Transforming Automobiles Into Metaverses

The topic of this article is transforming automobiles into metaverses. When one talks about metaverse, it simply means online platform showing virtual reality content with very interesting qualities, that different people around the world can share. In this article we will talk about Origin of the Metaverse, Companies developing the concept of Metaverse, How to Commute in the metaverse, Metaverse Automobile companies and what does Holoride have in store for Metaverse? Read through and find out the ways of transforming automobiles into metaverses.

The invention of technology is gradually driving away the real world and bringing in a virtual world. This has a negative mark on humanity as people now value their digital gadgets more than the presence of their fellow humans. It won’t be long before we spend most of our time glued to screens in our desired versions of the metaverses. It won’t also be long before the transforming of automobiles into metaverses start.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Meta (formerly known as Facebook), the metaverse gives you the opportunity to experience both real-world and virtual places from the comfort of your home. Moreso, you xan can photo realism and enjoy an immersive experience since 3D graphics are incorporated in most metaverse platforms.

Origin of the Metaverse

Origin of the Metaverse cannot be over emphasized. Neal Stephenson first mentioned the word metaverse in his science fiction novel in 1992 explaining virtual reality and the 3D world. Due to lack of resources and adequate funds, the idea looked unachievable. Then in 2003, Second Life, a 3D virtual online world video game, began to show people how a metaverse could look like in real life. I believe this has briefed you on the Origin of the metaverse. Knowing the origin of metaverse will help in transforming automobiles into metaverses.

Companies Developing Concept Of Metaverse

Numerous companies and industries play an essential role in developing the concept of metaverses. Transforming Automobiles into Metaverses require a competent company to handle it. Companies developing concept of metaverse, from different walks of life are coming together to implement their real-world-like operations in the virtual world.

Below are some companies developing concept of metaverse :

How to Commute in the Metaverse

Metaverse creators need to replicate the natural world in the virtual world, since that is what metaverse signifies. How to commute in the Metaverse needs to be studied. Metaverse inventors can make sure that everything within the ecosystem of the metaverse is similar to what is in reality. This includes the means to travel.

There are mindblowing means of transport around the virtual world like teleporting. One can say, this is how to commute in the metaverse. But it wouldn’t be cool to do that, although people might find it amazing. People prefer to have proper driving mechanisms to help them envision driving at their desired speeds.

In the virtual world, he transportation system that we use in our daily lives for work, or to schools is being applied to the virtual world as well. In the metaverse, you get to experience a 360-degree view of the places you travel through your car in the VR.

You can decide to check out the places you wish to travel. Check in real life within the metaverse before making your reservations and booking your travel packages.

Metaverse Automobile Companies

It is not a shocking news that metaverse automobile companies are becoming a part of the virtual world. A metaverse is the virtual version of our real world. Therefore, real-life brands of vehicles will be present in their virtual form. Here is where the focus lies in transforming automobiles into metaverses. List of metaverse automobile companies are :

Audi Presents — Holoride

Holoride is a startup backed by popular vehicle manufacturer Audi, which now sells virtual rides/vehicles. The aim of the CEO of Holoride is to take the company to a point where it is known as one of the metaverse’s transportation establishments.

Nissan — I2V Technology

Nissan has been developing invisible to visible (I2V) technology that operates in both AR and 3D platforms. This would connect drivers to the metaverse, with the aim of giving them information that would not otherwise be accessible to help with their driving. Unfortunately, this 12V tech will not be launched for a few years.

Hyundai Motors — Roblex

This Motors has introduced an entertainment platform for users by the name of Roblox. The automobile brand Mobility Adventures, within the metaverse, will allow users to experience better communication and interaction with fellow users who are part of this entertainment platform.

When you purchase a car, Metaverse allows you to examine your car thoroughly.

What Does Holoride Have in Store for the Metaverse?

An Audi-backed startup project, Holoride, enables passengers get to witness an in-vehicle VR entertainment system. The project is also launching a token, RIDE, on the Maiar launchpad in order to build the ecosystem. Does Holoride plan on transforming automobiles into metaverses ?

RIDE token aim is to establish extended reality (XR) ecosystem of games. In addition, Passengers of the purchased vehicle can use crypto tokens (RIDE tokens) to make purchases.

One of the ideas the co-founder of Holoride believes is that, the crypto ecosystem will upgrade simply by improving the technology on a blockchain platform and introducing the RIDE token.

This will ensure that there is transparency in members participation.

In the Holoride ecosystem, the invention of NFTs and RIDE utility tokens, tansactions can also be carried. While NFTs are non-fungible by design, the RIDE cryptocurrency can be exchanged with any currency of choice.

With the origin of metaverse and this new innovations, nobody knows what might happen at any time. Surprisingly, an entirely non-automobile company may become a world leader in the automotive industry in the metaverse.

Holoride, in a year or so, will launch. But it’ll need some serious scale to make a comprehensive dynamic ecosystem.

At the very least, Holoride and some of the other projects mentioned might serve as a microcosm. For how metaverse will rely on the underlying principles of blockchain technology, like transparency, security, etc.

Remember that, knowing the origin of the metaverse, transforming of Automobiles into metaverses will really help mankind.

It is also important to note the companies developing concept of metaverse.

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