Latest News on Spanish Laliga Updates 

Latest News on Spanish Laliga Updates

News on FC Barcelona

Legendary Performance from Lewandowski

Today, we will be giving you live updates and all the latest news on The Spanish Laliga, so you don’t miss out on any one.

Robert Lewandoski one of the legendary strikers in Europe, proved himself again and left everyone in shock after his outstanding performance in the Champions league, registering three goals and earning himself a Man of the Match award and honor.  

The Champions League has always been a play ground for the Polish striker even when he was in Bayern Munich; he hasbrought his stardom at the Camp Nou too. His journey has been an amazing one for him and his career, all the way from Borussia Dortmund and right now his career has been and remained in the spotlight. He debut his first UCL game on Wednesday for the club and not only did he put on an amazing performance but he also shut off the critics, scoring a hat trick. A legend!

During the first half of the match, the polish striker registered his first goal, he went ahead to go for the assist put through by Dembele from the angle utilizing the assist from the French star, before half break and the match end, he made sure to complete his goals with a superb hat trick setting another record for the club that night which ended in 4-0. Not just for his goals, In addition to his performance in that match, the MVP honor was given to him.

Pace Setter

The Polish striker is the only player in Europe and the world to register a hat trick for different European clubs in the UCL. A pace setter indeed! His performance has now etched his name into the few elites that has registered a hat-trick on their debut for a club in the tournament.

The elite list includes:

Rooney, Morientes, Haaland, Grafite, Yakubu Iaquinta, Orsic, Asprilla and Brahimi etc. 

Robert Lewandoski has updated his record and joined Karim Benzema in the elite list as the third highest goal scorer of all-time in the Champions League. They have 86 goals, the strikernow has 89. Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are the only players inthe world to top the list. 

We are aware that Miralem Pjanić is on a contract with FC Barcelona but recently that has been a mutual severance between the player and the club releasing him from the contract which was supposed to be in existence until 2023/24 season. 

A statement was released by FC Barcelona, showing their support, love and appreciation to the player, for always abiding by his contractual terms and wishes him success in his new endeavor/journey. 

30 appearances in blaugrana 

FC Barcelona welcomed Miralem Pjanic into the club in 2020. He has played 30 games for the club in all competition which included Copa Del Rey which they were defeated. The club is forever grateful and will always honor the player for the part he played in the team and club wins.

A day to remember! FC Barcelona trampled onViktoria Plzen

A Night to remember, an outstanding performance from the Polish striker and the rest was completed by Kessie and Ferran Torres., which resulted I a 5-0 win.

FC Barcelona showed what they were made of, the club played with a lot of talents and didn’t waste the chances and opportunity they had crushing the Czech visitors in their turf onWednesday night. 

The legendary Polish striker had a hat trick to his name on Wednesday, and is now the third time highest goal scorer in the competition with 89 goals, that night won him his sixth UCLcareer hat-trick. 

The fans at Camp Nou praised him so much, echoes of his name filled up the stadium, So deserving! One can say he’s the missing piece of the club. He truly deserves it. A goal was nearly won by Pedri too. What a night! 

The night was a huge day for all the players and not just Robert. The players all served their own accolades for their talents exhibition that night. The players all put in their best, their skill, technique and aggressiveness, they played with confidence, best of efforts and knew what they came to do, which was to win. 

They got what they wanted

Kessie’s opened the scoring

FC Barcelona didn’t give the Czech’s any chance, they heldpossession. A lot was going on in the first half everyone going for the ball, then a wonderful assist came from Jules Kounde, Franck Kessie didn’t waste this opportunity and netted in a goal for the club, it was a moment for the Ivorian.

Second half into the match, FC Barcelona was leading the match with two goals. The polis striker displayed what he’s made of and scored like it was nothing, what an assist from Sergio Roberto. Lewandoski made the goal look so easy.

By half-time, there was some pressure coming from the French striker Ousmane Dembélé to tackle for a ball, immediately he won the ball, he had an eye sight for the Polish man, who netted a goal from the assist of Dembele.. Robert Lewandoski scored his second and third for Braca that night.

A Save from VAR

Barca almost suffered a loss when there was an indication that the club defender Andres Chrsitensen dragged down a player, he was almost booked but the intervention from the VAR saved him and instead held that the Jhon Mosquera committed a foul himself, he was booked a card immediately.

It wasn’t long after when the opposition team mate Jan Sykora screamed that he was offensively tackled. 

A balanced formation

Aside the VAR check and Jan Sykora’s act, Barça were played a wonderful game, it was if they were sure they won’t lose the match, the skill, technique, team work was out of the world. During the second half, they had little challenges. But it wasn’t anything they couldn’t fix and balance. 

The Night favored the polish striker on his amazing performance and the type of goals he scored.  It was just a normal routine for him and not surprising. He knows what do and always did it perfectly; Barcelona has won them a master piece. 

Ferran Torres came in from the bench and netted a goal from the wonderful assist of Dembélé’s, his second assist that night,

Barcelona made a signing during the summer, Pablo Torre,whom made his debut for the club during the match; it was ifBarça was ready to display all their talent.

FC Barcelona made it pretty sure that the fans whom came to watch the match, left without disappointment.

Villarreal CF News 


Bringing to you the latest news and update on all happenings from Villareal CF.

It was indeed an amazing start and career for the striker in the competition.

The Striker, Morales spoke to the media outlet with the manager of the team Unai Emery ahead of their clash with Lech Poznan in the Group Stage of Competition.

The beginning of his career in Europe

“It has important role and goal for the club to participate in European Competition, and go higher. Since this is my first debut, I want to show my competence to the world, the team, to put in my best, help the team and I will do this. It’s a wonderful challenge to be here and I will prove myself.” 

A New Thing for Villareal Cf to play in the Conference League 

“It’s a honor to participate in European competition, there a lots of clubs out there that struggle for this, but since we are here, we will do our best and take it gradually. Our aim is to qualify from the group stage avoid any challenge and advance to a newer position and we can do this.”

All Accolades to Lech Poznan 

“If you are not properly built and developed, there are teams who can destroy your reputation, irrespective of their start or where they came from. They are all champions, everyone wants to play in European Competition and it’s inspiring to participate therein. You will encounter a lot of challenges if you’re not properly trained.” 

Team Work

“For a team to be successful, it must be a place where talent, development, skill and teamwork strive and that’s what our team is made of and what we wish to make of our team. Having more than one game in a week leads to individual development, training, rather than relaxation and this will make the players buckle up. We wish to play well in this competition, so we can take the club to higher levels. However, the aim is to build an atmosphere where teamwork is a fundamental objective.”

Information to the fans 

“I wish they always find a reason to support and watch us at Ciutat de València. Their presence means a lot to the team and they are our motivation.” 

Bringing you news on Real Betis.

The Verdiblanca Chess School kicks off this season from the Real Betis Foundation.

The club is working towards the opening of this school for the privileges of children of the age of five year old and adults from 55 years of age. 

The foundation is also on the verge of opening a Chess School which is part of their outstanding projects this season. This idea will go ahead to influence confidence, hasten decision making , bring confidence and also to eradicate the Alzheimer’s, that targets people of old age and children of over five year old.

This is an opportunity to all those who have passion for chess and whom are interested in upgrading their training services. We want to use this development to aid those whose core objective are in the value of Real Betis Balompie and make sure that this program are of most beneficial to the youngest to improve their academic and talents and sportsmanship. The ChessFoundation’s will endeavor that the adults are provided with enough training and develop their learning, practice, individual talents and their passion for chess, the Benito Villamarin Stadium is a place and basic weapon for eradication of Alzheimeir and sickness prone to old age.

Three groups will be assigned to the Chess School consisting of one for the boys and girls of age 5 and 17 years old, the other for adults whom are over the age of 18 and without age limitation, while the last groupe is strictly for the age of 55 years old, geared towards curbing disease made from senile dementia. A weekly session will be accorded to each group whom will be privileged to attend this all through the season and the prize for the course is 200 euro.

Real Betis are using privilege and the opportunity created by theFoundation to display its confidence and faith to its main objective of entity: Gearing towards the advancement of healthy lifestyles, the development of sport as an important tool for developing education as a societal norm among children and young people, also promoting its intensive caring for the elderly. The goal of Verdiblanca entity is geared towards the Betis School, this project is hosted in the Polígono Sur, those of over 50 years of age are privileged to participate in the Walking Football team.

If you wish to participate on this opportunity provided by the Foundation, then send an email to For verified information.

CA Osasuna News 

Almería is where CA Osasuna targets

It was exciting to see Lucas Torró and David García back to the the team and training before their clash with the Andalusian team. 

On the completion of their training session, Club Atlético Osasuna is ready to face Unión Deportiva Almería, by September 12 at 9:00p.m at the Power Horse Stadium. Having undergone special training, skill development, confidence, teamwork development, attacking improvement, the club is ready to face Almeria. 

It is aware that Lucas Torró suffered an injury in his previous match and since then has received medical attention, but he’s back and ready to play again, On the other hand, David García has teamed up with the team technicality on his absence yesterday.. Training Individually, Rubén Peña works harder. Also, medical attention is continually given to Kike Saverio. 

The starting of the new session by 10:00 in Tajonar will be spearheaded by Jagoba Arrasate playing the directory role. Fans will be privilege to watch the Saturday’s training session, theclub’s clash with Almeria will be held privately at El Sadar.

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