Leading Virtual Assistant Companies with Outstanding Potential

On this webpage, we are going to give out a List of Leading Virtual Assistant Companies with Outstanding Potential. There are so many activities involved in our daily routines and businesses.

It doesn’t matter what your position in your business is, be it the proprietor of a small enterprise, an entrepreneur, or a tradesman, involving a third party who can assist you by giving the services you cannot handle on your own due to one reason or the other is important.

Having a small business needs extra care to help build it to greater heights, but we do have other important tasks to give our time and attention to within the business.

In business, you have routines to attend to such as to-do lists, scheduling meetings with your clients, thinking of new ideas, having good customer service and so many more.

All the little tasks should not be carried out by you but by someone else, while you focus on the major jobs.

You need the intervention of a virtual assistant company in your business to make it run smoothly.

It is no news that numerous companies render the services of a virtual assistant, but the issue is finding the right one for you. In this article, I will explain the advantages of having a good virtual assistant, so keep reading.

What Exactly Is A Virtual Assistant Company?

Any organization that provides both individual and business administrative, professional support, and practical services is known as a virtual assistant company.  

The virtual assistants that work under these companies can easily render their services from any part of the world. They take care of duties like making phone calls, email management, travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, etc. 

Paying for the use of a virtual assistant’s services may be an excellent means to boost the productivity of your business and also assist your workers if you have.

Why Do You Need The Services Of A Virtual Assistant?

The abilities of virtual assistants cannot be questioned as they have proved on so many occasions to be very reliable and helpful to whomever they work for.

There are multiple reasons why you need the services of a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is necessary for:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Data Entry
  • Creating and Managing Social Media Accounts
  • Taking Care of Customer Service
  • Editing and Proofreading Documents
  • Receiving Phone Calls
  • Managing Schedules
  • Performing Research

They also help with bringing in new ideas on how to improve your social media account and receive more publicity for your business. Virtual assistants can advertise your business and bring in more clients, create presentations, and many more.

Having a virtual assistant is the same thing as having a personal assistant except in this case, they work remotely and not in an office workplace.

List of the Leading Virtual Assistant Companies with Outstanding Potential

After a good amount of research, I have been able to draft out these 30 trusted companies that render the services of a virtual assistant:

1. Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee is remarkable for its capacity to find the right virtual assistant for you from any field. The company’s main aim is to reduce your long weekly work hours to a lesser and better working time. Virtual Employee also thrives to provide you with the best assistants who can deliver your job perfectly at an affordable rate.

The company offers its services in:

  • Information System
  • Development of Mobile Apps
  • Content Writing
  • Data Entry etc.

There is a long list of talented employees based in India that you will receive a virtual assistant from, so you do not have to worry about incompetence. They also have a free trial package where you can use their services and decide if you want it or not. The company has a customizable plan where you can easily adjust rates and services without breaking the bank.

2. Zirtual

Zirtual is owned by an American private company that delivers virtual assistant services to different people like small business owners, experts in various fields, and entrepreneurs. 

It was created under the mother firm Startups.com1 in the year 2011 and has its headquarters in the city of Columbus, Ohio. The company makes it easy for clients to use their services by offering a monthly subscription plan that small business owners can afford. 

Zirtual company contains many pricing options for the services of a virtual assistant. The monthly costs range from $749, $1099, and $1499 for a Startup Plan, Business Plan, and Team Plan accordingly. Entrepreneur Plan starts at $549 for 12 hours of the task each month.

Zirtual offers a wide range of virtual assistant services, including:

  • Email Management
  • Management of Social Media Accounts
  • Researching
  • Accounting for Expenses
  • Personal Activities
  • Proofreading and Editing
  • Project Management etc

3. MyTasker

In 2012, three experienced virtual assistants established the company in India and since then, it has become one of the fastest-growing firms in the virtual assistant industry. Their success does not come as a surprise since the primary emphasis is on good quality with no intentions of overpricing. They simply want you to have the best deal for your money. 

MyTasker has highly trained staff that are eager to tend to your needs through their virtual assistant services with one thing on their minds; to get your work completed on time and to your taste. 

They are the best in performing tasks online like content writing, digital marketing, and web designing. 

4. Prialto

Eric Taussig a worldwide financial business executive, started Prialto in Silicon Valley in 2009. Prialto can meet the larger requirements of an entire team and companies and also assist clients to create a collaborative atmosphere.

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The cost for assistance varies depending on where help is needed be it personal, group, or company. These are the pricing options for Prialto:

Personal: A single virtual assistant with 55 hours of assistance each month costs $1,350.

Group: Three virtual assistants providing more than 165 hours of service each month for $4,050.

Company: Eight virtual assistants working more than 440 hours each month ( you have to ask for the price)

5. GetFriday

GetFriday is a personal virtual assistant company that provides services every time. In over 80 countries its business services are widely spread with over 15 years of experience. As one of the first Personal assistant service providers, GetFriday has created a good name for itself.

Your personal and business tasks can be taken care of by an assistant of GetFriday, and you need not worry about how good the job would be since the staff in the company are graduates.

The virtual assistants from GetFriday can assist you with the list below:

  • Job hunting
  • travel planning
  • accounting and bookkeeping
  • marketing and SEO
  • business process support
  • web development services

By signing up and selecting a virtual assistant, you can get the necessary aid you want. Depending on the degree of job you assign, GetFriday has diverse plans for each of them.

The standard price is $65 per month, but plus 160 packages can go for as high as $1120 per month. The virtual assistant of the company is among the best websites, making the hiring process easy

6. UAssist.Me

UAssist.Me is a virtual assistant company that specializes in carrying out administrative work for so many industries, with its offices situated in EL Salvador, Miami, San Salvador, and Florida. More than 300 U.S enterprises have been helped by the company’s assistant which specializes in technology and web development. Advertising, design, personal support, and consultancy are also provided by some of these virtual assistants.

Your company is left with the best option to select the plan that is most suitable for it when using UAssist.Me as a virtual assistant.

UAssist.My plans start at $299 per month for 20 hours and get to $1444 for a full-time job. You may adapt the service to meet your demand when it varies. Besides a personal assistant with a dedicated workspace, you get unlimited US calls.

7. Smith.AI

For businesses, Smith.AI serves as a virtual receptionist by attending to website chats and calls its clients. The company specializes in scheduling meetings, recruiting customers, and receiving calls. Smith.AI is aware of the importance of good customer care services and how quick responses can boost your business productivity because people would tend to see it as reliable and trustworthy. 

The companies that Smith.AI works with are real estate, finance, law firms, e-commerce, medical, and hospitality. When a new client brings a deal, the virtual assistant is quick to attend to them within the average time for response, and by doing so, the potential client can be secured. 

This helps reduce the stress on your other employees who have to attend to customers physically, and it also improves income. 

It’s the sole duty of the virtual receptionist to ensure that every piece of information originating from virtual calls is well represented on an actionable dashboard. Calls are grouped into tables and charts by the assistant.

Considering preference and caller frame of mind center attention on calls that require certain consideration. Plans that are aided by a kickback assurance are $255 monthly.

Here are the prominent clients of Smith, AI:

  • Merchbar
  • Wonderment
  • Fagan Fagan & Davis
  • Hacking Law Practice

8. WishUp

Wishup is one of the best virtual assistant companies, and it creates teams that work anywhere in less than a day.  They have accountants who can manage your financial records, very efficient virtual assistants who have been screened, and software testers. The company has staff that is willing to assist you wherever you want them to. 

The virtual assistant company is also involved in advertisement by using email as a media tool to reach out to people, and they also research different products. You do not have to worry about financial and legal contracts as the company’s assistants can easily handle that for you. A seven-day money-back guarantee is included and also a free consultation.

9. Arup Virtual Assistant

The phrase “Office Work” best describes Arup as their virtual assistants are professionals in sales research, market analysis, and administrative work, both the easiest and most difficult areas. 

They have a flat rate of $6 per hour, and the website is generally simple to use. 

10. Time Etc

Time Etc is a virtual assistant company that has offices in the United Kingdom and the United States, that has worked with influential clientele like Skype, Nissan, and Google.  

It is one of the many fast-rising virtual assistant companies with many achievements. It is among the first companies to expand the virtual assistant market, which makes it one of the oldest in the industry. Time Etc’s primary focus is on entrepreneurs. 

11. Fancy Hands

Ted Roden founded Fancy Hands in 2010 to enable individuals to achieve their goals and daily tasks with the speed of light. With as low as three job descriptions subscribed monthly, Fancy Hands performs on a per-task basis.

Twenty minutes is the maximum time required to execute each assignment, as such, the company ensures that the subscriber has prior knowledge of the number of subscribed jobs that will be taken, in a situation where it’s not possible to accomplish a given assignment within the basic time frame.

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For any person who intends to cut off the stress that comes with price negotiations and speedily achieve their objectives, Fancy Hands is the best bel. It is also built to provide fast results as an on-demand solution.

12. Fiverr

If you want freelance services, rest assured that Fiverr has almost everything you need. it is a global online marketplace for self-employed individuals. The wide platform of Fiverr makes it super easy to link with freelancers that are ready to get your job done. 

It also offers the services of virtual assistants who can handle a lot of things ranging from, email management, content creation for your social media platform, and organizing schedules.

13. Remote Coworkers

The renowned virtual assistant company, Remote Coworker was created in 2013. The company provides Human Resources services, and financial and accounting resourcing.

The company specializes in business services, telecommunication companies, and real estate companies. Some of the company’s clients are Managed IT Solutions, Amazon, TheDreamzTeam, and Aavgo.

Due to its well-known record of satisfying clients’ expectations, we can boldly say that Remote Coworker is one of the best and most reliable virtual assistant companies.

They create SMS, call centers, and chat boxes, so keep Remote Coworker as an option when selecting the right virtual assistant company for yourself to increase client engagement. At Remote Coworker, skilled virtual assistants are available for $6.99 per hour.

14. TaskBullet

TaskBullet works for small to medium-sized enterprises with virtual assistants.  You can give them projects to work on for as little as $6/hr. 

You can always drop a virtual assistant if they are too slow for you since there is no need to waste precious time on tasks that can be finished quickly. 

15. Belay

Belay is among the best companies that offer the services of virtual assistants with great potential. Around 1000 college graduates are employed at Belay.

 Belay is willing to help you meet the ideal virtual assistant for your job. They also offer social medial services and accounting. The prices begin at $34 per hour

16. WoodBows

With more than ten years of operational experience, WoodBows company has proven to be one of the most sought-after virtual assistants in the globe. Its ego springs from being one of the best companies in the virtual assistant market. Of the numerous job applications it receives yearly, only 1% are recruited.

The catalog of virtual assistants that WoodBows provides, is on a large scale.  Phone support and 24/7 email and a committed account manager are the services provided by WoodBows. A committed account officer can guarantee you timely, quality service.

Both CRM management and lead generation are taken care of by WoodBows’ account officers. The ultimate goal of the company is to be your top-notch virtual assistant store. In essence, cold calling and social media management are fully offered by WoodBows.

 Amidst other services, the company also supplies website maintenance. Real estate agents and entrepreneurs are part of its business associates. WoodBows renders help to main businesses that seek to utilize time and increase sales. The minimum fee you can work with an expert is $14.90/hr.

17. Boldly

Project and task management is made easy by the virtual assistant company, Boldly. In the United States, Boldly is a well-recognized virtual office assistant company. The company simplifies the inefficient and time-consuming operations in businesses, making it easier to make progress. 

If you need a virtual assistant who speaks a certain language, then Boldly is the right place for you because they have access to different assistants who speak various languages like German, English, and French. 

With the help of their virtual assistant, you can have your very own company logo. On a customizable monthly subscription, you can hire these talented virtual assistants. 

18. Limtc

A virtual assistant company that offers Non-Voice business process outsourcing, and Office Services is Limitless Technology Consultants (LimTC). Non-Voice Outsourcing, Office Services, and Voice Services are its areas of expertise. The company’s headquarters is in Kyiv, where it was established in 2017.

The present workforce of Limitless Technology Consultants (LimTC) is between 50 and 249 persons. The minimum hourly rate is $25, and the minimum project size is 1,000+.

19. Virtual Assistant Talent

The Philippines ‘-based virtual assistant company, Virtual Assistant Talent, is well recognized in so many places. It specializes mostly in projects related to marketing and accounting. If you have a business that deals with real estate, insurance, and telemarketing, then consider using the services of a Virtual Assistant Talent Company. 

Thanks to Virtual Assistant Talent, your business can benefit from chat support on its websites. When it comes to providing HR services through remote administrative methods, the Virtual Assistant Talent is great in that aspect. The company provides hourly rates starting at $9.95 weekly and monthly.

20. MYVA360

Every task that can be completed in a professional space, can easily be handled by MYVA360.

Information Technology firms, Entrepreneurs, real estate agents, nonprofit organizations, instructors, and small business owners can all use the services of My Virtual Assistant. 

21. Work Better Now

In the year 2017, Robert Levin and his partner Andrew Cohen created the virtual assistant company, “Work Better Now.”  They provide you with the best, committed virtual assistants to work with. Bear in mind that there are no hourly or part-time plans, but you can decide to share your assistant’s time with your other business.

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Work Better Now will find the perfect virtual assistant for you regardless of the area you work in or the skills you seek for. 

22. OkayRelax

OkayRelax is a Virtual assistant company that provides services at a reasonable price. The company desires to supply you with the best-committed assistant. As such, you can comfortably relax while doing what you adore.; cause you’re fully guaranteed by us.

Clients depend on their OK Relax virtual assistant to assist with:

  • e-research for forthcoming trips or product purchases
  • email and calendar management
  • data entry
  • attending customer service in your place

OkayRelax 5 task plan monthly rate begins from $29.95

23. VA Staffer

Most of the staff at VA Staffer, a virtual assistant, and digital marketing company, are based in Makati City (Metro Manila), the Philippines.

Their staff is extremely diverse, and they provide Executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs with a variety of services. With some latest adjustments, VA Staffer has upgraded both their price and service offerings.

You have to pay a $497 registration charge and a minimum payment plan that costs $298 for its use. 

24. MyOutDesk

MyOutDesk has worked with so many clients and has been in the virtual assistant business for more than 15 years. In the past, MyOutDesk has worked for Belami eCommerce and Compass Retirement Solutions companies. Right now, the virtual assistant company collaborates with major companies like Zillow. 

Part of the services that MyOutDesk provides its clients is high national security to help protect their data. The monthly minimum for prices is $1,988. 

25. Vava Virtual

VaVa Virtual is a company created especially for entrepreneurs, and for people with newly founded businesses or companies, to assist them with building a better life outside their work by taking care of business tasks.

They supply several different services; 

  • web designs
  • administrative tasks
  • bookkeeping etc

26. Delegated

Delegated is a virtual assistant company that is based in the U.S. and was formerly called Red Butler. The company has a group of college-intelligent virtual assistants. To ensure its services are top-notch, Delegated supplies its users with both a dedicated virtual assistant and a backup VA to avoid delays that may arise from the unavailability of their regular VA.

Peradventure, your virtual assistant produces any job that you are not satisfied with, the time will be added to your account by Delegate and also, a fresh VA to redo the task will avail to you from the company.

Through your virtual assistant, you can seek personal tasks at, the front office, and back office. Which may comprise calendar and email management, data entry, travel planning, personal finances, and client follow-ups.

The main purpose is for a client to acquire a virtual assistant that would modify their life and business operations. Through text, e-mail, or phone call, as matter of fact, from any means necessary, you can obtain a task.

27. Oasis

Oasis a part of the best virtual assistant companies with tremendous potential. This virtual assistant company takes great pride in its unique way of finishing tasks for small businesses and entrepreneurs around the globe. 

They can always take on jobs of any size, both big and small, and you are getting what you paid for.

28. Virtual Latinos

Virtual Latinos carefully select their staff members from regions like South America, Latin America, and Mexico. 

If you have tasks that require different languages or you want a bilingual virtual assistant, then the Virtual Latino is highly recommended. It is very easy to afford the monthly $50 or better still you can opt for the $5/hr option. 

29. Magic

Magic virtual assistants are good at data entry, with their neat way of keeping records, thereby improving quality, boosting productivity, as well as providing business solutions. 

They do an excellent job when it comes to quick thorough research. You can rely on your virtual assistant to collect data correctly as you would like, while you concentrate on other important activities in your business. 

Some of their services are;

  • Manage Calendar Schedule
  • Manage Files
  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Recruiting Sourcing
  • Shipping and Delivery Tracking
  • Transcription etc.

30. 24/7 Virtual Assistants

24/7 is a Virtual Assistant service company that provides able hands that don’t necessarily require any form of exercise to be actively involved with the best service. The assistants provide you with room to increase your personal and business productivity. With such Services, you can go on a vacation or channel your energy on other strategic areas that will improve your business. Just as it’s called, 24/7 Virtual Assistant operates daily non-stop, to ensure you comfortably live and run your business.

The following are personal services offered by 24/7 Virtual Assistant:


running errands

web research support

Business services that are also offered by 24/7 Virtual Assistant, consist of;

mobile development solutions

online branding solutions

lead generation

real estate solutions

back office


The world is evolving every single day and so is technology. Being an entrepreneur or business owner should let you understand that every part of your business is important, and not everything needs your complete attention

Of course, you can always go back and supervise once in a while to see if things are in order, but aside from that, there should be someone or a group of people who can assist with that. This is the reason virtual assistants are around to help you make life easier. I hope you had a great time reading this. 

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