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S.S.C. Napoli News

According to Spalletti “An extraordinary emotion is what you feel when Participating in the Champions League. and it is a much deserving honor for Napoli”. Also, he said that the sound of Maradona’s chants will get to Anfield Tomorrow. 

“Being able to coach Napoli in the Champions League excites me greatly. The players are fired up and everyone’s eyes light up. It feels like a football funfair. This is a reward for the outstanding championship game from the previous year “. Luciano Spalletti presents Napoli’s first opener in the Champions League against Liverpool tomorrow night in this manner.

Footballers have been aspiring to participate in this competition since they were young. But it’s also a highly technical level where any ball could end up being the one that decides the match.

You have to maintain your dominance even before an action arises when you play with clubs like Liverpool. Even if you plan everything out with the utmost precision, champions will always be able to come up with something new.

However, we have champions in the team. and I do not doubt that my players will put on a tremendous performance tomorrow night. By emulating the excellent display they gave against Lazio. I’ll say it again: This team can rekindle Maradona’s love this year.

How is Osimhen?

We received positive feedback today after training alone. He’ll be able to compete if he continues to make an impression tomorrow and becomes better.

Would you consent to a draw tomorrow?

It would mean contradicting everything we have ever said, especially our view of the game. The lesson is to always endeavor to win. as that was the case against a superior team in the Olimpico. Calculations would be incorrect because we go onto the field to prove our worth. and always strive for the best outcome. Afterward, we can assess our success.

What kind of challenge should Liverpool expect, and what mindset should they adopt?

The kind of football Liverpool plays differs from Italian football. in that, it involves frequent pitch changes and fanning from right to left. They press you constantly and throw these balls over the line without giving you breathing space.

Asides from the tactical component, they undoubtedly have fantastic personalities and frequently take advantage of one-on-one situations. So, To avoid being oxygen-deprived and to be able to present our game. We need enormous lungs and a lot of brains.

While never giving up our ability to assert ourselves. we will need to be willing to understand that there may be times when they are better than us. We must be practical and effective; beauty is not a must. We enter the field, not in search of praise. but rather to compete for the Champions League and score points.

It will also be a challenge with Jurgen Klopp.

“It’s a  privilege to be the seat next to Klopp’s bench in the meantime. His distinctive personality and coaching style set him apart from other coaches throughout the world. I’ll make an effort to carefully understand the cues he gives the team. He is a coach you can always learn something from.

What level of joy can the stadium provide tomorrow night?

“Maradona is capable of giving us strength, as we are aware. Tomorrow, I have no doubt Anfield will hear the Champions Scream from our stadium. Our fans know how to breathe a lot of life into us, and the passion must win out over the tension.”

Wednesday starts again with Liverpool in the Champions League:

“Although there isn’t time to reflect on this triumph. it is intriguing to begin the European journey. To take on clubs of a higher caliber, we have the necessary conviction. To play our chances against everyone, we need to display personality.”


Tomorrow, facing such a formidable foe will require guts and character. On the eve of the match versus Liverpool, Giovanni Di Lorenzo makes a statement. The blue captain demonstrates the very emotive lines that must be present throughout the performance.

“It is crucial for the team and the club to compete in the Champions League again after a two-year absence. Napoli is deserving of a spot in the competition. We will enter the field with great drive and determination. and with the support of our supporters, we are confident that we can play a fantastic match.”

“We are facing Liverpool, a squad with tremendous depth that has achieved a lot, for a variety of reasons. Because we must avoid being crushed, especially psychologically we must enter the field with respect but without fear.”

“Although we are a youthful group overall, in games like these, certain risks must be taken. We must put all of our skills into play while also searching for the play. a lot of confidence to attempt to overcome them by showing our style of play.

Our previous encounters with Liverpool resulted in victories for us as well. but each football game with them is always highly challenging and full of charm. We aspire to fight in Europe against a team that is famous and strong. I will have a huge lift to continue to the very end thanks to the attitude of the fans and the atmosphere at Maradona Stadium.

“We are part of a challenging group that includes clubs with a great past. The team intend to win the round because we have confidence in our abilities.

A.C Millan News


Important information for the Champions League group stage’s first matchday

Today marks the start of AC Milan’s 2022–23 Champions League season. Starting with Salzburg. The Rossoneri travel to the current Austrian Champions after their historic Derby victory. The Rossoneri are seeking their first points in the Red Bull Arena, where the action gets underway at 21:00 CEST. Also, to get off to the best possible start in their European tour. The following are the most intriguing numbers and information on the day of the game:

First meetings

AC Milan and FC Salzburg have only met three times in Europe. with the Rossoneri winning the last two matches in the group stages of the 1994–1995 UEFA Champions League on their way to the championship game. We used our time machine to relive it.

Rossoneri and Austrian clubs 

Only one of AC Milan’s previous 11 matches in key European competitions against Austrian clubs ended in a loss (8W, 2D). The aggregate score of the Rossoneri’s previous five European victories over Austrian clubs is 16-2. with their most recent victory coming in the 2017/18 UEFA Europa League when they defeated FK Austria Vienna 5-1.

Oil away from home

In the previous campaign, the Number 9 scored the majority of his goals at San Siro. but in Europe, things are different. Oliver Giroud of AC Milan has gone on the road to score 11 of his previous 12 goals in the UEFA Champions League. Giroud has the highest away goals percentage (78%, or 14/18) of any player with 10+ goals in the history of the competition.

Last away match

Atlético Madrid’s stadium was the site of AC Milan’s most recent victory on the road in the UEFA Champions League. (November 2021). In the competition, the last time the Rossoneri came out victorious in two straight away games was in October 2009.


Except for their own goals, each of AC Milan’s five goals was during their most recent UEFA Champions League season. was scored by a different player (Ante Rebi, Brahim Dáz, Rafael Leo, Junior Messias, and Fikayo Tomori). these are the most different scorers by a team in a season in the competition. without more than one goal per player since Celtic in 2017–18. (five also in that case).

FC Salzburg Vs AC Milan Match Preview.

The Rossoneri’s tonight’s preview of their European debut

The best and the masters. According to the UEFA Champions League anthem, the champions are the best. The Italian champions are up against the Austrian champions once more. Our trip across Europe officially started today. Also, we’re hoping it will go as far as it can. We play Salzburg on the opening day of Group E. A group that has won nine straight titles in their home league. and currently frequently competes in the Champions League. It’s a challenging beginning that needs to be met head-on. Here is our preview of the current game.

At Milanello

Following the excitement of the Derby, preparations are now on for this European debut at Salzburg’s Red Bull Arena. The squad faces a sensitive game that must be prepared for with extreme care. Especially while playing such a youthful, well-prepared, and formidable foe. 

However, Coach Pioli will be without several players. Florenzi, Kruni, and Rebi will not travel to Austria due to injuries. Then Ibrahimovi, Tărăsanu, Vranckx, Thiaw, Adli, and Bakayoko couldn’t make it to the European team list. The team is now returning to the European scene following last season’s experience. with new vigor with the purpose and hope of improving. thanks to the display of strength in Saturday’s Derby.

American Sergio Dest, who was already on the bench on Saturday at the San Siro will be available.  In contrast to the other two additions of recent days, Vranckx and Thiaw. After returning to work on Saturday, the group went to Salzburg on Monday. In the late afternoon, to prepare for tonight’s 21:00 CEST match.

In his news conference, Pioli made a statement. “We have already left the victory in the Derby on Sunday behind us. Now, we face a challenging opponent who hasn’t lost at home in the Champions League last year. Our goal is to demonstrate how lessons have helped us develop and move forward. We are aware of how crucial a strong group stage opening would be.

Udinese FC News

Official Note: Adam Masina

The Juventus defender’s operation went off without a hitch.

Adam Masina has a torn cruciate ligament in his right knee, according to Udinese Calcio. At the Villa Stuart Clinic in Rome, Professor Mariani successfully did an operation on the player. A hearty hug and best wishes for a quick recovery from the entire Juventus family to our Adam.

A World of Passion competition winner Flavia Mara Fernandez will visit FVG

The winner of the competition comes to FVG

In connection with the release of the 2020/2021 Away Kit for Fogolârs Furlans from all over the world. Udinese Calcio has a competition called “A World of Passion.” The competition’s winner, Flavia Mara Fernandez, will now be able to enjoy her reward. A weeklong trip for two to Friuli-Venezia Giulia was given to Flavia. 

The grandson of the founder of the “Sociedad Friulana Buenos Aires.” the first Fogolâr Furlan was founded outside of Italy more than 93 years ago. The trip includes a requirement to stop at the Dacia Arena. as well as the opportunity to explore the most picturesque locations in our Region.

So, two years after winning, on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, Mrs. Fernandez will travel to Friuli to experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Due to cooperation from PromoTurismoFVG. Which is the Club’s institutional partner. The was kept on hold because COVID was made feasible. 

we are expecting you in Friuli Flavia!



Roma’s home game against Atalanta on the 18th of September has reached its maximum capacity.

The Stadio Olimpico will host over 60,000 spectators for the league match. This is the team’s sixth of the year, and the fourth straight home game. Including all three league games so far to be at capacity.

As always, Season Ticket Plus owners who are unable to attend the game individually for any reason still have the option of selling their seats.

However, kudos to them. This is a fantastic outcome for them. They exploit their advantages, and the outcome of the game was what they have been hoping for. They did such a good job, we’ll see them in the Olimpico again this season.

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