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Atalanta News from Latest News On Italian Serie A Updates

At the Centro Bortolloti in Zingonia, the friendly game against Sant’Angelo, a Serie D side ended at 5-1. Those who didn’t feature or played partially in the league match against Monza was favored by this. This was because the first half lasted 45 minutes and the second half 36 minutes. After Boga’s free-kick had clipped the crossbar, Scalvini opened the scoring with his first goal. Just before halftime, De Nipoti added another ending the first half at 3-0.

In the second half, Mæhle made it 4-0 and Sant’Angelo scored one through Silla after the half-hour mark. Finally, Boga converted a penalty bringing it to 5-1. On Thursday 8th September at the Centro Borlotti in Zingonia, the build-up to the game in Cremonese will take place. It will happen behind closed doors.

Atalanta against Sant’Angelo

Scorers are as follows: Scalvini 14, 19 (A), De Nipoti 36 (A), Mæhle 50 (A), Silla 61 (SA), Boga Pen 67 (A).

Atalanta players : Sportiello, Boga, Ruggeri, Zortea, Omar (De Nipoti), Roaldsøy, Mæhle, Scalvini, Pasalic, Dei Lungo, Regonesi. Gian Piero Gasperini is their coach.

Sant’Angelo: Cantoni, Ngongua, Moracchioli, Panatti, Baggi, Hoxha, Barracane, Eberini, Gobbi, Ciccone, Spaviéro. Ferrara, Bosco, Confalonieri, Nobile, Gomez, Zazzi, Bugno, Silla. Others include Pesenti, Gludici, Fiori, and Macherrini who came on during the match. Coach is Alessio Pala.

Referee: Alessandro Pizzi from Bergamo (assistant Manuel Cavalli from Bergamo and Alex Arizzi from Bergamo).

On behalf of the Atlanta family, a warm congratulations to Anna and Juan on the birth of their firstborn. In joy, we welcome the little Alessandro.

S.S.C. Napoli News from Latest News On Italian Serie A Updates

This morning at the SSC Konami training center, Napoli resumed training after the success against Liverpool. The Azurri prepare for the game against Spezia on Saturday at the Maradona Stadium at 3pm. The team was divided into two groups and some did regenerating work on the pitch yesterday. Then after a first phase of activation in the gym, the rest played on a small pitch. Therapies has been undergone by Osimhen and the diagnostic test will be carried out tomorrow.

Spalletti’s Comment

Spalletti happily stated that it was a great performance and victory fully deserved. “Playing the ball without slowing down was fundamental. A proof of quality is the quality provided by my boys. I have a group that has strength and desire to win so I can never sign for a draw.”

“We continue working as there are great performances that must be done in the next few games. Every Napoleon player on the field knows that we have no presumptions. We start training in respect to Spezia tomorrow and we not relapse. The mentality and quality of play of the boys made us start well and I’m satisfied. However, maximum intensity in every part is required as this is just the beginning.”

Tickets on Sale

On Wednesday 7th September 2022 at 12:00, the sale of the ticket for the Napoli against Spezia Championship match will start. The game will hold at the Armando Maradona Stadium at Naples on 10th September 2022 at 15:00. Meanwhile, the last day to sign up for the season ticket start from 12noon on Thursday 8th September. On Saturday 10th September at 3pm, the Season Ticket campaign will end.

For the Naples-Spezia ticket, the prices are as follows. The Possillipo stand goes for € 70.00 while the Grandstand Nisida goes for € 55.00. The Grandstand family adult goes for € 10.00 / € 5.00 (under 12). Distinct upper ring goes for € 40.00 while Curve upper ring goes for € 50.00. Apart from the Family Tribune Sector, there are no reduced fare tickets. The lower rings of the curves and the distinct curves will not be offered for sale at the moment.

To purchase the ticket online, fans should connect to the Ticketone website. A maximum of 4 coupons, with 4 fidelity cards can be purchased by a fan. Uploading the digital title on the card will make the purchase take place. The link is: Note that you can purchase the coupons from all Ticketone points. Upload the titles digitally to their fidelity or print on thermal support. The disabled and family grandstand promotion will be active.

More Information on Tickets

You will not be allowed to change your ticket user. The coupon will be received via email for those who purchased the ticket through the web. Printing the coupon/ place holder from the link will be possible: At the request of the control staff present at the stadium, the place holder document must be presented. Though only the place holder document does not stand as a valid entrance ticket. Bring your loyalty card, place holder document, and identification document to access the stadium.

In order to avoid gatherings, access to the stadium must take place in an orderly manner. The outflow will be regulated by the staff at the end of the race in order not to create crowds. Therefore, it’s advisable to remain on your seats until the stewards indicate an exit. Competent authorities will implement sanctions for failure to comply with the protocols.

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is available on the website It contemplates all conduct deemed relevant for the application of any sanctions by the SSCN. Purchasing of an admission ticket to the Maradona stadium implies an acceptance of the stadium’s code of conduct. Violators of the code of conduct can be identified with the stadium’s state-of-the-art video surveillance system. Violent behaviors, direct or indirect insults based on color, religion, nationality or sex is condemned by the SSCN. The requirements in the stadium’s code of conduct is to be read and complied with by fans.

A.C Millan News from Latest News on Italian Serie A Updates

Alessandro Florenzi’s Official Statement

During the game against Sassuolo, Alessandro suffered a severe injury to the biceps femoris of his left hamstring. This required surgery and at Finland this morning. The operation was conducted by Professor Lasse, with the club doctor in attendance. Alessandro will return to Italy tomorrow to start the rehabilitation process as the surgery was successful. The estimated time for his recovery is in five months time.

THIAW Malick

In the final few days of his transfer window, Malik Thiaw arrived in Milan. He has already experienced the emotion of a derby win at San Siro after his first training session at Milanello. It was today that the 21-year old was officially unveiled to the media. Furthermore, his first press conference as an AC Milan player is shown live on AC Milan official app, Milan Tv, YouTube, and Twitch.

On his career path, he explained that he started playing football at a young age in the streets. Although it was a passion that became a profession, the passion is still the priority. He stated he was an ambitious person and was proud and happy of where he has gotten. In addition, wants to develop, learn, and play in games as he has a top-class coach and team.

With respect to future with the Rossoneri, he is hopeful. “I think I’m a strong player as I’m good at aerial battles and tackling. My speed and athleticism helps me move the ball as well. I have to show my worth in hope to convince the head coach. So that from January onwards, I will be put in the team already.”

Further Comments from Malick Thiaw

On the club’s trust, he expressed his gratitude for the five-year contract and said the club has invested a lot in him. Furthermore, he said it all depends on him to show his worth to the team in every game. On personal satisfaction, he asserted that talks had been had with the club in winter. “A sign of my good performances and hard work on the field is the interest I got from AC Milan.”

“ Training is intense, not too long but with a tactical focus. Things are new to me but I have already learnt a lot. Tactics are different here to Germany but I will strive to learn all I can. The team has been friendly and welcoming and I must say that my debut at San Siro was an unbelievable experience.

Official Statement from Rade Krunic

It’s with great delight that we announce that Rade Krunic has extended his contract with the club until 30th June, 2025. In the summer of 2019, Rade joined AC Milan and has played 91 matches in all competitions. He has provided the midfield with his solidity and quality.

Udinese FC News from Latest News On Italian Serie A Updates

Take the opportunity for Udinese-Inter. In this initiative, children aged 5 to 10 up to a maximum height of 140cm can participate. On Friday 16th September at 12:00, you can sign up here and show up on Sunday 18th September at 11:00. The two children who will accompany the players on the pitch will be chosen at the Bar Tribuna Nordale Side. Click on “BIMBI IN CAMPO” to register.

AS Roma News from Latest News On Italian Serie A Updates

At 18:45 CEST on Thursday, the game in Bulgaria gets underway. Below is the comments of the boss for the game ahead.

Will you consider Roma the favorites to progress from Group C?

“In a competition like this, it’s hard to talk about favourites. Roma and Real Beltis may be considered because they are two big European sides. However, our full respect goes to Ludogorets and HJK Helsinki. It has become harder to make predictions as European football has become more unpredictable in recent years. We have come here in force for the match as we’ve already seen surprises in the Champions League. There will be no saving of players due to the importance of the game and challenge our opponents will pose.”

What is your expectations of Ludogorets?

“That is hard to predict as they are a good team and have a lot of experience in European football. Therefore we have to be ready for everything as it is not their first time playing. There is a balance as they have some good foreign players and Bulgarian players as well. We expect difficulties but we won’t relent as we want to start well. It’s not a knockout where everything is decided in one or two matches since it’s a group phase. “

“In short, we want to remain in the Europa League and not go to Conference League. Therefore it would be nice to have one of the top two positions and we’ll try to win tomorrow. So the most essential thing is playing with intensity to win the game.”

Apart from the personnel for this game, what will you change since you lost a recent game in Serie A?

“It makes a huge difference that tomorrow’s game will start at 0-0 because in Udine it started 1-0. We are a team that is in control of the game as we make no defensive mistakes. That can happen in football but I see that game as out of normality so I’m not worried. The way we played was far from being such a big defeat so my reaction to the players was calm. However, the important thing is that we’ve started the season well and the team and players are positive. Maybe by tomorrow, the Ludogorets will feel how upset we are.”

Can you shed some light on the injuries within the squad?

I would not want to comment on that as we are here to play football. Though anyone absent is because they are not in a condition to play.

Tomorrow the team will be wearing the winners patch after the Conference League Success, will it also be about starting a new chapter?

“Because we won the Europa Conference League and finished in the top six in Serie A, we are here. So because we have been qualified for it in two ways, we definitely deserve to be here. We want to continue to progress but won’t limit ourselves by setting objectives. To qualify from this group is our only aim though we have individual games to play that are also important. Meanwhile, tomorrow’s game happens to be the first. Though we have full respect for Ludorogets, we’re also here to win that first game.

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