Latest News on Italian Série A Updates

This article titled “Latest News on Italian Serie A Updates” will bring you the latest happenings in the Italian Serie A.

Atalanta Reports


It will be held in Zingonia and, pending space, will be accessible to the general public.
A new midweek matchup has been added to Atalanta’s schedule. On Tuesday, September 13, they will face Villa Valle in a friendly at the Centro Bortolotti in Zingonia. Villa Valle competes in the Serie D division. There will be a small number of seats available for spectators during the contest, which will begin at 16:00. This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side Atalanta.


Sunday, September 11, 12:30 CEST, game time
The midday start of the Serie A match will also draw a large crowd to the Gewiss Stadium.
There is minimal availability in the Tribuna Rinascimento coperta stand for the TIM matchday 6 in which Atalanta will face Cremonese since all tickets for the Curva Nord Pisani, Curva Sud Morosini, Distinti Sud, and Tribuna Rinascimento stands have SOLD OUT.
You can find all the information on costs and purchasing tickets right here.
The Atalanta BC would like to remind everyone that due to the renewal of the financial agreement between the club and ATB, all season and single ticket holders will be entitled to free matchday transport to all home games on all ATB and TEB services all day long. Further information can be found here. This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side Atalanta.

Zingonia’s Report for September 8th.

The Centro Bortolotti is where the team is at work.
The squad was split into two groups when they reported to work today at the Centro Bortolotti in Zingonia. Those who took part in the exhibition match against Sant’Angelo on Wednesday trained in the morning, while the others had a double session. While Djimsiti and Zapata often trained alone, Muriel regularly exercised with the team.


Tomorrow, in Zingonia, preparations for the Cremonese encounter will continue behind closed doors. This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side Atalanta.

S.S.C. Napoli Report


Napoli’s morning training session at the SSCN Konami Training Center.
On the sixth matchday of Serie A, the Azzurri get ready for their match against Spezia at 3 p.m. tomorrow at the Maradona Stadium.
The session began with a first phase of activation and bull by the team.
Then, technical and tactical practice, followed by a brief game. Exercises on inactive balls are performed to close.
Osimhen was administered treatments. Also Demme underwent treatments and individualized work. This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side SSC Napoli.


A really pleasant surprise this morning for Antoine. He is a Napoli supporter from France who was there at the Azzurri’s match versus Fiorentina on August 28 at the Stadio Franchi.
Antoine was a visitor to the SSCN Konami Training Center where he met Vice President Edoardo De Laurentiis and received a jersey personalized with his name and birthdate. Coach Spalletti and the blue group then greeted him.
Then, Antoine attended the practice while seated on the bench with his parents at his side. He also took the lead in a few dribbles with Elmas and Anguissa.
A joyful and emotional morning that offers a heartwarming tale in the name of the blue faith. This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side SSC Napoli.

A.C Millan Report


Milanello’s coach’s remarks before Sampdoria-Milan matchup
The win in the Derby, the draw in Salzburg, and now the next away game in Genoa. With Sampdoria waiting for us at 20:45 at Marassi tomorrow, AC Milan has little time to relax during these weeks. Coach Pioli discussed the game in a news conference today. Live streams of his speech were carried on Milan TV, YouTube, and Twitch. This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side AC Milan.


They are coming off of two home draws against notable teams and a loss, so they will undoubtedly be eager to perform well. We will, without a doubt, face a challenging competition with a solid identity and great motivation.


“It is still too early to adequately assess our results when comparing home games to away games, but I believe the quality of our matches matters a lot. While we played well against Bergamo, we should have performed better against Sassuolo and Salzburg.”


Brahim has the speed and agility to give us the advantage. I rely on him as well as Adli. Yacine is a talented and prospective player and I expect a lot from him too. However, I have to make a decision. Charles is doing better and better and is blending in with the group, but he still needs more time to fully understand our game and the movements of his teammates.


“With more consistency in training, Divock has improved and picked up the pace. He’s a player with a lot of talent but needs game time. With Dest, it felt like I already knew him because we’d been following him for a while. I found in him the characteristics I expected. In Salzburg, he did well defensively but can and must do more going forward with the quality he has. We’ll see over the course of the season.


“I was pleased with Pobega on Tuesday night, he played with vigor and strength, as he often does. He is growing and we are counting on him more. Rebic has a strong back problem, and is receiving all the necessary treatment. But regrettably he is still not available. Saelemaekers also performed well in Salzburg. He was very smart on the ball.” This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side AC Milan.


“We gave up a couple too many goals. The entire team has to adopt the appropriate mindset. We need to increase our defensive energy, communication, and focus. We also need to improve our set pieces, which we are working on, and I expect to see changes soon.”


“I have every confidence in the group of players we have. They work hard and consistently, so I am sure we have a strong group of players with a clear playing identity. For me, the lineup I field tomorrow will be best suited to the match. It’s clear that individual performances will influence my selection decisions.”
This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side AC Milan.


A tactical analysis of the game contrasts pressing with possession.
Even in Europe, AC Milan has yet to get three points away from home. On Saturday, they go to Sampdoria in search of their first-ever league away victory on the road. Despite a terrible start to the season for the host team, the Rossoneri will face several challenges in the encounter at Marassi. Let’s examine both sides’ strategies in more detail:


Sampdoria has only accrued two points and scored two goals all season (Gabbiadini e Caputo), placing them third from the bottom in Serie A. After losing their home opener against Atalanta, Giampaolo’s team has managed to hold two strong teams, Lazio and Juventus, at home. The club is now strategically set up by the former AC Milan coach employing a 4-1-4-1 style at home, favoring a more cautious, diamond-shaped midfield.
The concept of Abbruzzese is to carefully maintain possession, build up from the back and entice pressure from the opponent. Then take advantage of the openings behind. In order to dominate the game’s tempo from the first minute, Pioli’s team must be careful not to fall for the trap and run the risk of dangerously losing focus.


Sampdoria may choose a more offensive 4-3-1-2 formation from the outset or alter it over the course of the match. This would need the front two to create space by moving down the lines and creating opportunities for midfielders like Sabiri and Djuricic to take advantage of. The key to getting a footing in the game and catching the Ligurian backline off guard may lie in AC Milan’s ability to press and push the opponent. Tonali and Kalulu have already made seven ball interceptions this season. So Pioli will be seeking to defend aggressively rather than passively. He will also look to win the ball back with the help of Theo Hernández and Saelemakers, two full backs and wide players. This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side AC Milan.


The strength of Pioli’s assault against Gianpaolo’s back four should be a mismatch and play in the favor of the reigning Italian Champions. However, that is only if the Rossoneri are able to halt Sampdoria in the center of the field. The predatory instincts of Giroud and Origi, along with the midfielders’ attacking ability, could very well be the difference. Especially in the first half, where Sampdoria have conceded the most goals in Serie A this season (seven) and where AC Milan have scored the most (four). This season, all ten of AC Milan’s goals have been scored from inside the penalty area (four). This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side AC Milan.

Udinese FC Reports

Bruseschi’s strategy

On the field this morning was a team.
The boys of Mr. Sottil are still getting ready for their game against Sassuolo.
The whole morning session was dedicated to strategy. The goal is to finish tomorrow early. This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side Udinese FC.

“Proud to be here,” said Sottil and Deulofeu at Friuli Doc 2022.

The trainer and the Udinese striker attended the function as honorary guests.
At the unveiling of Friuli Doc, Udinese head coach Andrea Sottil and his number 10 Gerard Deulofeu provided outstanding testimonies. The two attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which is in its twenty-eighth year, after Udinese’s strong start to the tournament, which culminated in the team’s 4-0 victory against Roma the previous day and puts it in fourth position with 10 points.

Sottil expresses delight

Sottil talked about his bond with the people of Udine amid infectious grins, praises, and pats on the back. He exclaims with much delight, “It is a pleasure to be here, this invitation fills us with pride. The relationship between the coach and the Udinese fans has never been a secret, and loyalty and accomplishments are valued. I love how kind the fans are. Though we’re glad to have revived the spirit, Udine residents have a reputation for being ferociously passionate. Everyone embodies humility and a sense of community as they live for the city and the team. This is also a source of immense pride,” he claims.

The greatest way to respect people who attend games is to give every one your all. As I had the chance to say after the games against Fiorentina and Roma, satisfaction is the enemy, Sottil reiterates. Being a balanced coach, I don’t lose it if we lose and I don’t get too happy if we win. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by a talented group of thinkers on my team. Naturally, spirits are high. The coach says as fans joyfully yell his name, “We are thrilled and satisfied, but mindful of needing to offer consistency to these results. We are preparing for the match against Sassuolo thinking exclusively of that. We want to put on a fantastic show.

Deulofeu praises his coach

Deulofeu is one of the coach’s first backers. He continues, “I am really glad and proud of Sottil,” before expressing, as he has done previously, his love for the city. “My family and I are really happy in Udine and the surrounding area overall. We’re delighted to be here. Fans hold a special place in his heart for him as well. The people of Udine deserve a team that lives up to their expectations,” he declares with hunger in those who still have not seen anything. “The results come from the work done, from the little things, like the passage for the partner, the personality, and the winning mentality. We want all the supporters to know that this is not negotiable. These are the remaining results.”

No one questions Deulofeu when he says: “I’m 100%, I want the team to win and for the results to come. I’ve battled like a lion to recover the ball, in defensive retreats, and in any event, kept my composure on crucial times. To compete for the mate, we must all really desire it. Being a team is similar to earning points collectively. I’ll keep moving forward.” This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side Udinese FC.

AS Roma Report

MOURINHO: Against Helsinki, we must atone for this.

This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side AS Roma.
See what Jose Mourinho had to say after Razgrad’s Europa League loss to Ludogorets on Thursday.

It seems that the outcome did not accurately represent the game. You had total control for the first 60 minutes; what occurred after that?

“I felt the same way. We didn’t play well, and I don’t want to say that, but it did seem like enough to win the game, or at the very least not lose it. We were the ones who created all the opportunities prior to their goal.

“After their goal, we were in a difficult situation for the next five to six minutes. This is due to expectation that a team will act in certain ways when they are winning.

“We did, however, react very well, and we had opportunities to draw even. Then we did draw even, and they immediately scored again. In this case, it seemed like the odds were stacked against us. Having said that, because we still have five games to play, at least it wasn’t a knockout game.”

“Obviously, a victory in the first game puts you in a more comfortable position, but a loss increases some of the strain. But we must pay attention to what comes next. We must get three points next week against Helsinki.”

Where might you improve? Where do you anticipate improvements? Maybe for defense?

I dislike discussing the defense because, in my perspective, the whole team, not just the three or four players who make up that unit, defends. For me, it’s about how the team defends. Since we had equalized and believed a draw was still an unacceptable outcome, we kept pushing forward and taking chances. Suddenly the second goal appears out of nowhere. To be honest, I believe their second goal was motivated by emotion. But in actuality, it changed a tie into a loss.
This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side AS Roma.

Lastly your thoughts tonight after Queen Elizabeth II’s demise…

“I’m depressed. England is not a strange country to me; it is where my family and I live. We’ve been residing there for a while. The overwhelming majority of people, whom I would not refer to as “Her Majesty” but rather as “a magnificent woman.” I am confident, have a great deal of admiration for this remarkable figure. I’m so sorry.
This is the Latest News/ Updates on Italian Série A side AS Roma.
This article titled “Latest News on Italian Serie A Updates” will bring you the latest happenings in the Italian Serie A.

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