Kevin Gates Height, Biography and more

We will be discussing on Kevin Gates height, biography and more for all those curious about the famous rapper. The United States rapper and performer has a height of 6 feet and 2 inches. Indeed, Kevin is popular for his gangster rap music which has won him commercial success. The hip-hop musician is known to have married a wife in 2015 and this marriage has produced two children. We will also discuss Career Information of Kevin Gates, Does Kevin Gates have Siblings.

How Tall is Kevin Gates?

The well-known musician is estimated to have a height of 6 feet and 2 inches and a weight of 92 kg. Though his weight reduction transformation brought about ill fame to him. In short, the tattoos that are drawn all over his body including his face shows how much the rapper loves tattoos. Adding up to his exquisite physical features are his dark eyes and short dark hair.

Kevin Gates Height
Kevin Gates Height

What is Kevin Gates Age?

The famous United States songwriter, rapper and singer was born on February 5, 1986. According to this calculation and based on research, the hip-hop singer is 37 years old.

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Early Life and Education of Kevin Gates

Kevin Jerome Gilyard popularly known as Kevin Gates was born on the February 5, 1986. His father was an African American man while his mother was of a Puerto Rican origin. Before his family settled in Baton Rouge, they lived in New Orleans, Louisiana. Kevin was arrested for the first time at the age of 13 due to the chaotic upbringing that he had. For the first time, he was arrested in 1999 for riding as a passenger in a stolen car.

At a very young age, contact with his father was cut but as a teenager, the duo later bonded again. Tragically, at a young age of 14, Kevin lost his dad to AIDS. Furthermore, the musician was known to have attended Baton Rouge Community College for a short while at the age of 17. Due to the origin of his parents, the popular rapper hails of Puerto Rican and Moroccan descent. However, it is rumored that the hip-hop star obtained a master’s degree in psychology while in prison. According to research, the popular American rapper is said to have a brother and a younger sister too.

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Career Information of Kevin Gates


Early Stage

His signing to a local label known as Dead Game Records began his career in 2007. In the mid-2000s, his career and that of Boosie Badazz and Webbie who happened to be natives of Baton Rouge blossomed. This was as a result of Kevin’s first mixtape in 2007 named Pick of Da Litter which collaborated three of them. Furthermore, a second mixtape termed All or Nuthing where Kevin featured what he called “a lot of true stories” was released in the year 2008. Unfortunately, in distinct cases, Kevin and Boosie were incarcerated in 2008 and this brought a halt to the rapper’s music career.

As a result of the 31 months he spent in prison, the whole of 2008 and 2011 was wasted without a single song released by him. However, this worked to his advantage as the hip-hop star claimed to have obtained a psychology master’s degree from a prison program.

Accruing to his good behavior, he was eventually released early from prison. Kevin moved ahead to begin his music career again almost immediately after he was released from prison. Once again, the mixtape named Make ‘Em Believe that was released by the rapper in 2012 got some recognition. Due to the buzz earned by the mixtape, he attracted the attention of Young Money Entertainment which happens to be Lil Wayne’s record label. Later that same year, Kevin was signed to the management wing of the record label. Still, Kevin never signed a record deal with the record label despite being signed to the management wing. In short, his own record label known as Bread Winners’ Association was to be started later on due to the advice of Birdman.


Period of Atlantic Records and Kevin’s Mixtape Major Progress

The mixtape “The Luca Brasi Story” was released by Kevin in the beginning of 2013 in his own record label. Pitchfork commented on the mixtape with critical praise while the mixtape’s single “Wylin” was described by Rolling Stone as the 40th best song to be released in 2013. Therefore, Kevin was signed to Atlantic Records due to the recognition and buzz created by the mixtape. Furthermore, his first major label mixtape which describes the issue of depression and his time in prison titled Stranger Than Fiction was released in July 2013. Though the mixtape was shorter than he originally planned, it got a lot of approving and pleasing reviews. Ranking at number 37, this particular mixtape was the mixtape that put Kevin’s mixtape on the Billboard 200 for the first time.

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A 4-week tour known as the Stranger Than Fiction Tour was embarked on by Kevin across the United States in October. In addition, Don Trip and Starlito was featured in this particular tour. Due to parole violations, Kevin was detained in prison again after the tour. However, the well-known rapper ended up serving 3 and half months instead of the 4 months he was sentenced to. Determined as always, the popular hip-hop musician released another mixtape “By Any Means” in the beginning of march 2014 immediately after his release. Guest appearances from artists like 2 Chainz, Plies and Rico Love were featured in this mixtape. Once again, with the mixtape making it to number 17, it also featured on the Billboard 200.

Don’t Get Tired Period

In addition to this success, Kevin was included as a member of XXL’s Freshman Class in May 2014. Thereafter, the By Any Means Tour that would feature Chevy Woods and run from July 15 to August 30, 2014 was announced to the public. Based on Kevin’s 2014 single, he made known to the public a new energy drink named “I Don’t Get Tired”.


Islah Success

The popular rapper gained his third Billboard 200 listing when he released his 13th mixtape Luca Brasi 2 which ranked number 38. In addition, his first song to enter the US Billboard Hot 100 and the first song to get the certification of Gold was featured in this mixtape. Furthermore, Murder for Hire which happened to be Luca Brasi Series third installment was released in May 2015. Through his debut studio album, he released his first single titled Kno One in July 2015. Following a video of Kevin supposedly kicking a female fan in Florida during a show, he was in a controversy in late August 2015. In order to answer to the allegations, he released another song “The Truth” with which he explained the fan was tugging at his trousers.

Many songs came after this and he finally released his hit album Islah which got him lots of encouraging reviews. While Inverse called it the best album of 2016, Pitchfork referred to it as the best single release of Kevin’s Career. Indeed, other projects were released by the popular rapper after that, each with their significant meanings.

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The American rapper is famous for his anthems that go well with autobiographical lyrics and Southern beats. With regards to his training with the singer, Monica, more of singing has been added into his current releases. Most of his songs carry lyrics centered on his prison time, poverty and depression. Numerous artists and big names like Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Jay-Z and others have been listed among his influences.

What is the Net Worth of Kevin Gates?

According to research, the well-known American rapper and singer has a net worth of $3 million as of 2023. The young rapper has been an active figure in the entertainment industry for almost 16 years. Therefore, he has acquired a lot of wealth working for others though he is currently concentrating all his efforts in his own career. All his efforts have paid off with the success he has achieved as he even lives in a building estimated to cost $500, 000.

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Kevin Gates Wife and Children

The popular American musician and rapper is married to Dreka Haynes. Kevin and his longtime girlfriend tied the knot in October 2015. Indeed, the marriage has been blessed by two children namely Islah Koren Gates and Khaza Kamil Gates. Though in a 2013 interview with Complex, the famous rapper disclosed that he had children by other women. His wife is an Instagram celebrity who uses her page to promote CBD products for beauty and wellness.

Kevin Gates with wife and children
Kevin Gates with wife and children

Kevin Gates Girlfriend and Dating

After the sighting of the popular rapper with a woman on the streets of New York, a lot of speculations about them dating has gone round. In short, the dating rumors are sparking following his split with his wife Dreka Gates. Indeed, lots of fans are keen on getting to know the beauty as he was caught in a camera while on a date. It is known to all that his seventeen years old relationship with his wife was ended earlier in March. Once again, he is making headlines with the rumors of his new girlfriend even though his divorce is not yet finalized.

In fact, the Love and Hip Hop Miami star, Jojo Zarur is rumored to be his new girlfriend. Moreover, the popular musician and rapper has not disputed this at all as he even featured her on his Instagram story. Just like Kevin, she is also from a mixed heritage home as her mother is Lebanese-Arabic and her father is Mexican.

Kevin Gates Girlfriend and Dating
Kevin Gates Girlfriend and Dating

Kevin Gates Quick Wiki and Bio

The renowned American rapper was born on February 5, 1986 and is popular for his numerous hit mixtapes. Indeed, the famous artist that goes by the stage name Kevin Gates is well-known for his gangster rap music genre and successful hit mixtapes. With the ranking of his debut album Islah on the US Billboard 200 as number 2, he experienced an increase in fans across the globe.

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What is Kevin Gates Real Name?

The famous rapper who goes by the stage name Kevin Gates has the real name Kevin Jerome Gilyard according to research.

What University did Kevin Gates Attend?

Generally, Kevin Gates did not attend a university though he has a degree in psychology. The degree according to him was earned between 2008 and 2011 through a prison program.

Is Kevin Gates Religious?

Though the rapper’s muslim religion is not a major part of his music career, he is a practicing muslim with his wife. In short, the popular American rapper is known to recently wear traditional muslim clothing and display his religious practices on the internet.

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Does Kevin Gates Have Siblings?

Kevin is said to have a younger brother named Brandon and a younger sister too though not much is known about her.

Kevin Gates Place of Living

The American hip-hop music star was raised in Baton, Louisiana. However, he currently resides in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

Kevin Gates Cars

The popular rapper, musician and entrepreneur is known to have four cars according to research. These cars include Lamborghini Urus, Chevrolet Corvette C7, a Bentley Bentagya and McLaren GT.

Kevin Gates Cars
Kevin Gates Cars

This all make up the car collection of Kevin Gates.

When did Kevin Gates Start his Work?

By signing with the local label Dead Game Records, Kevin started his music career in the year 2007.

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Teen Information of Kevin Gates

The popular American rapper had a very rough upbringing and this can be seen in his arrest at the age of 13. At a very young age, his connection with his father was severed though as a teenager they bonded again. When the hip-hop artist was 14 years of age, he lost his father tragically to complications from AIDS. For a short while, he attended Baton Rouge Community College.


Indeed, this article has enlightened you on Kevin Gates height, biography and more. Kevin Jerome Gilyard is his actual name but he usually goes by his stage name Kevin Gates. The well-known rapper and vocalist has a massive fan base across the globe.

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