Intricacies Of Non-Fungible Tokens

Our main focus in this article is on, Meaning Of Non-fungible Tokens & Uses Of Non-fungible Tokens. We shall also look at that advantages and disadvantages of NFTs. Description of an NFT Marketplace and Steps to minting an NFT will also be studied. Now let’s study the Intricacies Of Non-Fungible Tokens

I know, you must have heard about (NFTs). But, you really don’t know the meaning of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). Do you wish to acquire more knowledge about non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? Seek no further. This article is aimed at helping you get that knowledge on intricacies of non-fungible tokens . It will also teach you the meaning of Non-fungible Tokens. This depends on your level of experience in the complications of NFTs.   

This has prompted this article to be sectioned. It is sectioned in consideration of different level of exposure to the world of NFT. The sections are: NFT Newbie, NFT Intermediate and NFT Expert.

Additional information from this post, will add to your knowledge of NFT. Intricacies of Non-Fungible Tokens is a good topic. This article is filled with ideal terms and skills. Also, it is rich with links and words to improve your vocabulary.

Now let us discuss the topic generally, starting with the meaning of non-fungible tokens .

NFT Novice

Meaning Of Non-Fungible Tokens ?

I will try as much as possible, to break down every term on intricacies of non-fungible tokens. The meaning of Non-fungible tokens is plain. NFTs are replacement of unique items with any object. It must be stored on blockchain. So anything can serve as a non-fungible tokens. As long it is saved on the blockchain, it will be stored there. Whatever you upload on blockchain as an NFT, is a representation of unique items.

The scarce nature of Bitcoin makes it to function as a currency. Statistically, there will always be 21 million Bitcoin. This is similar to an NTF. The value of NFTs appreciate as the are non-fungible. By fungible, I mean, one does not equal the other.

Differences Between NFTs and Digital Currencies ?

The notable difference is that, digital currencies can equal one another. Meanwhile an NFT cannot equal another.  For example, when you lend out 0.5 BTC, it  is the same 0.5 BTC that will be returned. A unit of a digital currency cannot be differentiated from another.  

Uses Of Non-Fungible Tokens ?

When studying intricacies of non-fungible tokens, we need also know the uses of non-fungible tokens. The uses of non-fungible tokens are numerous. But we shall discuss a few of them. Any firm or company can make use NFTs because the are unique. Below are some of the uses.

Gaming Sector

Historically, the emergence of NFT was through games. It recorded a massive success in form CryptoKitties.  Users can create and trade virtual cats. This virtual cats have real life worth. Therefore, players can make money out of the trades. You can also your coins for dollars, when you win those coins. This is the benefit of using NFTs in the gaming world.

Digital Art

NFT has really dominated the art sector. It records a very high number of art exhibitions. Users can monetize their artworks on blockchain. When these works attain a reasonable, the are sold.  

Identity and Verification

Non-fungible tokens can perform well in verification and identification. It does  this by assigning unchangeable identifier to individuals. This reduces the stress of verifying identities on a blockchain.


Due the unique and rare nature of NFTs, it promotes the digital collectible trend. This is why collectors appreciate its rare state.  


The originality of a product can be determined with NFTs. In the fashion industry, the authenticity of a fashion product can be determined.  

These are the main uses of Non-fungible Tokens.

Advantages and Disadvantages of NFTs

The emergence of NFTs have changed the digital world positively. It has recorded a lot of encouraging reviews. Let us look at some of the pros of NFTs.  

  • It allows the digitalization of real world asset. One has a full ownership of the created product.
  •  Users make good profits when using NFTs

Some of the challenges of NFTs are:

  • It is a new project.
  • NFTs haven’t really covered much grounds.
  • The concept of it being a decentralized art, may be confusing.
  • It isn’t really user friendly.

There are certain challenges affecting NFTs on the blockchain network. As we have Ethereum  blockchain as the biggest NFT market, high traffic is always encountered. This leads to expensive transaction. 

Important NFT Terminologies To Know

This terms will guide you through understanding NFTs properly. It will also aid to transform you from an NFT novice to an expert.

Blockchain: This is the building platform for most technology, tokens and cryptocurrencies.
  • Token: They are digital assets built on blockchain, that have a particular use case.
  • Token Standard: It is a structure, that oversees the attributes of token.
  • Smart Contracts: These are programmed agreements, which initiate transactions amongst blockchain users.  
  • Digital Art: This is an art in digital form.
  • Non-Fungible Tokens: This are scarce and different digital assets. The are built on the blockchain.  
  • Scaling Problem: Just like the name, it is a regulation on transactions based on blockchain.  

NFT Intermediate

Relationship Between Blockchain Technology And Non-Fungibility

Without doubt, you can agree that blockchain has influenced NFTs. This is why we will discuss blockchain. We shall focus on its principles that projects scarcity.

Like we earlier defined blockchain, it is a building platform for all decentralized cryptocurrencies. It records all transactions executed on it. With blockchain, you can design and possess a digital asset.

The vital feature of blockchain, is that it can’t be manipulated. It can’t be tampered with. Also, when launching a token, ownership identity is verified. This way, nobody can compromise your token. You are assured that your digital asset on blockchain, is secured. It gives you the privilege to input additional informations. This will improve ownership right.

On the blockchain, identifiers differentiates non-fungible tokens from regular digital assets. Smart contracts also play a role to ensure that non-fungible tokens come with additional information. Token standards, oversee the creation and transfer of tokens.

There are different tokens used by Ethereum. ERC-721 token standard is for non-fungible tokens. ERC-1155, which gives users the privilege to merge many NFTs together. This reduces transaction fees and promote effective transaction. Another cryptocurrency that makes use of token standards is BNB chain. It uses BEP-721 and BEP-1155.

The importance of this standards is precise. It enables developers to create wallets for NFTs. The wallet provider must work on the wallet to make it compatible with NFTs.  

Comparison Of Non-Custodial and Custodial NFT Wallets.

In NFT wallets, its not all about funding it. Understanding how the work is important. You have to determine the extent the wallets can function independently. Non-custodial NFT wallets permits you to save your private keys on your device. While custodial wallet secure your private for you. Your private keys are under your watch in non-custodial NFT wallets. On the flip side, you trust your private keys on the security system of custodial wallets.

Recommended NFT Wallets

There are numerous NFT wallets, one can pick from. Custodial NFT wallet is most preferable to new crypto users. However, it is advisable to go for Non-custodial wallet. That way, you would have sole custody of your assets. Also, look out for the range of blockchains, the wallet can carry. The most popular options are MetaMask and Trust wallet.

Important NFT Terminologies To Know

  • ERC-721:  This is the Standard  NFT token  for the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Custodial: It signifies services that demand the deposit of their assets in third-party wallets.
  • Non-custodial: Users have autonomy over their assets.
  • Wallet: The are applications or platforms designed to store crypto assets.  
  • Public Address: it is an alphanumeric character. It permits one to receive digital assets.
  • Private Keys: This is similar to setting a personal password.  
  • Digital Signature: This is the process of approval. It is by encryptions of messages or transactions via encryption.

NFT Expert

This is the practical section. It is an advanced study of NFT. So, you have to pay good attention.

We shall study the steps involved in minting an NFT. Also, we will look into the buying and selling of NFTs. The important decision is, if you want to excite the transaction on Ethereum or BNB Chain blockchain.   

NFT blockchains like Ethereum and BNB Chain doesn’t really limit the marketplace, for beginners. Ethereum blockchain has recorded a massive success in NFT projects. It accounts for a higher portion of shares in NFT market.

Description Of An NFT Marketplace

From the name, you will know that, it is a place for minting and trading of NFTs. The marketplace can take two forms. Either a custodial or non-custodial platform. NFT traders a decide which one to use. Choosing an NFT marketplace require a look of research. You need to inquire the limitations and other features of the marketplace before picking.

Now let us look at the legit NFT marketplaces. This are available on Ethereum and BNB Chain.

  • Rarible – Ethereum
  • Nifty Gateway – Ethereum
  • OpenSea  – Ethereum
  • Treasureland – BSC
  • Juggerworld – BSC
  • BakerySwap  – BSC

Steps To Minting An NFT

Its not choosing an NFT wallet or marketplace. If your wallet isn’t linked to your preferred marketplace, it won’t be functional. When paying for minting, you will use the currency of that marketplace. If you wish to mint an NFT on Rarible, your payment currency will be Ethereum.

Next step after linking your wallet, is to upload the craft you wish to mint. After that, you add and image banner and set your description. Then, you can fix the traits the NFT posses. Traits like uniqueness and rareness.

Now we are on the payment step. Paying the associated minting fee approves the NFT creation. This is all on blockchain. Then you can put it up for sale. You can also auction it depending on the marketplace you use. The transaction step of other digital assets is the same with NFT.  

Vital NFT Terms you need to know

Nifty Gateway: This is an NFT marketplace, that focuses on Ethereum.

Browser Extensions: These are plugins for internet browsers.

MetaMask: This is a very prominent NFT wallet. It is also very compatible with other digital assets.

OpenSea: One of the best Ethereum-based marketplace. It uses a peer-to-peer transaction method.

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