Jobs Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts / REIT

This article on jobs available in real estate investment trusts is to enlighten you on the numerous opportunities this industry has. You can check also for Jobs available in real estate investment trusts / REIT, Best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts, The best REIT to invest in, Real estate investment trusts dividend.

The real estate industry is really waxing strong and offers numerous job opportunities to those seeking for one. With a joint market capitalization of over $1 Trillion, there are more than 225 REITs in the United States. In the industry, there are various jobs available and a higher wage than other aspects of real estate industry. Some of the leading roles are development roles, acquisition roles, property management roles, asset management roles, and investor relationship roles.

In the REIT industry, development performs the duty of building new projects and they are highly respected. Acquisition is heavily finance-inclined and is in charge of looking for new investment opportunities. Client’s assets, investment goals, and agreed preferences is managed by an asset manager. Furthermore, annual meetings and communication with REIT shareholders are handled by investor relations.

Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts / REIT

There are plenty of job opportunities in this industry but this guide exposes you to the best paying jobs. After reading through, you will be able to choose which one is best for you.

Real Estate Investors

One of the most lucrative and well paying jobs is being a real estate investor. A real estate investor buys real estate assets, adds value to them, and resells at a profit. Though this may seem easy and profitable, it comes with extensive market research always. As a result, you will know where and when to buy and also when to sell for bigger gains.

Real Estate Agent

Another best paying job in the real estate sector is being a real estate agent. They perform the role of assisting people to buy or sell real estate properties. Although the work differs sometimes depending on what he does and where he works. This is because you can decide to focus on residential homes or on commercial properties. Transactions between buyers and sellers are coordinated and handled by them.

Though they act like business real estate brokers, they are very different from each other. The former are licensed and have acquired extra training to attract other agents while operating independently. While the latter have a legal license and work for brokerage enterprises.


The duty of this team is sourcing for new investment opportunities. Opportunities that are likely to develop into feasible businesses whether they are traditional real assets or novel concepts. Anyone with a degree or background in finance is fit for this job as it is heavily finance-related.

Real Analyst

In the list of best paying jobs, this profession fits perfectly as well. They collaborate with real estate and financial management to buy, sell, market, and finance assets. Aids the firm with educated property judgements due to their thorough research, analysis, and monitoring of trends in the real estate sector. In addition, they are expected to employ various financial simulations as he conducts on the firm’s asset. Therefore, extensive understanding of financial issues is needed in this profession.

Real Estate Lawyers

This serves as a great full-time or part-time job for attorneys. Issues with regards to property ownership and transactions are handled by real estate attorneys. All legal procedures relating to real estate holdings are handled by lawyers as they also offer legal advice to both parties. Therefore potential difficulties are avoided as parties keep to the transaction’s core legal framework.

Property Manager

This professionals make sure that all assets are kept appealing both financially and physically. Furthermore, renting, collecting rent, and property maintenance is handled by them. Though their task appears simple, it’s to be done meticulously and in a timely manner. In fact, it must be done like this to prevent wasting time or money.

Asset Managers

Management and realization of assets owned or operated by a company is handled by an asset manager. Therefore, it’s one of the most paid jobs and yet a very risky one. They work for hours, put in more efforts than others and go through numerous research. This is because they have the duty of asset appraisal, administration, advancement, and asset disposal. In short, those that do well advance to productive vice presidents or start their firm.

Relations Consultant

Communications consultant also feature in one of the best paid jobs in real estate investment trusts. They perform the duties of reaching out to innovators and sourcing for potential initiatives to act upon. Furthermore, they have the duties of interacting with shareholders, preparing investment reports, and creating teams for meetings and seminars.

Real Estate Developer

This is also one of the best paying jobs but can only be handled by someone that is financially stable. And this is because a real estate developer buys a property, builds, and then sells the built item. They have a working connection with various professionals and supervise the entire construction process to ensure perfection.


Indeed, this is another highest paying job in real estate investment trusts. An associate keeps track of contracts between bidders and property owners and therefore a sales person. In addition, he calculates asset values and recommends price increases on houses when necessary. Furthermore, obtaining new clients and convincing them to buy houses are part of his duties. Outstanding intellectual agility, financial problem-solving capacity, communication and negotiation skills are essential in this field.

Real Estate Property Appraiser

Market and economic factors influence the value of an asset and this worth is assessed and estimated by a real estate property appraiser. In this field, it’s necessary to have strong educational background in finance business, real estate, and other important topics. Furthermore, to become a property appraiser, you need a certification and appropriate knowledge on appraiser courses.

Vice President

This is one of the best paid jobs but it also comes with plenty responsibilities. You must have at least eight years of experience in related fields to be in this field. Due to the coaching opportunities and public speaking engagements, many turn millionaires in less than ten years. Their duties are to keep track of REIT funds and operations, analyze and approve fund documents. Furthermore, they train and identify talents, then develop and implement corporate strategy.

Investor Relations

According to the SEC regulations, they organize regular gathering, summary report, and financial statement. In addition, this department handles all external contacts with REIT investors in the real estate industry.

Home Inspectors

Any potential flaws or required repairs on properties are examined by this team. Prospective home buyers and agents get estimates of expenditures and maintenance work from them frequently.

Foreclosure Specialists

This is another highest paying job in real estate investment trusts. In various stages of foreclosure in homes, these experts specialize. They perform duties of loan modification that aid clients to make payment and prevent foreclosure. In addition, they offer guidance to property owners during foreclosure process and find seized home for potential buyers.

Real Estate Brokers

A real estate broker needs to have had up to three years of experience as a real estate agent. Unlike a real estate agent, a broker must not work for a brokerage firm. They have the responsibility of making it easier for potential buyers and sellers of real estate properties to meet.

Leasing Consultants

This is one of the highest paying jobs as this department acts as the main sponsor in real estate industry. Selection of property and housing options for people is their responsibility. The best part is that they get options of their interests and within their budget rate.

Is Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path?

Though it’s easy to enter the industry, note that it’s not a get-rich quick scheme. However, real estate investment trusts is a promising career path. This is because it offers you the opportunity to help others create a lucrative career as well. It also offers potential returns apart from career opportunities.

Best Paying Jobs In Investment Manager From Jobs Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts

The best paying jobs in investment manager include investment banker, portfolio assistant, portfolio manager, and corporate finance. Furthermore, there’s financial trader, financial analyst, stockbroker, economic analyst, and risk analyst, underwriter, and junior analyst. Finally, we have research assistant, private equity associate, credit analyst, and financial analyst.

How Many Investors Are Required For A Real Estate Investment Trusts?

Ownership in real estate ventures can be acquired by both small and big investors in real estate investment trusts. Similar to stocks as a law that offers investment opportunities and strong income vehicles governs it. All REITs are required to have at least 100 investors or shareholders and more than 50% of the shares cannot be held by any.

Can A REIT Have Employees?

Well, employees of a publicly traded REITs often manage it. While typically an external manager manage non-traded REITs instead of their own employees.

Is Real Estate Investor A Good Career?

Although it’s not an easy career path, it’s one of the best ways to make money. While some read on it but take no action, others find it difficult in the beginning. However the time and effort you put in your investment, makes you successful than others.

How Much Do REIT Analysts Make From Jobs Available In Real Estate Investment Enterprise?

Factors like education, certifications, additional skills, number of years spent in your profession influences the salary. The salary range basically falls within $76,519 and $108,515. In the United States, the salary of the average REIT analyst is $91,537.

How Do REIT Managers Make Money From Jobs Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts?

First of all, they basically charge handsomely for services rendered. Secondly, payments are gotten by them from units. Thirdly, they make money from the artificial boosting of distributions. Lastly, they make transactions to maximize their management fees by charging an acquisition and divestment fee component.

Cost Of Starting A REIT From Jobs Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts

There are certain organizational and operational requirements that are to be met in order to start a REIT. They must meet the rule of 100 shareholder test which entails at least 100 shareholders in their second year. Next rule is that none of them can hold more than 50% of the company’s shares. All shares must be transferrable and RIETs must have a board of directors or trustees.

How Do REIT Owners Make Money?

The rent gotten from assets generate income and paid out through dividends. However, it’s not so with mortgage REITs as their income come from interest payments on investments. This is because they don’t directly own real estate. Although successful minds know how to make their money regardless of the type of REIT.

Best REIT To Invest In From Jobs Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts / REIT

First is the Claros mortgage trust Inc. which remains comfortably profitable with a dividend yield of 7.9%. Next is the digital realty trust Inc. which is long-term and has 3.7% dividend yield. Then we have the Rayonier Inc. which has a dividend yield of 3.0. There’s also Sabra health care REIT Inc. that has 7.8% dividend yield. Lastly, we have Stag industrial Inc. which has a 4.4% dividend yield.

REIT Dividends From Jobs Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts / REIT

Individual investors are offered the opportunity to earn dividends without buying, managing or financing any properties themselves. They are supposed to pay shareholders in the form of dividends according to law and IRS regulations. It is a must to pay out the standard 90% of their income whether they are public or private REITs. You are taxed if you receive these dividends as a REIT investor. The dividends can be paid in cash or in a combination of cash and stock. Although each shareholder has the freedom to choose how to receive their dividend.

How Often Are REIT Dividends Paid?

The payment schedule of a potential REIT investment should be known to REIT investors before investing. Although the law stipulates that dividends are paid annually but many REITs pay quarterly or monthly.

Real Estate Investor Salary From Jobs Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts

In the USA, an average real estate investor earns $51.28 per hour and $100,000 per year. $60,000 is made per year by entry level positions while $150,000 is made by most experienced workers.

This article on jobs available in real estate investment trusts is to enlighten you on the numerous opportunities this industry has. You can check also for Jobs available in real estate investment trusts / REIT, Best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts, The best REIT to invest in, Real estate investment trusts dividend.

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