sales are fantastic since you can always find goods within your budget.

Some stores you can purchase clothes from are listed before;

  • Outlet Stores
  • Thrift Stores
  • Garage Sales
  • Other available stores that deal with new and used wear.

What Is The Delivery Fee For Poshmark?

The customers who purchase goods on Poshmark are charged a shipping fee of $7.11 for any products that are above the maximum weight of 5 pounds.

As a vendor on the platform, you do not have to pay any fee to send your order through Poshmark. If the weight of the goods is way above 5 pounds, you have to pay the shipping fee.


The are so many benefits of using the services of Poshmark either as a buyer or a seller. But bear in mind that it is not a bed of roses as there are times when you’ll be discouraged, or encounter lots of issues and stumbling blocks, especially as a new seller.

With time you’ll get used to the app and master the tips you need to have a pleasant and satisfying stay and earn more income.

How to Start Earning Money by Selling on Poshmark

I hope you got all the answers to your questions about the ways to make money on Poshmark. Have a great day!

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